Sidney D. Schwartz
Testimony regarding war crimes
Nagoya #3 POW Camp Funatsu

Nag-03-Funatsu Main

Source: NARA RG 331 Box 942, Mansell NARA 8
Questionaire: Sidney D. Schwartz, rescued at Nagoya #3 Funatsu
Filed with Nagoya #10 Fushiki files in error; mis-identified camp name; notations for clarity or fact by Center for Research [red]


SCHWARTZ, Sidney D., ASN 19056573, Sgt., after being duly sworn at 29th Replacement Depot, Luzon, P.I., on 16 September 1945, testified as follows:

Q. How old are you?
A. 24

Q. Were you captured by the Japanese or made a prisoner of war, and if so, when and where?
A. Yes.

Q. What was your unit at the time of your capture?
A. 693rd Ord, Aviation [Nichols Field]

By what Japanese unit were you captured?
A. Army- unit unknown

Q. Do you expect to be repatriated, and if so, to what country?
A. Yes - U.S.

Q. What will your complete address be after repatriation?
A. 100 N. University, Peoria, Illinois

Q. Will you state the names and locations of the camps at which you were held as a prisoner of war and the dates your were confined at each camp?
A. Nagoya #10, Funatsu Japan, 4 Sept 44 - 6 Sept. 45 [actually Nagoya #3 branch at Funatsu; arrived on Canadian Inventor]

Do you know or have reason to believe that the Imperial Japanese Army failed to treat prisoners of war with humanity or otherwise committed atrocities or war crimes against them?
A. Yes.

Q. Will you state all facts in detail pertaining to atrocities, war crimes, violations of Rules of Land Warfare and human decency at Nagoya #10 [#3] - Funatsu, Japan, the dates thereof, the perpetrators, giving their names, ranks, units and other identifying information?
A. On or about the 5th of April, 1945, I was working on a construction detail engaged in making repairs to buildings, digging air raid shelters, and general police work. I started to [the] supply room to get some tools to be used in our work. The kitchen being located in the same building, I picked up a boiled potato with the consent of a Japanese woman that did the cooking for the Japanese. A Japanese private came into the litchen and took me to the orderly room.
There were no officers or non-coms in the orderly room at the time. Only Japanese privates. Three Japanese privates took me outside and started beating me with small clubs and rubber shoes. I was beaten periodically from about 7:00 A.M. until 2:30 P.M. - I was beaten only in the face. I had a hole through my lower lip, black and blue marks all over my face. My face was swollen to an enormous degree. The right side of my chin was swollen to such an extent that it touched my shoulder. Scars and marks still remain on my face as a result ot the beating.

From about 2:30 P.M. until 5:30 P.M. I was periodically forced to kneel with bamboo poles underneath my knees and ankles. From about 7:00 A.M. until about 5:30 P.M. I received no food or water. The temperature was approximately 35 degrees [F].
The name of the Camp Commander was 1st Lt. Furushima [Furishima]. He was about 5 feet, 6 inches tall, slender build, weighed about 140 lbs., feature more or less portrayed cruelty and harshness. He had a very prominent forehead. Spoke English very little. Kept his hair closely cropped.

The three Japanese privates that beat me could not speak English. One of them was named Kamiashmiba (?). He was very short, about 5 feet 4 inch tall, weighed about 135 lbs., and had a very heavy beard. One of the other Japs was named Hori (?). He was about 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighed about 155 lbs. He had exceptionally short arms. His complexion was very, very dark. He had a broad nose and thick lips. He was nick named him "negro" by the Allied P.W.s. The name of the third Jap I do not know but believe that he was in charge of medical supplies for the P.W. Camp [Cpl Asai]. I know no further information regarding the identity or description of the perpetrators.

/S/ Sidney D. Schwartz

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 16th day of Sept. 1945.
/S/ Gar. G. Riley, 1st Lt Inf
Investigating Officer
War Crimes Investigation Detachment