Partial Roster from diary
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Source: Vern Holm, son of POW Holger L. Holm, Pfc., New Hartford, Iowa.

Roster from his father's diary. Father was taken to Japan aboard the Canadian Inventor from Manila on 3 July 1943. Arrived in Moji and transferred to Funatsu. This is his partial listing: ok- survived the war d- died in captivity p- probably NOT in Funatsu. Indicates man was on Palawan. I believe the part of the list ending here is the end of the roster of Chicago Battery, 60th Coast Artillery on Corregidor. I believe that the following names were from later in the war (Palawan, Canadian Inventor, Funatsu). The reason I believe this is that there are several blank pages prior to the start of this next section AND because the name "Jimmie Gutierrez" is one of the early entries and I know that Jimmie (real name is Jesus) was with my father at Funatsu.

At end of list are three names with "-p" after their names. They were murdered at Palawan and were definitely not at Funatsu.
There are some British/Australians, etc. and they would have been at Funatsu.

Following names are added by Roger Mansell based upon communication with other survivors or descendents:

Hansen, Richard Cleveland
American, Navy WO 4. Born:Sept 23, 1919 Died June 6, 1997
nfo from daughter Katy McGehee, 20 Jun 2003

Peterson, Magnor A. "Pete" [external link]
TSgt, USAAC, ASN:19050521

Pfc Holger L. Holm
[writer of diary]
New Hartford, Iowa
Battery C, 60th CA

Pvt John Czako
Rt. 3 c/o Oliver Hansen
Iowa Falls, Ia.

Pfc Charles E. Van
6000 South Albany
Chicago, Ill.

Doris Stevens -ok
15914 Lahser Rd.
Detroit, Mich.

Ira Wallace
Rt. 2
Leonard, Tex.

Pfc. Galen L. Martin -ok
Alexandria, Nebr.

Cpl. Earnest McIntosh -ok
Nettleton, Mo.

Loyd R. Dinneen (birthdate is 12/10)
8168 Elizabeth Ave.
Southgate, Calif.

Borrego "Jimmy" Gutierrez (birthdate is 4/25 25 April 1921 per Bataan Corregidor Memorial, New Mexico- email of 10 May 2002. His brother Jose was rescued at Omori)
501 South Diamond
Deming, N. Mex.

John MacAdoff (birthdate is 1/1)
Box 217
P.O. Booth
Morgantown, W. Va.

Earl Cunningham
1432 S. Marston St.
Philadelphia, Pa.

Cpl Andrew R. Gibbs -d
1010 E. 27th St.
Kansas City, Mo.

Cpl Artie Bressi
360 Melrose St.
Marion Heights
Keiser, Pa.

Thomas O. Crawford
Rt. 2 Box 22
Nacadotias (sp!), Tex.

Cpl. Johnnie M. Lee -d
Shelbyville, Tex.

Vernon Palmer (birthdate is 3 Oct 1913)
Corrected per daughter, 15 Jun 2002
Hall Summit, Louisiana

LeeRoy Priest (birthdate is 8/5)
1757 Willmore Drive
Charlotte, NC

Donald G. Roulett (birthdate is 5/25)
29-15 146th St.
Flushing, N.Y.

Paul Mitchell
Rt. 1
Charlotte, Tenn.

J. D. Salters
Megreet, La.

Russell H. Larkin
1021 E. State St.
Algona, Ia.

Charles Blackmer -ok
Rt. 2
St. Charles, Mich.

Cpl C. C. Moore
Divide, Wyo.

Dale Minger -ok
Wadina (Wadena), Ia.

Pfc Thorvald Thompson -ok
Wadina (Wadena), Ia.

Pvt. Ted Kemph -ok
927 5th Ave.
Havre, Mont.

Fairey Hires
Rt. 3
Waltersboro, South Carolina

James E. Madden
565 W. 73 St.
New York, N.Y.

Evan D. Johnson
Ward, Alabama

Elra Thomas
1945 Texas Avenue
Lubbock, Texas

Clarence Anderson Freeman (birthdate is 9/2)
Gallatin, Tennessee

Fred V. Moffett
2411 4th Ave.
Moline, Ill.
Raymond Ison -ok
Ashland, Ky.

Pvt Thomas F. Richards -ok
Arthur St.
Lewisburg, Tenn.

Pvt. Peter Glowacki
2077 So. 30th St.
Milwaukee, Wis.

Sgt. Frank M. McGowan

Sgt. Herbert J. Aschenbrenner
4734 N. Kilbourn Ave.
Chicago, Ill.

Charles Welch
Wynne, Arkansas

Albert M. Conerly
Bailey Ave.
Jackson, Miss.

Steve P. Kaminski
1539 Murtle Ave.
Whit..., Ind.

Cpl. Orland O. Morris
Box 4
Warren, Idaho

F. I. McGuire -ok
20 Glenwood Ave.
Tooele City, Utah

Pvt. Fred A. Ludwig -ok
c/o Mrs. Ben Ludwig
Box 16D
Salida, Colo.

Pvt. Mike Ryan -ok
Eckert, Colo.

Capt. Wayne E. Liles
605 Avant Ave.
Clinton, Okla.

Pvt Peter E. Wannebo -ok
Box 206, Rt. 13
Portland, Oreg.

Pvt. Lawrence G. Tyler
Box 465
Atascadero, Calif.

Bill Ditch
Grundy Center, Ia.

Albert L. Corn (Carn?) -ok
Rt. 1 c/o Earl Lamb
Anherst, Tex.

Joseph E. Brewer, Jr.
Independence, Mo.

James Wright (birthdate is 12/20)
12 Archer House
Vicarage Cress
Battersea, London, England

E. J. Price (birthdate is 4/25)
Bright, Victoria, Australia

J. R. Young (birthdate is 10/2)
4 Cockville St.
Huntington Rd.
York City, Yorkshire, England

Glenn Rigsdon (sp?)
1415 Liberty St.
Jacksonville, Fla.

Gerald G. Slump -ok
Clarinda, Ia.

Simon Marchonis
171 Hampshire St.
Lawrence, Mass.

Capt. C. C. Foster
717 Cherry St.
Grand Forks, N. Dak.

John C. Strader (birthdate is 10/27)
Box 263
Carthage, Mo.

Harold A. Smith
13 Edummuond (sp?) St.
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Pvt Ted E. Vitatoe -p
2208 Long St.
Chattanooga, Tenn

Pvt Joseph P. Henderson -p
1247 W. 109th St.
Los Angeles, Calif.

Cpl Robert A. Adkins -p
17-N Maine St.
Greenville, S.C.