Ohama Medical Staff
September 1945 

Ohama Main
Original picture supplied by Charles Edwards (2/19th Bn) and sent to Kathleen Booth, daughter of Gnr. Henry "Harry" Hamer, 241 Battery of the 77th HAA and niece of Gnr. Albert Edward Hallam, 241 Battery, 77th HAA

L to R Back Row:
Odell Bullock, Corporal, US Army Medical Corps
Henry Boyes, Australian Medical Corps
Algy McDaniels, 2/3rd Machine Gun Bn

L to R Front Row
CPhM Edwin M. Custer, US Navy Hospital, Guam (said to be descended from Gen. George Custer, killed by the Sioux indians at the Battle of the Little Bighorn)
1st Lt. (Dr) William Perilman, US Army Medical Coprs
Lt (DR) Renee Ploegman, Royal Netherlands Medical Corps