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Summary of our notes from the NARA files related to this camp:

RG389- Stack area 290 Row 34 Compartment 18-19 Shelf 5-1
Box: 2123
Fukuoka #3 Yawata file-
Numerous affidavits
Lt Col Prickett, USMC- his detail arrived in Moji, 29 Jan 45- sent by rail cars to Fuku #3- arrived 10:30 am- says camp first opened in 1942 by Brit & Indian soldiers from Singapore. Prickett detail was 100 men (97 officer & 3 em) departed on 24 Apr 1945, joined another group to make 500 men- sent to Fusan Korea-264 men remained in Korea, 236 sent on to Mukden, arriving 29 Mar. Liberated 16 Oct 1945 (noon)

Affidavit: Joe A. Bayok, Wake men arrived 23 Sep 1942- moved to Tobata 15 Dec 1943
List of men who died in his group that departed China with him:
Riffle, John- 21 Dec 1942- malnutrition & dysentery
Pfost, Orlie- 6 Sep 1943- Leukemia and malnutrition
Howard, Ray- died 26 Sep 1943 of beriberi- forced to work although could only drag himself on ground
Anderson, Eric- died 2 Jan 1944- malnutrition Normal wgt 210- wgt at death 110
McCulley- died 17 Jan 1944- malnutrition
Leahy, Larry- died 11 Apr 1944- pneumonia a result of kneeling in slushy snow. Caught with more than 5 yen in his possession- he was collecting money for Jap doctor who was selling vitamin pills to POWs.
Selleseth, Oscar- died 6 May 1944 malnutrition
Davis, Kenneth- died 9 Oct 1944- pneumonia and malnutrition

Affidavit: Major James D. Richardson, (CE) [A Co, 803rd Eng Bnm Aviation]
- states best source of info was a Marine Peking Embassy guard, Cpl Jasper F. Dawson, Butte MT- further states that of the approx 100 officers who arrived 29 Jan 45, some 24 died in the 11 weeks he was there- most as a result of the hell ship voyage

Affidavit: C.K. Britt
Left Takao 11 Jan 45- arrived Moji approx Jan 30th sent to Fuk 3 with officer group
Notes that in May 45, generals and high ranks came into Mukden from "a camp further north" except for Wainwright and some other higher-up generals

Map sketch by Cmd Herbert A. Markowitz- excellent description of camp movements and confusion as to location with map!
Scanned as: fuku_3_location_map.tif/text also
Has complete roster of dead in file "Pase" diary
Tobata detail map with location of plant, stacks and shoreline by SSgt Eschol E. Davis, USMC

Affidavit of Capt William A. Blueher states on B-29 raid of 8 Aug killed one man and another had arm blown off. also includes list of jap officials:
Major Y. Rikitake- CO
Sgt Majo Kita
Sgt Kawasaki- payroll & commissary
Cp Nagakura- stores & clothing
Lt Hata - camp doctor
Lt Ogami - camp doctor
Pvt Fukuda- medical orderly
Mr. Manino- civ guard
Mr Osana- civ interpreter
All above very brutal- continuous beatings