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Personal Opinion of
Roger Mansell, Director, Center for Research
Allied POWS Under the Japanese

Ships From Hell
by Raymond Lamont-Brown - Many errors of fact and truth frequently sacrificed the make for more "florid" writing. Best book on this subject: "Death on the Hell Ships" by Greg Michno

Hotel Tacloban by Douglas Valentine - Pure fiction made for Hollywood. Author repeatedly tries to pass off as truthful. All copies should be burned. It is a grotesque story written with obvious hatred toward the American military, especially officers. One wishes these hateful 1960's draft card burner types would "just go way."

Yanks Don't Cry by Martin Boyle - unmitigated hogwash written to make a movie. Saddest part is that if he was truthful, it would have made for a better story and an important contribution to history. The author endured extremely harsh conditions as a POW from Guam.


A Child P.O.W. by A. L. Finch - Many customer reviews on the reasons to reject this one. See also this piece by Houlahan on the BACEPOW website.