Fukuoka-27 Tagawa
Tadakuma (Sumitomo)

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Source: RG 331 Box 927
Scans courtesy of D. Rider; camp data and location per research of Wes Injerd

Fukuoka 27-B Tagawa
(Mitsui Kozan Tagawa Kogyo-sho)
Fukuoka-ken, Tagawa-gun, Aza Nara
Location: Fukuoka Branch Camp #27 was located near the hospital of the Mitsui Tagawa Coal Mine in Gotoji, Kyushu, Japan. Opened in May 1944. When closed, camp had 398 POWS, 81 being Americans.
Map     Satellite view (Google)

10 May 1945:
Camp established
12 May 1945: Americans arrive from Osaka 5D Yodogawa
** July 1945: Severe beating of three Americans: Spizzario and Sgt Wilson
17 Aug 1945: Camp Terminated- men moved to Fuk-22 Honami for clearance
5 Sep 1945: Rescue team arrives
11 Sep 1945: Final rescue effected; entrained for Yokohama
Slave Labor:
Men were first used to build barracks for a new camp. This project was not finished. In July, men assigned to mining coal.

Hell Ships: Men arrived from prior camps

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