Walter A. Herrig

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John Herrig, grandson to Walter A. Herrig

He has verified being on Corregidor, moving to the Manilla ports for air defense, moving to Bataan due to lack of transport from Manilla, back to Corregidor, served on the 1.1 in Pom Pom crew, blasted out of searchlight #8 tunnel, moved to hospital, and then back to 60th CAC, M Battery, 3rd Platoon defense area.

After captured, put on various details, moved to 92nd Garage, then to Manilla, Bilibid, Cabanatuan #2, then to #1, then to the Port Detail (says it was the best camp). He went to Japan on the Nissyo Maru and to Kamioka through Moji and after liberation, left Japan through Yokohama