AUGUST 25, 1943

The purpose of this interview is to provide the W.R.A. with the assurance that in permitting your leave from this center, it is doing the best thing for the United States as a whole and for you as an individual.

Before questioning you any further, we would like to ask if you have any objection to signing a Pledge of Allegiance to the United States.

Do you object to taking an oath that you will tell the truth and nothing but the truth in this interview? Will you raise your right hand? Oath:

What is your name?


Address before evacuation?

Business, Occupation, or Profession before evacuation?

Did you belong to any Japanese organizations?

Did you attend a Japanese Language School?

Where did you get your education?

Have you at any time been a resident or visitor to Japan? If so, give inclusive dates.

Have you ever asked for repatriation?

Give the names of your parents.

When did they immigrate to the United States?

What was their occupation before evacuation?

How many people are there in your family?

Do you have any relatives in Japan?

Are any relatives serving in the Japanese Army?

Are any relatives serving in the Armed forces of the United States?

Where are you planning to resettle?

Will you voluntarily remain out of the States of Arizona, Nevada, Utah until such time that public opinion makes you more welcome?

What is your plan for mixing into the community to which you will resettle?

Do you know what clubs and organizations would welcome you?

Will you assist in the general resettlement program by staying away from large groups of Japanese?

Will you avoid the use of the Japanese language except when necessary?

Will you for the duration of the war, avoid the organization of any typically Japanese clubs, associations, etc?

Will you try to develop such American habits which will cause you to be accepted readily into American social groups?

Are you willing to serve in the Armed Forces of the United States if called upon by Selective Service to do so?

Are you willing to serve in war production?

Are you willing to give information to the proper authorities regarding any subversive activity which you might note or which you might be informed about directly or indirectly, both in the relocation centers and in the communities in which you are resettling?

To whom would you report such information?

Would you consider an informer of this nature an "Inu"? (Stoolpigeon)

How long do you plan to stay on this job?

If you find a better job, how much notice will you give your employer?

Will you accept a position at a lower than standard wage? How will you find out what standard wages are?

Will you conform to the customs and dress of your new home?

Will you make every effort to represent all that is good, reliable, and honest in the Japanese Americans?

Will you report any change of residence or employment to the W.R.A. office?

What is your plan for your family?

What were your average expenses before evacuation for:

a. Rent or housing?

b. Food?

c. Clothing?

d. Misc. Expenses?

What was your income?

Do you have any of your household equipment here?

Have you planned what you need?

Have you contacted the Supervisor of Evacuee Property?

What do you consider the necessary items which you will have to purchase before you can resettle with your family?

Do you plan to take your family with you?

How many dependents do you have? Give names and ages.

Do you have any automotive equipment?

What has been your work while at the relocation center?

What part did you play in the development of any constructive organization or development at the center?

To what clubs do you belong?

Have you ever been accused and pleaded guilty to any crime of any kind within the center?

Have you been associated with any radical groups, clubs, or gangs which have been accused of anti-social conduct within the center?

Have you ever participated in any stealing, destruction, or illegal use of government property?

Give 5 references of people who can vouch for your conduct in the center other than members of your family. Include at least 2 representatives of the administration.

Can you furnish any proof that you have always been loyal to the United States?

What do you think of the Segregation of the loyal from the disloyal in the relocation centers?

What do you think of the United States in general?

What effect has the report of any Japanese victory in- the Pacific and in the Far East upon your thinking?

Why are you requesting leave?

What would you do if you found a shortwave set, both sending and receiving or either, in your neighbor's apartment?

What is the difference between the present Japanese government and that of 10 years ago?

Does the Japanese government have a parliamentary government at the present time?

Do you think you are "losing face" by cooperating with the United States?

What does the Samurai tradition mean to you?

Do you think that the American people are generally soft and easy, both physically and mentally?

Do you believe in the divine origin of the Japanese race?

Have you ever celebrated February 11?

For what is the Ise Shrine famous?

For what is February 22 famous in Japanese history?

What does "kigensetsu" mean to you?

What would you consider a disloyal act to the United States?

What do you think loyalty to Japan would demand of a person in the centers under the present conditions?

What is your opinion of dual citizenship?

Would you under any circumstances, act contrary to the dictates of your parents?

Have you been associated with any groups whose membership is made up of those who have the majority of "No" answers on the Army Questionnaire?

What, in your opinion, did the "Yes" answer imply?

Do results at any time justify the means?

In your opinion, does the "population pressure" justify the Japanese expansion program?

[See also Selective Service Questionnaire.]
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