Toyama POW Camp
Nagoya #7B

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TOYAMA-ken, TOYAMA-shi, SHIMOSHIN-machi, No. 50 Banchi
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Time Line:
Most men transferred here from Yokkaichi according to the report of Lt Col Guy H. Stubbs, Inf, Luzon Hq.
28 May 1945: Established as Nagoya 7-B
5 Sep 1945: Rescue Effected

Images- Absolutely worth viewing the entire collection of pictures

Interview of Abe Sabbatini- 440th Ord, captured on Mindanao. Most likely came up on the Hokusen Maru &/or Melbourne Maru via Taiwan
Scrap Metal smelter

Rescue Roster:
NARA Archives File No 3151-4- Recovery Team #53- Americans only at this camp - 150 known to have come over from Nagoya 5B Yokkaichi POW camp that manufactured sulphuric acid

Investigation (Post war) of camp by 1st Lt. Joseph G. Breaune and 1st Lt Richard H. Wills Jr. for the SCAP Legal Division.

Bombing Report: injury report plus report of guard abuses for Legal Div, SCAP, War Crimes investigations

Investigation of signed affidavit (appeal for clemency) for Camp Commander Shoichi NEGISHI by Lt. Col Stubbs; cites Negishi's care of POWS.

Known Deaths:
Uckerman, Clifton S. died 45.06.25 per diary of Nathan Peery
Death rosters for all Nagoya camps

Caution: In the compilation by Wes Injerd, the men from Yokkaichi (formerly Osaka 17] were sent to Nagoya #5B. There were 4-5 camps all known by the POWS simply as "Toyama".
Lt. Col Stubbs clearly identifies this as being Camp No. 7 and he is listed on the camp rescue roster "Toyama." It is his list that identifes the deceased at Yokkaichi.