Hoten POW Camp
(Mukden, China)

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The Mukden camp was located on the outskirts of the city and consisted of three additional and separate factories where the men were used as slaves:

Camp One: a tannery using approximately150 plus men at all times
Camp Two: A textile factory
Camp Three: Combination steel and lumber mill

Shenyang WW2 Allied Prisoners Camp Site Museum (satellite map)

Camp Reports - Mukden Temp Camp and Hoten Camp

Excellent website - Mukden Prisoner Of War Remembrance Society -- NOTE: This link no longer active; awaiting update.

Misc. NARA Documents
POW roster
Evacuation Rosters (from Russians)
MUKDEN Civilians, POW deaths (RG 407 Box 190)
Folder 4: Information on Prisoner of War and Civilian Internee Camps, Civilian Internees, Mukden, Manchukuo. May, 1945 - Japan, Chosen, China. British, Canadian, American, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian, Australian, New Zealanders, South African, Palestinian, Belgian, Iranian, Indian, Chinese, Cuban, Panamanian, Uruguayan, Costa Rican and other civilians.
Folders 10, 11: Mukden POW Camp - November 1942 to April 1945. Death List of Allied Personnel - American, British POWs.
POW payrolls and deposits HOTEN (RG 331 Box 3959 - includes transfers from Taiwan and Fukuoka camps; wage accounts
Headquarters Camp Hoten, Mukden, Manchuria and Basic Letters (Rosters). Roster of American enlisted men and officers of Signal Air Warning Co.; 429th Signal Maintenance Co. (Aviation)
Folder 7: Name List Hoten POW Camp - November 1, 1944.
Includes American officers, chief warrant officers and enlisted men, British officers, chief warrant officers, non-commissioned officers, privates and civilians. Australian officers and enlisted men, Canadian officers and Dutch officers, chief warrant officers, non-commissioned officers, privates & civilians.

Colonel Edmund J. Lilly, Jr. P.O.W. papers - includes diary from Dec. 1943 to Apr. 1945 and many other notebooks of asst. information

The death of William Frising during evacuation
Chronology (Timeline) of events related to Mukden POW Camp- special thanks to Cynthia B. Caples, Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Consulate, Shenyang
Rescue Report - Time line and notes regarding the actual rescue
Book by Arthur Christie - Story of British POW
Additional Research by Netherlands researcher, John Slootmaekers regarding Intl Red Cross Committee records:
(letter IRCC 19 June 1944) - Col. Genji Matsuda was Camp Commandant
Visit on 6 December 1944 by IRCC (letter IRCC 25-5-1945)