Fukuoka #23
Keisen (Hirayama)

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Fukuoka 23 Branch Camp
FUKUOKA-ken, KAHO-gun, KEISEN-machi
Source: Chart of Camps

4 Aug 1944: Camp opened and established as Branch #23
Sept 1945: Rescue effected

Photographs of Coal mine by Japanese Kyushu Mine History Society. Excellent images.

Aerial view

Postcard from Wesley Wood Wilson - Front Back (courtesy of Dee La Garde):
"My father was captured on Corregidor. His story is a bit unusual as he was a USN sailor on shore duty stationed on the USS Mary-Anne. The boat was a pleasure craft that was taken by the USN. My father was a USN signalman and it was his duty along with three other sailors to keep the pass between Corregidor and Bataan clear of mines. Of course that did not go well. He was shipped to Bilibid and then transferred to Cabanatuan. On 5 August 1944 his hellship, Nissyo Maru, landed in Japan. He was interned in Keisen #23. I recently found the scrapbook my grandmother kept. It has his original letters, the message from USN that he was missing and again that he was a POW. There are 3 Red Cross postcards from Daddy while he was a POW."
POWS used as slaves in coal mine

Hell Ship:
POW's arrived approximate 5 Aug 1944 from the Nissyo Maru. Camp opened specifically for POW labor. Some Wake civilians were transferred here at same time from other camps in Japan.

All Americans- 6 Officers, 168 Enlisted and 20 Civilians. Total of 194 men. Original roster

Death_Certificates.pdf - Jacks, James; Bender, George; Huskell, Jannese; Fichtenmeyer (Huitittin Meyer), Fred; Steck, Rudolph (original documents)

Japanese Staff:
Ando, Tetsuo - Medical Orderly- tried for war crimes. Sentenced to 5 years hard labor.
Odeishi, Shigemaru, Medical Orderly - tried for war crimes at Fukuoka POW Camp 23. Sentenced to 10 years hard labor.

The Harry V. Johnson Story.pdf - Johnson was with the 27th Pursuit Sqdn on Bataan. Article courtesy of The Heritage of Vermilion County, Illinois, Autumn 1982.