{Field Ofc. Records Tule Lake RG 210 Stack 182 Row 34}
{DECLASS. NND802054 Tule Lake}

MAY 9 - 1945

May 2, 1945

Mr. Harold Ickes
Secretary of Interior
Department of Interior
Washington, D. C.

Dear Sir:

In view of the prevailing conditions in this Center, we are forwarding this petition directly to your office. We are appealing to your unbiased consideration and treatment of the active members of the Sokuji Kikoku Hoshi Dan and their fundamental objectives. Our primary objective is to expatriate or repatriate immediately when it is physically possible so that we may be able to contribute our war efforts during the hour of our national emergency. While waiting patiently for the opportunity to serve our Father Land, our secondary objective is to keep our body soul trained and fitted equal to the jobs to be finished.

Our expressed purpose and desire are mutual. We are quite sure that you would not deny the identical ideas of those patriotic Americans who are similarly detained or interned in the Far East. It is also a known fact that the Imperial Government of Japan does not force the American citizens to be loyal and sympathetic to Japan and her war aims. But here in this camp, we, who remain loyal to Japan, are forced to live among the individuals who are loyal to the United States of America. Unless the War Relocation Authority has an ulterior motive designed to succeed partially its master plan of new relocation programs, we believe it is an error and lack of foresight which has resulted in a total gross mismanagement of this particular camp. We hope the War Relocation Authority is broad enough to take a constructive criticism.

The War Relocation Authority programs, especially of new relocation plans, will not be impeded if the W. R. A. pays more attention to those whose minds were made up long long ago, and then clears its desks for those whose minds are not yet made up but who are professedly loyal to the United States of America. For social economic reasons, not to say anything about the political aspiration, it should be easier to get out of the way 10,000 expatriates and/or repatriates first and then worry about the 60,000 loyal citizens and nationals afterward.

We, the members of good standing of the Sokuji Kikoku Hoshi Dan, are firmly convinced that the law and order will be maintained just as soon as we are re-segregated one way or other in a body, at any place, under any agency with a fixed policy of management, and not with policy of political expediency.

For your convenience, we are submitting a list of names the owners of which are voluntarily requesting the mass re-segregation of the Sokuji Kikoku Hoshi Dan as a body. To this list of names, we wish to add the names of those who are now interned at Santa Fe and Bismarck internment camps. They are still active members of the Sokuji Kikoku Hoshi Dan.

It is not necessary for us to say anything about the recent incident, except that we refer the matter to the contents of memorandum, a copy of which are attached to this petition. For further details of information, the local W. R. A. officers should be able to furnish the facts unbiased.

Finally, we are requesting that, through your office, the fact that we have petitioned be transmitted to the Imperial Government of Japan.
Respectfully submitted,
Shigeo Ishigame,
Temporary Chairman

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