The Eighty Thieves

The Eighty Thieves
American POWS in WWII Japan
By Anthony N. Iannarelli Sr & John G. Iannarelli
Patriot Press, San Diego, 1991
Navy Corpsman captured on Guam and rescued at Hirohata

In Osaka, 80 men were selected to move to Hirohata POW Camp- Tony was one of the men who later called themselves "The Eighty Thieves" for that is what they did to survive and avoid starvation
BACK Beaten half to death, Iannarelli "suddenly looked up at the Weasel and decided that if I was to die I was at least going to tell him off one last time! In Japanese I told him, "You are the poorest example of a Japanese soldier that I have ever seen! You do not abide by the Bishido law."...After a half minute of staring, the Weasel lowered his rifle.

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