E.O. 11652. Sec. 3(E) and 5(D) or (E)
NND 750088
By CGO HARS Case FEB 5 1975


February 4, 1944

In reply please refer to:
Man - EAS/rh

Mr. C. R. Lynn, Camp Director
War Relocation Center
Jerome, Arkansas

Dear Mr. Lynn:

In accordance with our conversation in the office of General Compere on February 1, 1944, please be advised that the following Japanese-Americans presumably located in your camp have been declared unacceptable for service in the armed forces by the War Department Intelligence Service:

Junichiro Ageno {2498} Tomi Matsumoto {465}
Tomio Bingo {Tule Lake} Isami Matsuura {Tule Lake}
Toshio Fujii {362} Yutaka Nakamichi {1801-G}
Frank Yasuichi Fujinaga {Tule Lake} Tsuyoshi Richard Nishimura {Tule Lake}
Mieko Fujisawa {1903} Yoshiharu Nomura
Hajime Fukuhara Walter Toshio Nuibe
Ryuzo Hirai Sakaye Ogata
Edward Kintoku Ige {2591} Akira Okamura {2644}
Harold Haruto Ito {2597} Osamu Okumura {Tule Lake}
I. J. Isamu Iwamoto {Tule Lake} Hajimu Jimmy Okumura {Tule Lake}
Itaru Kai {Tule Lake} Bob Manzo Oriba {Tule Lake}
Maya Kaku {Ann Arbor, Michigan} Zenichi (Jenichi) Oshiro
Shizuo Kai {Tule Lake} Tomoji Oshita {Tule Lake}
Sakao Katsuki {331} Minoru Outa {Tule Lake}
Shigeo Kimura {1456} Teruo Ota {1814}
Arthur Ikuro Kinishi {1582} Hanz Harumi Sakai {Tule Lake}
Shigeru Roy Kitahata George Tsugio Sawai {Tule Lake}
Noriaki Hiram Kitaoka Akiyoshi Shigei {2657}
Nobuo Kume {1397} Shigeru Shimazu {Tule Lake}
Fumio Kusunoki {2617} Shigeru Shimotani {Tule Lake}
Kunitoshi Marumoto {2537-H} Minoru Shintaku {912}
Katsuki Masada {1672-F} Midori Takaki {Tule Lake}


Fred Yasuo Takeda {Tule Lake} Shuji Uyemaruko {Tule Lake}
Hideo ??? Taniguchi Carl ??? Uyemura?
Hisao Bill Tanaka {2469-B} Jim Kenichiro Uyemura
James Shigeki Taniguchi {268} Hideo Wada {Tule Lake}
Isamu Teshima {2669-A} Masaru Jack Wada {477-D}
Masaichi (Seiichi) Toguchi {2476-A} George Takahashi Yamano
George Tsuchida {Tule Lake} Masaru Yokoyama {Tule Lake}
Jitsuhige Tsuha {Leupp, Ariz.} Sadawo Yonaki {2116}
Seiichi Umemoto {520} George Shigeru Yonemura {1933}
Kazuahi Harry Uneda {523} Kazuo Yoshinaga {1214-F}
Yoshito Willie Uyeda {67-B}

This information is furnished for your use only and should be treated with the strictest confidence.
For the State Director:
E. A. Stoddard, Major, FD
Chief, Manpower Division

{Evacuees suspected}
Refer to No.
Serial No. I 014998

Federal Building

New Orleans, La.

May 12, 1943

From: The District Intelligence Officer, EIGHTH Naval District
To: The Director of Naval Intelligence

Subject: IGE, Edward, Jerome Relocation Center, Jerome, Arkansas

Reference: (a) 14ND card, same subject, 1-29-42
(b) Conf. memo. DIO-8ND to DNI, KAI, Shigua, 5-12-43.
(c) Conf. memo. DIO-8ND to DNI, TSUHA, Jitsusmige, 5-12-43.
(d) 8ND card, YAMATE, Tsuneto, 5-10-43.
(e) 8ND card, KIMURA, Mitsuho, 5-10-43.
(f) 8ND card, KURATOMI, George Toshio, 5-10-43.

1. Subject was one of six members of a committee for evacuees which conferred with Director Paul TAYLOR of the Jerome Relocation Center on March 6, 1943, to protest against the W.R.A. Evacuee Registration Program. The committee apparently represented evacuees who had failed to register and were warned that they would be subject to imprisonment. The committee stated that the group had refused to register because they were loyal to Japan. As a result of the conference approximately 781 evacuees in the alleged disloyal group registered by writing across the face of the registration form that they wanted to be repatriated or expatriated to Japan. Their registration was supervised by members of the committee composed of subject and subjects of References (a) through (e).

2. Subject is characterized by informant as a "very dangerous type of individual," who has been acting as head of a group of boys who are body guards of subjects of references (b) and (e). Subject was born in Hawaii on Aug. 10, 1919, attended high school in Japan from 1932 to 1935, and in Nov. 1935 returned from Japan and remained in Hawaii until Jan. 1943. Subsequently he was interned by the F.B.I. at Sand Island, T.H., but was later paroled. He worked for a month in the Internal Security Division at the Jerome Relocation Center, [remainder of line illegible]. Subject told informant that he was loyal to Japan before Pearl Harbor, and that his loyalty to Japan had increased after Pearl Harbor. He stated he would not fight in the U.S. Army under any conditions, but would readily fight in the Japanese Army against the U.S. Subject admitted leadership of the committee which met with TAYLOR, but denied there was any organization which attempted to disrupt the registration or the voluntary enlistment program. Subject admitted sending a list of evacuees desiring repatriation or expatriation to the Spanish Embassy in Washington, D. C., and also said he had warned evacuees that they could not answer "yes" to Questions 27 and 28 (the loyalty questions) if they expected to return to Japan.

3. Other persons interviewed at the Center declared they were dependent upon subject for guidance in the registration and that subject continually talked against the registration program, as well as conducting meetings where Japanese national anthem was sung and "banzais" for the Emperor of Japan given. Another informant reported that subject was a ring leader and that when acting as translator in the Center's police department he had stated, "I am going to let everything pass, good or bad; hell, they won't know the difference." Subject also reportedly stated: "You know the real reason I was interned was because before the war I was openly against America. I did not like anything American and many things about America and I went around telling everybody. I was for Lindbergh, too, and I thought Germany was doing right. I don't want to fight for this country. When I fight I want to fight for something. If I was in Japan I would fight for the Japanese Army and kill some of these white b-------. I am not scared of any white man. Every time I speak to one I feel like beating him up. Some day I would like to have a bunch of white servants working for me. Before this war is over you watch California will belong to Japan."

4. Informant stated that if there was ever any violence in the Center it would spring from subject's plans and "the powerful gang behind him."
/s/ W.S. Hogg
Distribution: (For Information)

NDs 9,11,12,13,14; Zone 5; B-2; DID-8SC; DIO(MIS)NO; G2-SDC.

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