Hiroshima POW Camp #3-B
Tamano, Okayama

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Hiroshima #3-B Tamano
(MITSUI KOZAN) [Shipyard]
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01 June 1945: Camp established as Hiroshima Branch #3
Sep 1945: Rescue effected
Hibi refinery, Mitsui Mining Co.; shipyard repairs and stevedore work
Most of the British Artillery men, ex Malaya, arrived after slavery on the Death Railway. Dates and ships not determined yet. The men were transported to Osaka and slaved at Amagasaki. The Hong Kong men also appear to have been in Amagasaki prior to this camp.

British Rescue Roster: (200 British)
Original (Record Group 407, Box 102)
Roster Aug. 15, 1945 (RG 389 Box 2070)
XLS Spreadsheet: includes additional information
Deceased: None recorded at this camp

Rosters for all Hiroshima camps (PDF)

George Lord, Royal Corps of Signals - short snorter 10-yen bill (courtesy of Paul Roales): "I bought a 'short snorter' on Ebay, signed by a British POW, and says: 'G Lord SSgt R Signals BSM Dominion Royal Artillery POW.' I attach my summary of George Lord."