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NANKA TEIKOKU GUNYU-DAN (Imperial Veterans Group of Southern California), formerly known as NANKA ZAIGO GUNJIN-DAN (Southern California Ex-Service Mens Association), also known as Imperial Comradeship Society.
Character of case:
SYNOPSIS OF FACTS: Records of subject organization obtained from search of the premises of DR. RIKITA HONDA, organizer of this group. Translation of Constitution and Minutes set forth herein showing strongly nationalistic Japanese objectives of organization. All alien members whose whereabouts in this country known now in custody as alien enemies.
Report of Special Agent XXXXX
Los Angeles, dated October 4, 1941
DETAILS: The title of subject organization is being changed to reflect the correct translation of NANKA TEIKOKU GUNYU-DAN to be Imperial Veterans Group of Southern California, and the translation of NANKA ZAIGO GUNJIN-DAN to be  Southern California Imperial Japanese Ex-Service Mens Association, and to include Imperial Comradeship Society, by which name the organization is sometimes known.

On December 7, 1941 DR. RIKITA HONDA, President of subject organization, was taken into custody as an enemy alien at Los Angeles, California by Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. On December 7, 1941 and again on December 10, 1941, a search with the consent of DR. HONDA was made of the premises occupied by him at 129 1/2 East First Street, Los Angeles, by Special Agents XXXXX. As a result of these searches certain books and records of NANKA TEIKOKU GUNYU-DAN (Imperial Veterans Association of Southern California), formerly
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5 MAY 27 1942

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FEB 9 1942

known as NANKA TEIKOKU ZAIGO GUNJIN-DAN (Southern California Imperial Japanese Ex-Service Mens Association), were obtained. Of these there has to date been translated one bound booklet entitled "CONSTITUTION OF NANKA TEIKOKU ZAIGO GUNJIN-DAN" and also the minute book of this organization for the year 1937. Translations of the pertinent portions of these records are hereinafter set forth.


"Our legion is not complete, both in system and constitution since established. We must work step by step until the organization is completed; in other words, it is our transition period. During this period we have had many honorable, loyal family guests and many generals of the Japanese Navy and Army in the United States. First we had a welcome party for Prince and Princess TAKAMATSU and KAYOU. They stopped at our place on their world tour. The second welcome party was for the special peace embassy of Japanese legion representatives to the thirty-sixth American Legion convention at New Orleans, Louisiana on September 15, 1935. The representatives were Navy Commander TAKESHIMA, Lieutenant NINOMIA, and Lieutenant NAKAMURA. The third welcome party was for Brigadier General ITO and a few of his followers (ITO is head of the aviation engineering department under the army department) who were going to attend the celebration of the Armistice Day on November 11, 1935. That day our NANKA TEIKOKU ZAIGO GUNJIN-DAN joined the International Legion parade. We heard Princess GIJIBU ["CHICHIBU" penciled above] will be arriving at our city after finishing his duty as representative of Japan's Empire at the crowning of GEORGE VI as the English King. Therefore, our legion members anxiously need to complete and clear our legion's contents and foundation, for the purpose of welcoming the Prince, so we publish this book. I wish you, my friend soldiers, to acknowledge my opinion.

The Editor

The Table of Contents is as follows:

1. Emperor{'s} Creed {Rescript} to Soldiers and Sailors of the Army and Navy of Japan.
2. Emperor{'s} Creed {Rescript} regarding education.
3. Emperor{'s} Boshin Creed
4. Emperor{'s} Creed {Rescript} to Japanese Legion (Taisho)
5. Emperor{'s} Creed {Rescript} concerning the promoting of Japanese spirit
6. Emperor{'s} Creed {Rescript} regarding withdrawing League of Nations
7. Emperor{'s} Creed {Rescript} to Japanese Legion (Showa)
8. Various pictures concerning military actions
9. Nanka Teikoku Zaigo Gunjin-Dan's Statements regarding their establishing their organization. 8
10. Nanka Teikoku Zaigo Gunjin-Dan's Constitution 9
11. The caution concerning Japanese flag 12
12. The schedules of Japanese National holidays and American National Holidays. 12
13. Nanka Teikoku Zaigo Gunjin-Dan's list of members 13
14. Japanese National Military Song 28
15. Japanese Legion Song 29
16. Construction of Japan's Nation, and Spirit (poems) 30
17. Various poems regarding Nanka Teikoku Zaigo Gunjin-Dan 31
18. Song of Fairland of Japan 31
19. Southern California Japanese people's song 34

The Emperor's Creed {Imperial Rescript} to the Soldiers and Sailors of Japan listed as being on page #1 is an address of the Japanese Emperor MEIJI and relates the development of the Japanese Army and Navy since ancient times. It states that "now is the time to change our military system for the purpose of shining the light of our bright country on the world..... I am the Emperor of Japan, you Commanding General of the military department. As I look upon you as my most trusted helpers so should you look upon me as your leader. The relationship between you and me is the same as that between father and son, especially the destiny of our nation which has been fully blessed by our imperial ancestors is entirely dependent upon your duties, whether you will do your best or not in your jobs. If anything happens which hinders the development of our nation let us worry and suffer together to solve the problem and if there is any glory in our nation let us have joy for the honor. If you will do your best in your line of duty, as well as closely cooperate with me for the purpose of protecting our nation, there will come an everlasting peace and happiness among our people and the glory of our national power will shine throughout the wide world. This is my wish from the bottom of my heart to our soldiers who realize the fundamental character of our military system. For the purpose of accomplishing your duty as Japanese soldiers the following instruction we wish to give which you will follow as your guide:
(1) It is the essential duty of our soldier to sacrifice themselves for the nation with their loyalty to the nation. Everybody in Japan that is a Japanese national is instilled with the spirit of nationalism which makes them very willing to sacrifice almost anything for the Japanese State. This is so in respect to all Japanese nationals and especially soldiers who are Japanese.

(2) The only way of accomplishing the soldiers duty is by sacrifice with their loyalty for their nation. Let us see that righteousness is heavier than the huge mountain and to die for the nation is lighter than a small hair. Please do not forget your fundamental spirit of Japanese soldiers lest a mistake put shame on our nation.
YOU SOLDIERS be sure to follow the ways of these principles then try hard to realize them as much as you can so you will sacrifice for our nation. This is your duty to raise up Japanese high in the world. It is not only for my edification but also your and of all our Japanese nationals.

Dated the 4th day of the 1st month of the 15th year of MEIJI.

Signed by Emperor MEIJI."

On page five of this book is given the Emperor's Creed to the Japanese Legion. This is a proclamation to the Japanese Ex-Soldiers and reads as follows:

"KNOW YE OUR EX-SOLDIERS, great and important in your roll as our Japanese ex-soldiers to make a strong national defense. Anticipate training still more the real Japanese military spirit towards cooperating with the Army and Navy and towards promoting military powers. Also being a good and loyal subject in your community, while in the military field like the strong castle of your national defense.

It is our wish to put it in the hearts of all ex-service men that you do your best on the basis of these conceptions.

Dated the 3rd day of the 11th month of the 3rd year of the Emperor TAISHO."

On page seven there is another Creed by the Emperor to the Japanese ex-soldiers, this one being made by the present Emperor of Japan. It states:

"This is a very desirable thing, that is, to organize firmly the TEIKOKU ZAIGO GUNJIN-KAI for the purpose of preparing our national defense to following the happenings of current events.

YOU EX-SOLDIERS: Pursue learning and cultivate the essential principles of the divine teachings bequeathed by our imperial ancestors and thereby cooperate with us in their best and most diligent manner.

Dated the 3rd day of the 11th month of the 11th year of SHOWA."

On pages eight and nine of the above named booklet, there is contained a statement of the purpose of the organization and a complete translation of this is as follows:


The establishment of NANKA TEIKOKU ZAIGO GUNJIN-DAN in Southern California was for the first time proposed in 1931 when we had a welcome party for the Prince and Princess TAKAMATSU at Los Angeles, where we had a chance to get together with our ex-soldiers who are living in Southern California, exchanging conversations and reviewing the story of our old time army life, such as the events on the war front, life in army camps where we had tasted both happiness and bitterness together.

Since 1931 we have met several times to accomplish our aim of organizing a complete constitution of our association, having as members more of our ex-soldiers than we had before. Some people have criticized our organization stating that it will be a means of raising strong anti-Japanese feeling among the Americans if we attempt to stir up Japanese militarism among the Japanese community by having a military association in the United States, but we do not know whether it is necessary or not to care about the American feeling against our military association, both by the civilians and the officials. Our imperial soldiers are not the type of narrow minded militarists such as some people criticize. Really, we are the people who love peace truly with our hearts. [lined in margin]

This is our essential duty as ex-soldiers: To become a loyal and good Japanese citizen internally as well as the Ambassador of Peace in the external world; to punish evil and to protect justice and to act bravely in action. This is the true and fundamental spirit based on the military education of our nation, but it is our great regret to hear the mistaken criticism which is given to the deeds of our imperial soldiers by treacherous persons. It is our great duty, we who are the imperial soldiers in the United States, to clear out the misunderstanding against the Japanese Emperor and Japanese military system and also give his deep and good impression regarding it to the American people. Now there are many tendencies to indicate declining national powers and the destruction of their civilization with their own hands in the advanced countries of Europe and America, even though they have wide territories and rich national resources; on the contrary, our Japanese Emperor has been accomplishing gradually the fulfillment of our national power even under the environment of strong persecution which is being pressed on us between nations throughout the wide world, and also we are continually marching against critical moments. [lined in margin]

I am sure that the power which is raising our national power in the world is caused by the spirit of realization and the protection of our national virtue and customs in which we are organized as a big family with both the Emperors of one and the same dynasty through the ages in the Royal Family and the subjects who respect and maintain our Royal Family as their own with the loyalty and filial piety and the spirit of mutual cooperation in a common cause. There is no doubt but what all of us believe that we, the Japanese in the United States, are experiencing persecutions and various hindrances which will be placed before us in the near future in this country and I am sure that we will push and march out to break these obstacles no matter how strong they are when we stir up our strong Japanese spirit and military spirit.

THEREFORE, YOU EX-SOLDIERS, let us try to work hard to accomplish our duties, such as to encourage our military spirit, to protect the justice as well as the love of our people, to raise up the spirit of sacrifice as our soldiers, having mutual friendly consideration both in happiness and trouble and to develop and advance the happiness and interest of all internally as well as to dedicate the peace, not only between Japan and America but also throughout the world with your mutual cooperation and mutual prosperity. This is our glorious duty and honor as Japanese ex-soldiers in the world.

OUR EX-SOLDIER FRIENDS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: It is my hope to you with all my heart that you join our association after having read and agreed with the above statement of the purpose concerning the establishment of NANKA TEIKOKU ZAIGO GUNJIN-DAN.

Signed RIKITA HONDA, representative of NANKA TEIKOKU ZAIGO GUNJIN-DAN, 966 South San Pedro Street, Los Angeles."

There is likewise contained in this book various photographs, among which are views of the members of the organization at Los Angeles on November 11, 1935; members of the organization in a parade September 15, 1935 welcoming the Japanese Peace Embassy to American Legion convention in New Orleans; members marching in the 1935 Armistice Day Parade in Los Angeles; members marching in a welcoming parade for General ITO who was on his way back to Japan after visiting in Russia; parade of the Japanese Royal Family on the Emperor's birthday, April 29, 1937; view of army maneuvers held January 8, 1937 in Tokyo; view of soldiers at the Shrine of the Emperor MEIJI on January 24, 1937; view of Japanese anti-aircraft detecting devices and anti-aircraft guns; views of Japanese fighter planes and bombers in action; views of Japanese warships giving a salute to the Emperor.

Following the above photographs there is set forth the constitution of NANKA TEIKOKU ZAIGO GUNJIN-DAN as follows:



The 1st Article: Our DAN'S main purposes are these: That we must train and realize the spirit of close friendship and mutual assistance with our ex-soldiers who are in Southern California, and yet more, to promote the friendship between Japanese and Americans; thereby, we dedicate ourselves for permanent peace throughout the wide world, maintain the public peace and order, and advance and shine the glory of the fundamental character of our Teikoku Military spirit to all the world.


The 2nd Article: We call our DAN the NANKA TEIKOKU ZAIGO GUNJIN-DAN.


The 3rd Article: Our DAN is organized mainly with the NIPPON TEIKOKU ZAIGO GUNJIN, including the newspaper men who are in Southern California, the translators and workers both in the Army and Navy who were in the war front and those people who received medals and certificates as the rewards for engaging in the war front.


The 4th Article: The Headquarters of the DAN is 966 South San Pedro, Los Angeles, California.


The 5th Article: The members obligations and responsibilities are that of the following to the essential purpose of this DAN, and they have the privilege of attending and discussing matters at the DAN'S Staff Meeting any time.

The Staff Members:

The 6th Article: The following officers are our main staff members:

Councillor 2
Dan Head 1
Vice-Dan Head 3
Executive Directors Few
Director 1
Heads of Divisions 12


The 7th Article: The Councillor - (1) The role of this office is to advise and supervise matters of promoting our DAN whenever we have important problems.

(2) The Head of the DAN - Supervising all matters of the DAN.

(3) The Vice-Head of the DAN - Assisting the Head of the DAN and taking the Head's place when the Head is absent.

(4) The Executive Directors - Their duty is doing part of the work of the Director such as recording, social events, news, treasurer, etc.

(5) New Director - He takes care of general office work and also receives the new members.

(6) The Heads of the Divisions of the DAN - They take care of all their Division's work.

The above members are our DAN'S Staff who are the basic role to control and run the DAN'S future.


The 8th Article: Our DAN is divided into twelve divisions as follows, for convenience sake to supervise them:

The 1st division - Around the Montebello district.
The 2nd division - Around Boyle Heights or Huntington Park districts.
The 3rd division - Around Hollywood district.
The 4th division - Upland district.
The 5th division - Pasadena.
The 6th division - Hawthorne, Inglewood, West Los Angeles, (so-called Sawtelle).
The 7th division - Around Moneta, Gardena, Compton, Inglewood.
The 8th division - San Pedro district.
The 9th division - Huntington Beach
The 10th division - Long Beach.
The 11th division - San Fernando.
The 12th division - Guadalupe.


The 9th Article: The DAN put the following officers in the various divisions, thereby leading and supervising the matters such as to keep the friendship between members, to collect the members dues and to greet the weddings, to comfort the funerals, whenever ex-soldiers families have failed them and give various facilities to all members.

Head of the DAN'S Division - (He belongs to the Headquarters directly and the duty is already mentioned above). 1
The Vice-Head of Division 1
The Directors
The Executive Director 1


The 10th Article: One year is the limit for officers but there is the privilege of re-election.


The 11th Article: Most of the officers are volunteers for duty.


The 12th Article: The DAN holds the general annual convention in January of the year for presenting the secretary's and treasurer's report and to elect new officers of the DAN. (It is possible to hold meetings presenting above one-half of members).

(1) The election of Councillor - It is the rule to pass through the general annual convention those who are recommended by the staff meeting.

(2) The Head and Vice-Head are elected by the vote and if there is any withdrawing it will be supplied by the next nominee who got less votes than them.

(3) All members are elected by votes.

(4) The officers of Divisions are elected by their own conveniences.


The 13th Article: It will be held by the officers' decision or the required two-thirds of the members.


The 14th Article: It will be held by the Heads of the DAN calling whenever important problems occur.


The 15th Article: The people who want to enter in this DAN must be written down on the DAN'S formal paper which is issued from this Headquarters regarding the details of Army service as clear as can be and then by sending to the Headquarters of the DAN with the required dues.


The 16th Article: $2.00 per year.


The 17th Article: A member who is over seventy years of age is excused from paying dues.


The 18th Article: Those members who moved in and out of Southern California and returning to Japan should send notice to either the Headquarters or the Head of the District Division.


The 19th Article: (1) When any of the following things happen they should be reported to the headquarters or the Head of the District Division as soon as possible - wedding, funeral, sickness and other disasters. In case one wishes to publish a notice in the newspaper regarding the above, he should not forget to add his membership of this DAN.

(2) When we have our members funeral each member contributes $1.00 to the District Head, which is forwarded to the Headquarters and will be sent to the family. It is not allowed to receive any present from that family as their expression of thanks of this donation.

(3) When we have our friendly soldier funeral we will give various facilities to his family as soon as we possibly can.

(4) We, the members of the DAN, always think of our soldiers' friendship more than anything else. Therefore, we try to have our DAN funeral for him if possible to push out any hindrance.

(5) At the funeral day the members should wear the DAN'S uniform, hat and medals.

(6) When there is any funeral in the member's family, the staff will decide how to comfort them at that time.

(7) When there is any happiness or sorrow, disaster and sickness in the members' families the Staff meeting will be used for a suitable method for those events.


The 20th Article: In the spring and summer wear the black suit with white trousers and white shoes, and in autumn and winter, the black suit with the black trousers and the black shoes. Whenever it is desired that you wear the uniform we will notify you or publish it in the newspaper.


The 20th Article: A member who commits an action against the DAN'S essential purpose and causes shame to the DAN or breaks the American Law, will have his name canceled in the membership list of the DAN by the Staff meeting decision as the punishment of the dishonor to the DAN and the disloyalty to the TEIKOKU GUNJIN, (The NIPPON Soldiers).

There is also contained in this book the Japanese National Military Song which is based upon the Emperor's Creed to the Soldiers, above mentioned; The Song of TEIKOKU ZAIGO GUNJIN-KAI; poems on the spirit of the Japanese nation and various poems relating to NANKA TEIKOKU ZAIGO GUNJIN-DAN.

As mentioned herein before there was also obtained at the time of the above search the Minute Book of subject organization for the year 1937. The following items are translations from this Minute Book. The dates mentioned are the dates of the meeting, presumably for 1937:

March 20 - A staff meeting was held at the Hall of the Daishin Shrine at 7:30 P. M. and we decided the following:

(1) We will celebrate the holiday of the Japanese Emperor's birthday.
(2) We are going to discuss more frequent celebrations of other Japanese holidays at the next staff meeting.

March 21 - XXXXX attended and read a letter of condolence at the 33rd Memorial Service for the late soldiers who died in the front in the Russo-Japanese war, services being held in the Buddhist Daishi Temple.

March 28 (Sunday) - XXXXX attended and read a letter of condolence to the late soldiers in the Russian and Japanese war as the DAN'S representative and XXXXX played bugle solos for the purpose of condolence to the late soldiers at the Memorial Service held at the Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple. After this service the XXXXX who is the special ambassador from Japan to the United States, gave a lecture on the Buddhist philosophy of cause and result.

April 29 (Thursday) - The celebration of the Emperor's birthday was held by those organizations associated with the DAN: The Daishin Shrine Youth Association; The Womens and Girls Associations; this meeting was at 7:00 P. M. and the following program was presided over by DR. HONDA, Head of the DAN.

(1) Opening salute by XXXXX.
(2) National anthem by XXXXX bugle.
(3) National anthem by the entire congregation.
(4) Reading of the Emperor's Creed by XXXXX.
(5) Celebration addresses.
(6) Closing salute by XXXXX.
(7) Closing address by the President.

July 21 (Wednesday) - "This is the critical moment in the great war between Japan and China due to the dishonesty of the Chinese Government in failing to keep their promise regarding the sudden incident of the Marco-Polo breach in North China. Today XXXXX the 11th Division Head in San Fernando, visited the headquarters of the DAN in Los Angeles with his vital patriotism and insisted upon our rendering great assistance to our country behind the guns. He said that at this time our country faced its most critical moment. Then how can we, the members of the DAN, just sit down without giving even material assistance to the country! This is the very time to collect money from our members and to send it to our country to aid one part of the war expenses and with expressions of our great spirit of patriotism.

By reason of his vital suggestion we hold a temporary staff meeting of the DAN for the purpose of discussing his proposal that evening. At that night's meeting the decision was made that there is not any disagreement concerning the aid to our country behind the gun but we have to pay cash due to the environment in which we are living in the United States without failing in our action.

It is true that our country faces a very dangerous spot, but we have to wait and see how much will develop regarding the national strife between Japan and China and how much the Chinese national situation changes. After that let us take the most suitable method of aid. There was one more suggestion which was presented by XXXXX of Pasadena, former head of the 5th Division, through XXXXX which was that the DAN should not mingle with other Japanese organizations which collected money for the purpose of buying an airplane to send across the ocean as a gesture of good will and friendship between Japan and America. There is no problem regarding any individual joining those organizations but not our DAN as a group. It is not our essential duty to mingle with various district organizations. Reference is made to this fact on page one and two in this record book, where it is stated that the soldiers only duties are to be always ready to act against the enemy when the national emergency arises.

August 5 (Thursday) - We held a farewell party for XXXXX at the Kawafuku Cafe at 7:30 P. M.

August 28 (Saturday) - At the staff meeting at 7:30 P. M. at the Daishin Shrine Hall we decided as follows:

The members shall contribute $1.00 each for the purpose of presenting money to XXXXX who is returning to Japan on the CHICHIHU MARU on the 30th of this month, having been called by the Japanese Army for duty in this Chinese-Japanese war.

December 19 - XXXXX of this DAN, attended and read the following: The celebration of the new Kingo Buddhist Temple and also a memorial service for the Japanese soldiers, together with a prayer for the nationals of the Japanese Navy in the war.

"I do not have the privilege to speak on the Kingko Buddhist principles because of my ignorance of this religion. I would only like to say something here on the national spirit and departed souls. Do you know why our soldiers and sailors have been winning on the China front? Because winning the war is entirely based upon the strong Japanese spirit which is in no way comparable with either Americans or British yet even more than any other war in the world. This spirit was born of the Japanese family society, the Emperor being the head of our national family, our family system regarding the best of morals which are justice, loyalty and filial piety. Let us look back at the Russian Japanese war. Why did we fight with Russia at that time? Because Russia had ambitions to invade the far east, in other words, to conquer through China, Corea and Japan. Even after her revolution she was still looking for her chance to invade the far east so she increased her soldiers near the Manchurian border. We cannot escape a war between Russia and Japan. Therefore, we Japanese, let us cooperate fully with our spirit which is loyalty to God and love of country. This is the time to complete this Buddhist Temple Building in order to incorporate this spirit through everyone. As representative of the Zaikoku Gunjin-Dan I thank all of you who are here today with all my heart."

There is attached to this minute book the following list of names of members of the organization showing the contributions made by each to the Soldiers Relief Fund of the Japanese War Ministry. This list was printed by the organization and the amounts are those collected by the organization and sent to Japan.

XXX-4 pages-XXX

Translations made by this office to date have disclosed no other records of this organization although it was admitted by DR. RIKITA HONDA that the organization was still active up until the beginning of the present conflict on December 7, 1941. It is probable that these records have been destroyed although further investigation is being conducted to so determine.

It will be noted that all alien members of the above organization whose whereabouts in this country were known have been taken into custody as alien enemies.

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