Ohama POW Camp
Extract of Lt. Rogers' Report

Ohama Main Hir-09


Rogers Camp Report (1/Lt Howland P. Rogers, 128th Inf, 3 Bn S2)
Ohama, Motoyama and Ikinoyama POW Camps [Hiroshima POW Command]

Extract of periodic Report No. 64- Section 4
28 December 1945

OHAMA Prisoner of War Camp located in ONOGA (614.2-1209.6). This prison camp housed 390 prisoners (250 Australian, 140 English). 24 men [Center -CFR-POW Japan - has only 23 names] died at this camp from 21 Nov 1942 to 13 Sep 1945 due to lack of proper food. The ashes of the deceased were taken by the survivors when they left the camp for WAKAMURA at the end of the war. 200 of the prisoners worked as miners; the rest worked on farms above ground. The miners were required to dig 1.5 tons of coal per day [per man]. All records belonging to the camp were taken by the Japanese Army. The mining company official in charge of the camp is HOTOSHI KUME. The Japanese army commanding officer was Lt. KUSUMOTO of the HIROSHIMA POW District who died at ONODA on 2 Dec 1945. Japanese civilians are now living at the camp.
All documents found at camps were forwarded to Regimental S-2 with periodic reports
/S/ Howland P. Rogers
1st Lt., 128th Inf
3rd Bn S-2