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Regarding references that the Kirkpool was sunk by the raider Santa Cruz: The German raider THOR was originally the freighter SANTA CRUZ

From the 1942-43 Lloyd's Register:
KIRKPOOL - British Flag - 4,842 tons gross
Enroute from Durban for Montevideo with a cargo of coal. Sunk by raider Santa Cruz about 200 miles North of Tristan da Cunha. 44 crew members. Some of crew prisoners of war in Japan.
Code letters:
GNTW Official Number;139258
Rigging: steel single screw steamer; 1 deck; 6 cemented bulkheads; fitted with direction finder and echo sounding device; cellular double bottom 359 feet, 1,344 tons; Forward Peak Tank 162tons; Aft Peak Tank 187 tons
Tonnage:4,842 tons gross, 4,578 under deck and 3,017 net
Dimensions: 405.2 feet long, 53.6 foot beam and holds 26.5 feet deep; Poop30 feet; Bridge Deck 229 feet; Forecastle 41 feet
Construction:1928, Sir J. Laing & Sons Ltd. in Sunderland
Propulsion: triple expansion engine with 3 cylinders of 25 1/2, 40 & 71 inches diameter respectively; stroke 48 inches; operating at 180 p.s.i.; 491 nominal horsepower; 3 single-ended boilers with super heaters; 9 corrugated furnaces; grate surface 174 sq. ft.; heating surface 7,308 sq. ft.; engine built by G. Clark Ltd. in Sunderland
Owners: Pool Shipping Co. Ltd. (Sir R. Ropner & Co. Ltd., managers) Port of registry: West Hartlepool
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