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The purpose of this site is to provide a primary source of documentation for all of the Allied prisoners of the Japanese during WWII. Our goal is to determine what each man's unit was at capture then record what camps he was taken to and where he was rescued. Where possible, we will provide rosters of the hell ships, and, if a man perished, where, when and how.

We freely cooperate and welcome links amongst the many dedicated researchers who join us in the great effort.

These POWs were the men sacrificed at the beginning of WWII and their service should never be forgotten.

We honor them... by remembering them.
"Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us.
Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen."
"Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not" ~ Thomas Jefferson
Video: From Independence to Dependency

What's New - recent site additions - many archival documents being added!

NOTE: Wes Injerd's website on the evacuation and relocation of Japanese and their American-born children during WWII is now at Please adjust your links accordingly.

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Roger Mansell Oct. 8, 1935 - Oct. 25, 2010

Roger Mansell
October 8, 1935 - October 25, 2010

Visit website dedicated to Roger Mansell
Research Collection of Roger Mansell, Concerning World War II Prisoners of War, Donated to Hoover Institution Library and Archives

See Roger Mansell in War Stories with Oliver North -- Final Justice: War Crimes Trials of WWII

Read Roger Mansell's book, Captured: The Forgotten Men of Guam. (Book review by Kinue Tokudome

"No one knows you were there unless you tell your story"
--- Roy Livingstone, ex-POW

"Listen attentively, and remember that true tales are meant to be transmitted --- to keep them to oneself is to betray them."
--- Anonymous

Memorial sites can be and are being built to remember our POWs in Japan. The Japanese company employing POW labor at this camp erected a memorial in Sept. 2014. See the Tokyo #13 webpage for more details.

Special: A remarkable tribute to an airman who perished over Rangoon. Take a few moments to understand the loss of a young man to his young widow. She remarried and this is the story of how her son, Matt Poole, unveiled the story.

Roger Mansell at Internet Movie Database

WWII People's War - BBC's archive of reader-contributed POW stories

American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor Museum - Located at the Brooke County Public Library in Wellsburg, WV, this museum has the largest collection of documents, photos, and maps devoted exclusively to the ADBC membership -- view some of these on their Flickr site. See also Philippine Defenders Main Page.

Report on Medical Activities in the Philippines & Japan by Col. Wibb Cooper -- very good history of events prior to & during WWII, including activities at POW camps

Prisoners of War in the Philippine Islands -- Sept. 1944 Military Intelligence Division report on POW and civilian internee camps in the Philippines, with maps and photos

Ten Escape From Tojo by Cmdr. McCoy and Lt. Col. Mellnik - Original report on the escape of 10 POWs from Davao Penal Colony

Office of the Provost Marshal General Report on POWs in the Philippines -- Produced in Nov. 1945, containing much vital info on the major camps in the Philippines, including disease data; with drawings

Research papers by Edward Jackfert, Past National Commander, ADBC:

Legacies of Captivity: Sharing family archives, histories and the post-war impact of health issues, June 9-11, 2017. Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Co-hosted by the Researching FEPOW History Group (RFHG) and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), the 6th international Far Eastern POW History conference will feature panels on: POW camps in Taiwan and Borneo; POW history in film; PTSD and tropical disease; and the post-war aftermath for POWs and their families. Registrations need to be received by mid-September 2016.


Researching FEPOW History Group 2010 Conference with Mansell talk on video

FEPOW 2007 Research Conference- Read Summary Report

FEPOW 2006 POW Research Conference (England)- Read Summary Report.

New Web Page
Singapore Malay Volunteers- learn the history & Units of the Malay Volunteers- fast growing web site

Summary of Singapore & Malay States Volunteers- courtesy of Ron Bridge

Great New Web Site: The story of a young girl, Elizabeth van Kampen, taken captive by the Japanese in Java. A unique story told with pictures and passion. Worth reading.

Interesting story of a
Hollywood star who served in WWII

Student wins
essay contest- state championship- Ron Currens
Read story of his triumph!
Picture with trophy of Ron Currens and his teacher, Mr. David Pinholster
Georgia Council for Social Studies- Web now updated with the 2007 winners.

A Soldier died today- worth reading for a few minutes.

Why China distrusts Japan

Dutch Civilian Camps
in the Netherlands East Indies- Amazing research and information (although in Dutch, translation is easy using "Bablefish") Outstanding research and information by Henk Beekhuis.

East Indies Camp Archives: Camps in the Dutch East Indies (1942-1948) - Excellent website with maps of camps

Victims of Circumstance - The story of the war in Manila and what happened to the civilian internees at Santo Tomas Internment Camp. Be sure to view the trailers and the sound recordings.

Hell Ships Memorial Fund - Subic Bay- A truly worthy cause- creating a monuments to those who perished on the Hell ships.
Hell Ships- short list of major losses based upon Michno's Death on the Hell Ships
Cruise of Death series from Nov. 8, 1945 published in the Chicago Daily News

JAVA Memorial Fund:
Worth a read and definitely worth your contribution. A rare tribute to the Allied and women men captured on Java.

Links of Merit:

Links deemed accurate for research on the POW Experience. Special section on "Myths & Lies"

Rosters: ask for file
Rosters for Combat units & Ships; featuring China Marines, 60th CAC, 59th CA, Wake Marines, 59th CAC, 26th Cav, CPNAB (Civilians on Wake, Guam and the Philippines) and much more

Start your query here!!!

including How to Obtain Medals for POWs

Original rosters found!

Tokyo Camps, Original Rosters (PDF) - contains rosters of many Tokyo camps (all nationalities, camp numbers not listed)

Mansell Database
Jason McDonald has put together this sortable database based on Roger Mansell's massive work.

Abbreviations used on camp reports and rosters

Upcoming POW Events & Reunions
This page maintained by the Descendants Group of the ADBC

Many PDF's for Osaka Camps have been compiled from original archives and placed on Osaka Main Camp webpage.

The Tragedy of Bataan -- A must-see!
TV documentary and radio series on the fall of the Philippines and Bataan Death March. Very interesting excerpts and links.

News Archive at US-Japan Dialogue on POWs

American POWs of Japan blog site -- Lots of good information here; also see this collection of POW-related YouTube videos

Hong Kong War Diary exhibit - Photos showing POWs from Hong Kong at work sites while at Kobe #2

The Artwork of Des Bettany - British POW who was at Changi drew some remarkable art of POW life. Article

Victory From Within: The American Prisoner of War Experience - Keep your eyes on this site where the Andersonville National Historic Site is working on a 1,200 square foot exhibit scheduled for completion in 2011.

Recommended Books:
Recently published books and books recommended that contain valid research, sufficient facts, and dialogue to give a full understanding of the POW experience.

GUAM - Recommended books about the POWS includes reviews.
Bad Books: Books not based on factual historical accounts. Reader beware!

GUAM- The story of the attack and surrender Governor McMillan's report of actions during invasion by Japanese, 8-10 December 1941.
McMillan Interview- Formal Navy Interview, 23 Nov 1945.
Agaña Plaza - Virtual recreation of Agaña Plaza, December 1941. 5 virtual views.
Roster of all Guam personnel. [large text file]
Guam Time Line
Regular updates for deaths of POWs, misc corrections and additions. Time line for POWs from Guam, captured 10 Dec 1941.

Aerial Views of Guam - 1945
plus the USS Ozark unloads first returned POWS

The Guam "Rooster Club"

A tradition that ended, December 7, 1941.
Japan Air - info about WWII air raids against Japan (in both English & Japanese)
B-29 Missions over Japan
Most remembered by POWs

Detail photo of damage, Kobe Bombing Photographs, Kobe, Japan, 5 March 1945

The Ralph Baggett Story
An unusual story of a man who won the Drake Relay Champions watch, only to have it taken by the Japanese. Drake University heard the story and the tale took another twist. ©Copyright 2000-2010, Roger Mansell

First Captured, Last Freed
[RECOMMENDED BOOK] The story of Ed Hale, survivor of the USS Penguin sinking on the first day of the war. Special price for ex-POWs.

Chariots of Fire - Remember the movie? This was the story of the Olympic runner, Eric Liddell. He was interned by the Japanese but died from a brain tumor on 21 Feb 1945. Now, the rest of the story. UPDATE: Statue has been erected in Tianjin, China, in memory of Liddell. Upcoming film on his life entitled The Last Race.
USS Houston- CA-30
Two pictures of USS Houston survivors upon repatriation.
LINK: Houston POW Site
LINK The Lost Battalion - 131st Artillery captured on Java - history & rosters
Vets Home Award Award

In Memory of Roderick Suddaby
(Nov. 14, 1946 - June 26, 2013)

Encouraging POWs to believe
that their stories are worthy of preservation

One of the most significant figures in FEPOW history research in Britain, Roderick (Rod) Suddaby, the former Keeper of the Dept of Documents at the Imperial War Museum (IWM) in London, died last Wednesday (26 June) having been ill for several years.

Roger knew and respected Rod. It was reciprocated, I'm sure. It was at the first FEPOW history research conference, organised by the Researching FEPOW History (RFH) Group, that I believe they met for the first time. This was held in April 2006 at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, home to the FEPOW Memorial building. I had first met Roger three years earlier in Kansas City at the Zentsuji Reunion. He had, like Rod, been a constant support and help to me in my search for more information about Dad's FEPOW experiences (also a Zentsujian as you know) and it was a thrill to have the chance to chat with him. When the idea for the research conference took shape a few years later, Roger was one of the first speakers I invited to present his work. Happily for us all he agreed straightaway.

Rod (and through him the IWM) was a staunch supporter of the work of the RFH Group. He had an encyclopaedic knowledge of British military history and in his later working life in FEPOW history in particular. He believed, like Roger, in sharing what he knew. He was an academic historian, a rigourous researcher who had a phenomenal memory for detail. He also had a wonderful knack of putting many untutored family historians at their ease when confronting for the first time the old silent, high-domed reading room at the IWM in Lambeth Road, South London. Nothing was ever too much trouble you felt, just as he intended. Whenever possible he delighted in being able to put in touch relatives of FEPOW who shared common ground in research. I was one of the many beneficiaries of his care and thoughtfulness.

I am sure that there are many American researchers (and of other nationalities too) that are regular visitors to who will have heard of Rod Suddaby at the IWM in London. His passing is a huge loss to so many of us concerned with FEPOW history research. His contribution has been extraordinary.
--- Meg Parkes, FEPOW researcher and author

* Photo of former POWs, taken at March AFB in the early 1950's. Recognize anyone? Some of these men were at Nagoya #1-B Kamioka.
* Need help identifying individual pictures of 59 men (American?) at Tokyo #8 Hitachi (Motoyama) POW Camp:
Group #1 (1032kb)
Group #2 (998 kb)
Group #3 (995kb)
* Need help identifying these Innoshima HKVDF POW's
* Woosung POW camp sketches - any info on Gurdon Wattles
* Fukuoka #7 Futase medical staff personnel - Dutch perhaps?
* Frank Blazich, Jr. is researching the life of Col. David L. Hardee (Provisional Air Corps Regt.) who was at Davao and Bilibid. Any info would be appreciated. Engravings on Hardee mess kit:
* Three unidentified POW camps here
* George Lord - "short snorter" 10-yen bill
* unknown ship photo
* Photo of Charles Mackenzie and ??? (Sarawak, Borneo)

Do you have documents you would like to share or donate?

We are always more than happy to receive any type of document, digitized or otherwise -- including news clippings, photos, and memoirs -- on Allied POWs. Contact us if you do have something you'd like to share with us. We are especially interested in receiving copies which you may have received from the National Archives. Your information will be of great value to others and save them hours of emails, letters and phone calls, perhaps even a trip to the Archives -- as Roger said, "Share what you have."

The File Bin - an assortment of images and document scans for your perusal

News From the Past
Newspaper and magazine articles about POWs
Latest addition - Story of Navy Nurse Marion Olds, Guam - Zentsuji - Kobe - Gripsholm
We have many articles which need to be transcribed. Can you help?

Paper Lanterns Project - film remembering POWs killed after A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima:
"In the summer of 1945, the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. On August 6th, “Little Boy” was dropped on Hiroshima, and three days later, “Fat Man” was dropped on Nagasaki. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed. What few people know is that 12 American POWs were on the ground in Hiroshima, 1,300 feet from ground zero. Two of the twelve Americans were Normand Brissette of Lowell, Massachusetts, and Ralph Neal, of Corbin, Kentucky." more

Thanksgiving Special:
Finding Our POWs -- The Recovery and Evacuation of POWs from Japan, 1945

YouTube video interviews of Allied POW's

Death Railway Camps:
Names & Mileage - First accurate & complete listing of these horrific camps

The Sounds of War
The Sounds of War includes the audios of famous wartime news broadcasts including Tokyo Rose, Churchill, CBS News, and Tojo announcing the start of war.

Japanese Order to Murder all POWS
Contains Japanese Order to murder all prisoners plus the official authorization for guards to flee and change identities, issued the day of surrender-15 Aug 1945

Text -Surrender speech of Emperor Hirohito- note the dissembling and deceptive nature of his speech. He NEVER said the word surrender to his people.

Zentsuji - Aerial view, photographs, sketches & Location Maps
Rokuroshi Camp
Description, roster, and 27 Liberation Photos. Large File
Hirohata - Aerial Photos taken from B-29 dropping food - 9 Aug 1945. Flag Raising ceremony at Hirohata.
Osaka - Ichioka Stadium and Yokohama Stadium Hospitals.

Wake Island POWs at Zentsuji:
List of the men who arrived from Wake Island to join the Guam POWS.
Source: Courtesy of Professor Gregory Urwin, Temple University.

POW Camps- Japan only- List #1
Alphabetical List of all POW camps in Japan as submitted by Japanese and modified by SCAP office. Some cross references. Many camps are not listed. Also indicates Japanese companies that used POWs as slaves.

Cabanatuan Burial Roster (external link) - On-going research by John Eakin

Osaka Camp List
Japanese submission to MacArthur of exact names and location of each camp under the control of the Osaka POW Camp Command. Many errors.

Reprint from Nippon Newspaper:
Former Allied POWS aid victims of train wreck

For extensive archival data on ethnic Japanese and Japanese Americans in the US, visit Wes Injerd's EO9066 website, The Preservation of a People, dealing with the evacuation and relocation of people of Japanese ancestry during WWII (assembly and relocation centers, internment camps, etc.).

Logo of American Defnders of Bataan & Corregidor
American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor

Bataan Blogspot - Robert Hudson's blog with a multitude of photos and stories (be sure to read his own story)

Defense of Bataan - much history here on the various units on Bataan

The Battle of Bataan - Facebook Group (lots of good data here)

They Shall Not Grow Old... We Shall Remember Them

Webpage Updates:
18 Jan 2011: Otten testimony added (Nagoya #10 Yank roster)
08 Feb 2011: Links for Japan and Asia POW Camp Group Chart & Strengths added above
17 Feb 2011: Chick statement re POW camps in Fukuoka
21 Mar 2011: Info on Michael Menzies updated
24 Mar 2011: Probable first & final POWs captured by Japanese during WWII; Info on Robert Marshall, Rabaul POW
12 Apr 2011: Cooper Report on Medical Activities in the Philippines & Japan; Prisoners of War in the Philippine Islands
16 May 2011: Ten Escape From Tojo (story of escape from Davao Penal Colony, Philippines); Nagoya #5 camp layout and relief supply info
1/28/13: Added data on Baumeister
1/31/13: Sendai #2 camp photos; Omori camp photos; Instone diary here and here
2/1/13: Quartermaster Corps photo at Rokuroshi; more photos added to Sendai #2 and Omori pages
2/2/13: Omine camp addition from Smyth
2/18/13: Hosokura rescue video posted (MP4)
3/5/13: Huston collection PDF's, Futatabi
3/6/13: USNHS Rescue page
4/2/13: Fukuoka #3 Yahata/Kokura affidavits, testimonies and statements
5/7/13: Transfer roster to Naoetsu added to Osaka #13 Tsumori
5/15/13: Photo PDF's and video links for Kanose and Mitsushima camps
5/24/13: Russell Ormseth page; photos of Kamiiso camp; Zentsuji camp regulations and layout; Innoshima photos; 1942 radio broadcast excerpt tribute to USMC
6/7/13: Added more categories for public view to the Pacific POW Roster page
6/12/13: Fukuoka #3 affidavits and testimonies added
6/14/13: Added to Fukuoka #9 Miyata page - affidavits for Nieuweboer, de Vente and Wijnants (Dutch)
6/20/13: Added group photo on Nagoya #1 Kamioka page; Farr deposition (Sendai #3 Hosokura); Podlesny article and photo (Osaka #9 Notogawa)
7/3/13: John "Jack" Rix page (Osaka Chikko); obit news on Suddaby (above)
7/12/13: Leonard Rogers' drawings, Hiroshima #6 Omine; Nagoya #4 Iruka memorial
7/19/13: George Thornton interview (Fukuoka #7 Futase)
7/22/13: Holmes Record of Work booklet and group photos at Hakodate Main Camp (Bibai)
7/23/13: Paul Verdi documents (Arisan Maru)
7/25/13: Photo of memorial at Yokohama Cemetery, urn of ashes of 335 Allied POWs
7/29/13: Fukuoka #3 - Medical logs, all nationality rosters, British roster; Fukuoka #4 - Gale, Horton affidavits
8/2/13: Liberation of POW photos
8/19/13: Recovery Team #56 documents; Carston report on HMS Mata Hari and POW camps
8/21/13: Winnipeg Grenadiers bios of MacPherson and Rix (with chart of C Force movements); Royal Rifleman Wilbur; Tsuneyoshi and Mori trial reviews
8/24/13: George Lord "short snorter" 10-yen bill; unknown ship photo; ID of unknowns at Cabanatuan and Gapan
8/26/13: Affidavits, etc. - Chapman, Cole, Converse, Crumpacker, Ernst, Higashi (Fukuoka #4 Moji); Abe, Hata/Asano/Kita/Nakamura, Kawasaki, Mineno, Nagakura (Fukuoka #3 Kokura)
9/4/13: Research papers by Edward Jackfert (see left column above)
9/6/13: Kanehiro statement re Katayama at Ambon
9/25/13: American National Red Cross POW Bulletins webpage, including Japanese Protocol re treatment of POWs after Bataan
9/27/13: Affidavits - Berkeley, Braye, Burns, Bush (Fukuoka #4 Moji); Moji aerial, map and camp layout images added; info corrected re the three hospitals in the area
10/23/13: The File Bin
11/15/13: Grave site photo and related contributions on McNab (Fukuoka #24 Emukae)
12/2/13: Group photo, Hiroshima #6 Motoyama
12/3/13: Affidavits page additions - Bailey, Baba, Nakamura, Ikeda/Takano/Yagi (Fukuoka #4 Moji)
12/19/13: James Clough collection - Sendai #8 Kosaka
1/6/14: Affidavits page additions - Inoue, Saito, Sakaguchi (Fukuoka #4 Moji)
1/21/14: Photos added to Hiroshima #9 Ohama page
1/29/14: Tsetusuo Wakabayashi Revealed PDF added to Recommended Books
2/15/14: Affidavits page additions - Casteel, Saito/Sakaguchi/Inouye (Fukuoka #4 Moji); Van Allen (Fukuoka #5 Omine)
3/8/14: Hellship diagrams (Oryoku Maru, Enoura Maru, Brazil Maru) from Japanese blueprints
3/17/14: Photos of individual grave markers of British POW's who died at Omi POW Camp
3/18/14: Group photo, Hakodate #1 Muroran/Ashibetsu
3/26/14: Original rosters for Fukuoka camps - 2, 6, 9, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27
3/31/14: Wes Injerd's website "Prisoner of War Camp #1 Fukuoka, Japan" migrated to
4/3/14: MAJOR UPLOADING BEGINS - Archival docs added to Fukuoka #1, #2, #3
4/11/14~: Images and archival docs added to Fukuoka #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #17, #18, #21, #22, #23, #24, #25, #26, #27
5/21/14: Cecil Wood collection (Nagoya #7)
5/22/14: Mansell Database link
5/29/14: Cohorn info, Tokyo #9
6/11/14: British POW photos, Fukuoka #6D, including info re memorial to be built there
6/20/14~: Images and archival docs added to Hiroshima #1 (Zentsuji), #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9
9/30/14~: Images and archival docs added to Nagoya #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11
11/26/14: Finding Our POWs -- The Recovery and Evacuation of POWs from Japan, 1945
12/5/14: Hiroshima #8 (Motoyama) photos
12/23/14: Special files on Louis Zamperini in File Bin
12/31/14: Liberation and evacuation of POWs in Formosa (Taiwan)
1/27/15: George Otter photos, Sendai #9 Sakata
3/19/15: Photo of Charles Mackenzie (Sarawak, Borneo); group photo at HIR-09 Ohama
3/24/15: List of civilian internees at Kiyomizu, Saga; Parsons and McCoy reports PDFs
3/27/15: Atrocities Against Allied POWs
3/30/15: Photo of Omi Memorial, DOCX file
4/3/15: Otero photo collection, Fukuoka #17 Omuta; Barrett story and photos, Zentsuji
4/6/15: Evacuee roster, history and war diary PDFs, USNHS Rescue; Marrison diary, photos, Fukuoka #8 Inatsuki
5/13/15: B-29 crash sites confirmed for Fukuoka #2 and Sendai #1
5/29/15: Photo and text contributions for TOK-13 Omi and HAK-Main (Bibai)
6/1/15: Photo and text contributions for TOK-15 Niigata, including roster PDF
6/2/15: Szczepanski files, Fukuoka #17 Omuta
6/30/15: Rabaul executions re Arthur C. King; Grant Ogden King, Tokyo #5-D
7/1/15: Assorted images for camps, large Bataan map, Philippines Camps
7/6/15: Newly found data on camp strengths for Japan and Asian camps
7/11/15: Many original documents added to Finding Our POWs
7/31/15: Many images compiled into PDF's for Osaka Camps and placed on Osaka Main Camp webpage
8/4/15~: Images and archival docs added to Osaka #1, Ichioka Hospital, #2, #3, #3-D, #4, #5,
10/2/15: Dutch memoir by van Goor, Fukuoka #2
10/5/15: Google Earth Placemark links updated on Camp Group Chart
10/30/15: Wes Injerd's website on the evacuation and relocation of Japanese Americans migrated to
11/2/15: Dwight Rider's book Hog Wild (PDF) added to File Bin
11/4/15: Archival documents and photos added to Fukuoka #18 (Sasebo)
11/7/15: Newly-found rosters for all Fukuoka camps
11/10/15: More statistics from US and Japan Archives
3/17/16: Special page on Sasebo history
3/25/16: POW Camp Conditions on the Asiatic Mainland
4/19/16: Kengun Airfield clarified (first location of Fukuoka #1)
5/14/16: Asst. files added for Tokyo #1-D
5/19/16: Paper Lanterns Project link
5/24/16: Tokyo #9 Ashio updated
7/5/16: Photos and text added for Negishi racetrack camp
7/26/16: Tokyo Camps, original rosters, all nationalities
1/2/17: PDF's added to Taiwan documents page
1/9/17: Sasebo occupation info, PDF

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