Funatsu POW Camp

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This photo is a group photo taken by the Japanese at Nagoya Camp #3 (Funatsu) on August 22, 1945. My father is seated 4th from the right in the front row. He was shipped to Japan aboard the Canadian Inventor arriving in September 1944. There are 112 men in this picture, most likely all American. Now contains a complete index of names!

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These photos are courtesy of Vern Holm.

H. Holger Holm
Vern Holm - His father, Holger L. Holm, [picture Christmas, 1941] New Hartford, Iowa, was a Pfc with Chicago Battery, 60th Coast Artillery (Anti-Aircraft) stationed on Corregidor. He was at Funatsu from 9/4/44 through 9/6/45 after having previously been at Bilibid, P.I.,Cabanatuan #3, P.I., and at Palawan, P.I.
Holger Holm was awarded the Silver Star with two (2) Oak Leaf Clusters
The inside front cover of my dad's notebook. The cover was canvas stitched over a flattened out tin can (sardines?). Dad put his name and address in the metal of the can with a nail and a rock. Who knows where he came up with the colored pencils to do the flag. The pencil stub in the little loop is the original pencil he had at Funatsu.
This is one of many pages in the notebook devoted to names and addresses of acquaintances during dad's imprisonment. Thorvald (Tobe) Thompson was a longtime friend of my father's. He operated a television sales/service shop in Waterloo, Iowa (just 30 miles from where my parents lived). Another close friend listed on this page is Dale Minger from Wadina (actually it is spelled Wadena), Iowa. My middle name is Dale and you can guess where that originated from.
This is the next page of my father's notebook. He grew up on a farm outside New Hartford, Iowa. His parents were immigrants from Denmark and he attended a 1-room country school which was conducted in Dane (as were church services). My dad had to learn English in order to attend high school in New Hartford (notice is spelling of British")!
This is a photo of the liner USS Republic. My father sailed on this ship from San Francisco in late March/early April on his way to Corregidor.

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