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Nagoya #3 Full British Roster

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Source: NARA RG 407 Box 187 {Center File NARA 8]; RG 407 Box 102 [NARA 9] - 188 Men
Box 107 File also includes nearest relative's name and, presumably, address of same
Download full XLS File    Two (2) British dead in BOLD red (Guntrip & Lewis)

Christison, David,Capt,163589,
Orrock, David Wilson,1st LT,170668,Royal Sigs

Other Ranks:
Allan, Harold Shirley Montgomery,GNR,977214,155th Field Regt (Indian Div)
Allen, Mark Haselock,CPL,2875307,Gordon Higlanders
Anderson, Thomas John,SGT,310000,
Atherton, William,PTE,2689845,2nd A&SH
Bagguley, Wilfred,PTE,4981564,Sherwood Foresters
Baillie, George,PTE,2876710,Gordon Higlanders
Bannister, Lawrence,GNR,1094893,80th Ani-Tank Regt 272 Btry
Barnes, Eric,PTE,2979813,2nd A&SH
Barton, Edward Alan,LCPL,3855720,Corps of Military Police
Bateman, George,PTE,6141469,2nd Bn East Surrey Regt
Bell, Andrew,PTE,2876858,Gordon Higlanders
Bell, James Warren,Bn Sgt Maj,309549, 155 Field Regt (Indian Div)
Bidwell, Bernard,DVR,2070770,12th Div Royal Engineers
Birchall, John,PTE,3535950,1st Manchester (Fortress)
Black, Alexander Stuart,SPR,804,
Black, Frank William,PTE,4863780,Leicester Regt
Blake, Henry,PTE,2982053,
Bradley, John B,LCPL,1873682,
Branwhite, James,PTE,2979533,
Brennan, James Michael,SGT,2695250,
Brewer, Douglas Colston,LCPL,963511,155th Field Regt (Indian Div)
Broome, William Henry,SGT,4973033,Sherwood Foresters
Brown, John Percy,LCPL,6141855,2nd Bn East Surrey Regt
Burns, Charles Hodge,LCPL,2978899,2nd A&SH
Burns, William Dickenson,GNR,987280,155th Field Regt (Indian Div)
Burrell, Tom,SGT,4853369,1st Leicesters
Butters, Sidney,LSgt,2031934,
Campbell, Hugh,PTE,2885865,Gordon Higlanders
Campbell, John,GNR,977286,155th Field Regt (Indian Div)
Capel, Maurice Harold,CPL,70650,RASC 55 Coy
Christie, Malcolm,CPL,2979231, [Malcom?]
Clark, Ernest William,PTE,5776952,
Clark, Robert,PTE,2979160,2nd A&SH
Clarke, Michael,SIGMN,2347877,3rd Indian Corp
Claydon, Reginald George,GNR,942851,
Clayton, Joseph Ernest Alphonso,PTE,2876767,Gordon Higlanders
Coker, Richard H.J.,SIGMN,2336660,
Cole, Thomas Strang,PTE,T/80581,
Colclough, Ronald Eric,PTE,7374126,
Coulter, Arthur,PTE,2979779,2nd A&SH
Cox, Sidney,PTE,6147349,2nd Bn East Surrey Regt
Crockett, Mark W.J.,PTE,5989471,
Cumming, Thomas,PTE,2876795,Gordon Higlanders
Davidson, Robert Duncan,PTE,2876649,Gordon Higlanders
Davie, Alexander,PTE,2979832,
Dean, Thomas Vivian,LBdr,937128,
Dick, William,LBdr,325673,
Dodgson, Thomas William,PTE,3322776,2nd Bn A&SH
Donald, Ian Smith,PTE,2876894,Gordon Higlanders
Douglas, William Hambleton,LBdr,954925,155 Field Regt (Indian Div)
Dunsmore, William Hawkins,GNR,977323,155 Field Regt (Indian Div)
Eadie, Gerard,GNR,977324,
Eglesfield, John W.,PTE,5950743,
Falls, Hugh,LCPL,2989491,
Farrell, John Reid,GNR,977327,155th Field Regt (Indian Div)
Fell, Charles Hooley,PTE,7403,FMSVF 1st Bn Perak
Fisher, John,PTE,2981305,2nd Bn A&SH
Flemming, Stanley,PTE,5951367,
Forshaw, Douglas Robert,Bandsman,6141055,
Foster, Alfred Stanley,PTE,5835310,
Francis, William Isaac,GNR,951128, [William Ivor?]
Fraser, Thomas C.,LBdr,1105171,
Galloway, Alexander,PTE,2978863,
Gardner, James Rowland,SPR,1260,Jahore Vol Engineers
Gibson, Adam Ramsay,PTE,2879291,Gordon Higlanders
Gibson, Thomas,BDR,987288,
Gillespie, Kenneth W.,PTE,13634,FMSVF 2nd Bn, Selangor
Glen, Robert,PTE,2979519,
Grainger, William Ernest,PTE,3323274,
Greer, Albert Thomas,GNR,318028,
Griffiths, David L.,GNR,853638,
Guntrip, Percy Gordon, DVR,2070427, 288th Field Regt, 16 Feb 1945 of cerebral apoplexy
Guthrie, William Nicholas,PTE,3322794,
Hadfield, Herbert,LCPL,3533289,
Halliwell, William,PTE,3528807,
Hamilton, Roger,PTE,2979920,
Harkin, Edward,CPL,2979406,
Harlow, Richard Fred,GNR,861257,
Harper, Thomas,PTE,2986029,
Hatton, Leonard,SIGMN,2356916,
Hepburn, Alexander,PTE,2876384,Gordon Higlanders
Hill, Arthur,GNR,987289,
Hill, Horace Andrew,CPL,5379486,
Hindle, Alfred,GNR,1075313,
Hodgkinson, Alan James,PTE,13483,FMSVF 1st Armoured Car Regt
Hoyle, Cecil,Sgt Maj,3524146,
Hudson, Arthur,CPL,2318043,
Hudson, Robert,LBdr,960029,
Hume, Frederick,PTE,2979824,
Hunter, Ray,PTE,3322817,
Irwin, Albert Stanley,PTE,6147402,
Jamieson, George,LCPL,2990035,
Johnson, Cyril,PTE,4859887,
Kellas, William,LCPL,2876651,Gordon Higlanders
Kelly, Patrick Michael,GNR,855776,
Kerr, John,LCPL,2979674,
Knight, Walter,PTE,5951806, [Wallace?]
Lackenby, John Joseph,LCPL,6142641,
Lavery, James,PTE,2876001,Gordon Higlanders
Leary, John W.E.,SGT,4857334,
Lewis, Frederick, CSM,321326,1Bn Manchester regt,died 13 Jul 1944 of Cardiac beri beri
Lowe, Terence James,SPR,1888749,
MacDonald, James,CPL,2979807,
MacDonald, Thomas,PTE,3323243,
Maiden, Joseph George,CPL,2876662,
Mair, George,BDR,977480,
Marks, William,LCPL,2361626,
Marshman, Morton James,DVR,1025550,
Martin, Robert McDonald,PTE,2876669,Gordon Higlanders
Martin, William J. Patrick,LCPL,2979648,
Mason, Stanley,PTE,13380,FMSVF unclassified
Mathieson, James,LCPL,3132155,
McGinnis, Jeremiah,PTE,3322848,
McGovern, Henry Cornwell,CPL,3318416,
McKee, Robert,DVR,2337838,
McMaster, David,CPL,2876507,Gordon Higlanders
McNabb, Albert Robert,PTE,2885454,Gordon Higlanders
McPhee, Malcolm M.,SGT,2978874, [noted as Private on rescue roster]
Mead, Leonard Percy,PTE,T/77569,
Michie, Charles,Sgt Maj,2876189,Gordon Higlanders
Middle, William Henry,LCPL,3855419,
Miles, Edward,SGT,6139402,
Millar, Thomas Edward,DVR,3185935,
Milne, John Clark,GNR,1105132,
Milner, William Holding,GNR,950047,
Mitchell, David Morris,GNR,1105133,
Moncur, Alexander H.,LCPL,867,Jahore Vol Engineers
Moore, Edward Henry,CPL,3526627,
Morris, Arthur Phillip,PTE,6139988,
Morrison, John,LCPL,2876154,
Mugford, Kenneth John,LCPL,2575121,
Munn, Louis Charles,SGT,2571333,
Murfet, Charles Henry,SIGMN,2310766,
Murray, Robert,PTE,2885010,Gordon Higlanders
Murray, William McGild,PTE,2979585,
Mutton, John,SIGMN,2597338,
Neeson, J. Bernard Alexander,CQM,2979411
[noted at Neesin on rescue roster]
O'Brien, Patrick,GNR,3245365,
O'Donnell, Vincent,SIGMN,2345835,
Onions, Ernest Edward,SIGMN,4034724,
Orford, Reginald William,LCPL,2586973,
Page, Bernard George,LCPL,4863410,
Page, Ronald Thomas,DVR,2070424,
Parker, George,PTE,6976095, [6967095?]
Pearson, Cyril Charles P.,LCPL,2059769,
Pearson, William A.H.,SIGMN,2755166,
Penman, William,LCPL,2980355,
Perry, Cyril S.J.,CPL,5950168,
Phimister, John,SIGMN,2325579,
Pool, James Walker,Sgt Maj,2749348,
Pratt, Frederick Robert,GNR,891666,
Prescott, John Edward,SPR,1897713,
Price, Eric John,LCPL,6698,FMSVF 1st Armoured Car Regt
Rae, James Robinson,PTE,2979798,
Ramsay, Robert W.,PTE,3322868,
Read, John Hanson,SGT,5163,SSVF 2nd Bn
Reilly, Joseph,PTE,2986098,
Richards, David Beatty,LCPL,2884759,Gordon Higlanders
Richards, Horace,SPR,2035104,
Ritchie, George William,PTE,2879015,Gordon Higlanders
Roberts, Neville N.K.,DVR,2350113,
Ross, John Gordon,PTE,2875462,Gordon Higlanders
Sandham, Leslie,PTE,2979610,
Scott, William,BDR,317984,
Shaw, Harry Scott,CPL,13220,
Shaw, Thomas,GNR,1096286,
Silk, Arthur Frank,CPL,2335381,
Simpson, Kenneth,PTE,4858442,
Smart, Alexander,LSgt,2877319,Gordon Higlanders
Smart, Gordon Donald,CPL,2979864,
Smith, Alexander Donald,LCPL,2818754,
Smith, Cedric A.L.,SPR,2069193,
Smith, Leslie Thomas A.,SGT,941551,
Speakman, John Charles,LCPL,5830506,
Stevenson, Robert Smith,SPR,1888628,
Stitt, John MacRobert "Tom",GNR,325739,
Swann, Joseph Henry,SIGMN,2574061,
Taylor, Alexander,Piper,2876748,Gordon Higlanders
Taylor, Lawrence,SIGMN,2368813, [2358813?]
Thompson, George,PTE,unk,
Thompson, William,CPL,2322584,
Thomson, David,GNR,1105148,
Tighe, James,PTE,3322903,
Tole, Jack,GNR,322642,
Trussell, Harold Arthur,SGT,923798,
Turnbull, Norman,PTE,3322906,
Vickery, Arthur H.S.,GNR,996569,
Walker, William Arthur,LCPL,4858340,
Watson, David Adam,DVR,2980667,
Watts, James Middleton,CPL,13536,FMSVF 2nd Bn, Selangor
Webster, Edwin,SIGMN,2347800,
Welsh, Laurence,SGT,2032764,
White, Blades,GNR,1105182,
Wilkinson, Andrew,SGT,4857747,
Wilkinson, William,SIGMN,2336887,
Williamson, John,PTE,3188859,
Wilson, James,PTE,2986006,
Wilson, Kenneth,SPR,1906386,
Wood, John Richard,PTE,2876700,Gordon Higlanders
Woodhead, Thomas Bingham,PTE,4860199,
Wright, James Henry,PTE,6141164,
Young, James Robson,DVR,2354834,