Kobe Hospital
Deaths & Injuries

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Source: RG 407 Box 145- Detailed report of Kobe Hospital by Lt Ferdinand Berley, USN- photostat copies- about 10 pages

Name, Rank, Service No, Unit, Transfer From, Date & Cause of Death, Home
Johnson, Harold Leon
,Civilian,na,,Tsumori 11 Aug 44, 6 Sep 1944 Hypertnsion Cardiovascular disease,Salt Lake UT
Rist, Virgil, Sgt,6851321,59th CAC,Hirohata 20 Apr 44, 13 Dec 1944 Tuberculosis,Allentown PA
Klise, James Glenn, AOMM3c,3858652,,Umeda 20 Sep 44, 15 Nov 1944 Abcessed rectal tumor,Stockport IA
Clelan,John L., Civilian,na,,Tsumori 5 Jan 45, 9 Jan 1945 Beriberi Heart Failure,Meridian ID
Chesslet, Allan, Pvt,unk,Deml PI Dept,Yodogawa 7 May 45, 21 May 1945 Pul Tuberculosis,Benton OR
Guerra, Luis, Pvt,18048793,60th CAC E Btry,unk 1 Mar 45,19 Sep 1944 Pul Tuberculosis,Laredo TX
Heaton, Jesse Clyde, Sgt,252452,4th Marines,Umeda 17 Jan 44, 29 May 1945 Pul Tuberculosis,Ft Payne AL

From Handwritten notes in summary:
Ray, John Patrick
, WT1c, 3367587,USN, USS Finch, Died on 4 Jun 1945 from Beriberi & TB
O'Brien, Thomas F., Cmdr [Capt per NARA], 24700,USN, Died 29 Dec 1942(?) possibly 1943- pneumonia
Merchant, Frank E., Capt, O-931782,USA, Died 17 Dec 1943- pneumonia

Killed In Air Raid & fire 5 June 1945
Name,Rank,Service No,Unit,Transfer From,Date & Cause of Death,Home
Byall, Samuel J.,
Pvt,283562,4th Marines Cavite,Yodogawa 7 May 45,5 June 1945 KIA,New Orleans LA
Hemmelgarn, Paul S., SSgt,261379,VMF-211 Wake,unk 15 May 45,5 June 1945 KIA,Pendelton OR

Injured In Air Raid & fire 5 June 1945
Name    Injury

James, Luther,1st & 2nd Deg burns face hands and wrists
Wolf, Arthur,1st & 2nd Deg burns face 2nd Deg on hands and rt wrist
Nead, R.E.,1st & 2nd Deg burns face and both hands
Lewis, R.S.,1st & 2nd Deg burns face and both hands
Lupton, J.F.,Severe 2nd Deg face & scalp both hands & 2nd & 3rd to rt leg and thigh
Wallace, R.D. [staff],1st & 2nd Deg burns face hands and left wrist
Beauchamp, A,Cut left forehead
Williams, E.S.,cut left ankle