Fort Lewis, Washington

383.4 (G-2)
April 6, 1942

SUBJECT: Enemy Agents

TO: The Adjutant General, State of Oregon, Salem, Oregon

Reports from sources of undetermined reliability emphasize the possibility that enemy spies and fifth columnists have been landed in rubber boats from submarines operating along the Atlantic Coast. There have been definite indications that such methods were employed by Germany in Norway before the fall of that country and elsewhere during this war.

The Pacific Northwest shoreline presents almost innumerable opportunities for the landing of such agents from Japanese submarines. The conditions which favor such landings are, of course, a calm sea and good landing beaches or inlets along sparsely settled coastlines. With the approach of calm summer weather, the probability that such landings may be attempted becomes greater.

It is likely that enemy spies or other hostile agents will be landed at points where they can make contact with disloyal elements resident in the vicinity. However, the widespread use of motor vehicles will make it possible for spies to land at considerable distance from their objectives to be met by automobiles according to a prearranged plan.

It is requested that the various defense agencies of your State be warned to be especially watchful for evidences of such operations. All suspicious circumstances should be reported without delay to the nearest Army authorities or to the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2, this headquarters. Such circumstances includes evidences of signaling between beach and nearby craft or the unexplained presence of small craft at any point along the shoreline. It is further possible that such agents could be transferred from hostile submarines to fishing craft and landed openly during daylight hours when these craft put into port. Spies might also be landed by parachute, but the difficulties incident to such a method render it less likely than other methods.

Any evidence, however slight, that any of the above stratagems have been employed by the enemy in the coastal waters of your state should be transmitted immediately to the offices named above. Your cooperation is requested in this matter. A reply stating the counter measures taken by your office, as well as naming the state agencies to be employed, would be helpful.
For the Commanding General:

Lt. Col., A.O.D.,
Adjutant General.

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