Hiroshima #9
Ohama POW Camp
Australian POWs

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Research and authenication courtesy of noted historian and former POW,Neil MacPherson, Perth, Australia AND Kathleen Booth, daughter of Gunner Henry "Harry" Hamer.


- Ex Rashin Maru arrived 8 Sept 1944

Bathurst, Ronald Stewart,Col,NX59687,2/19 Bn,44.10.27,Acute colitis beri beri pellagra
Craig, Douglas Andrew Love,Pte,NX35512,2/19th *,44.11.07,Beatings (septicemia) and acute pneumonia
Dunn, John Makinnon,L/Cpl,SX7619,2/3 MG,44.09.14,Cerebral Malaria (Japs say acute meningitis)
Nightingale, Howard,Pte,SX9755,2/3 MG,44.10.03,suffocation and cervical fracture - Air Raid Shelter collapsed during construction

NAME, RANK, ASN, Unit, Honours
(*) - transferred out before rescue
Red- rescue camp not confirmed as Hiro-09
Abbott, Horace Hilton ,CPO,18818,HMAS Perth [Distinguished Service Medal]
Acheson, George Leslie Frazer,Sgt,TX3189,2/3 MG
Ainsworth, Colin William Danks,Pte,SX5386,2/3 MG
Ainsworth, Owen Lionel,Pte,SX5776,2/3 MG
Allanson, R.T.,Pte,SX7427,2/3 MG
Applebee, E.F.,Pte,SX6350,2/3 MG
Arnott, L.A.,Pte,VX25704,2/3 MG
Ashman, H.S.,Pte,TX3048,2/3 MG
Bateman, V.J.,Pte,WX9733,2/3 MG
Beare, R.E.,Pte,SX7745,2/3 MG
Bell, G.C.,Pte,VX45610,2/3 MG
Binstead, F.J.,Pte,WX9824,2/3 MG
Bloomfield, E.O.,Pte,WX11993,2/3 MG
Bolger, J.R.,Pte , NX68408,2/3 Mtr Amb
Bonser, G.J.,Pte,WX10361,2/3 MG
Boys, Henry Frederick,L/Cpl,TX3902,2CCS * [British Empire Medal]
Brennan, D.J.,Capt,NX71022,2/3 Mtr Amb *
Brock, Harold George,L/Cpl,WX7205,2/3 MG
Carter, Douglas Newington Hunter,Sgt,WX8240,2/4 MG
Charmicael, K.L.,Pte,SX11961,2/3 MG
Chilcott, W.,L/Cpl,TX5738,2/40th *
Child, L.,Pte,VX35570,4 Anti Tnk*
Cili, F.U.,Sgt,WX9812,2/3 MG
Cramm, D.C.,Pte,SX9724,2/3 MG
Croxton, L.R.,Pte,SX10378,2/3 MG
Cunningham, N.,Pte,WX2628,2/3 MG
Danger, H.A.,Sgt,VX46510,2/3 MG
Dare, E.J.,Pte,TX2920,2/3 MG
Davies, W.R.M.,Pte,VX26871,2/3 MG
Deacon, W.E.,Pte,QX3499,2/10 Fld Art *
Doody, D.J.,Cpl,VX43935,2/3 MG
Eckerman, K. E.,Pte,WX2809,2/3 MG
Edwards, N.P.,Pte, TX5182,2/3 MG
Ellis, R.J.,Pte,SX9442,2/3 MG
Fagan, J.R.P.,Pte,SX6730,2/3 MG
Fewkes, A.J.,Pte,TX4030,2/40th *
Flanagan, A.H.,Pte,TX3361,2/3 MG
Flanagan, K.A.,Pte,WX2845,2/3 MG
Ford, M.H.,Pte,SX11408,2/3 MG
Galliott, P.K.,Pte,WX12085,2/3 MG
Gamble, A.,L/Cpl,VX48137,2/3 MG
Gardiner, A.A.,Pte,SX1891,2/3 MG
Gebhardt, K.H.,Pte,SX8805,2/3 MG
Glasson, R.L.,Pte,SX9540,2/3 MG
Gobbie, H.R.,Pte,SX9195,2/3 MG
Golding, L.J.,Pte,S8697,2/3 MG
Grant, A.,Pte,VX3653,2/3 MG
Griffith, L.E.,L/Cpl,WX4132,2/3 MG
Hamilton, G.F.,Lt,QX19115,3 Res MT *
Hampage, T.W.,Pte,WX4118,2/3 MG
Hancock, A.J.,Pte,VX24386,2/3 MG
Hands, D.J.,Pte,SX9852,2/3 MG
Hands, J.L. ,Capt,WX3335,2/3 MG
Hannagan, C.J.,Pte,SX5941,2/3 MG
Hansen, C.,Pte,WX2796,2/3 MG
Harris, D.J.,Pte,SX11617,2/3 MG
Haskell, W.J.B.,Pte,WX3279,2/3 MG
Hayes, C.A.,Pte,NX72981,2/3 Mtr Amb *
Hearne, P.,Cpl,SX6006,2/3 MG
Heath, A.J.C.,Pte,SX6857,2/3 MG
Heriot, G.,Pte,VX26502,2/3 MG
Herley, G.N.,Pte,WX7754,2/3 MG
Hobson, C.W.,Pte,TX2312,2/3 MG
Holder, H.G.,Cpl,WX14448,2/1 Hvy Bty *
Holmes, Gordon Maurice Robert,Pte,NX33584,2/19th *
Howie, H.J.,Pte,SX7351,2/3 MG
Hugall, H.A.,Pte,WX3292,2/3 MG
Humpage, T.W. (Sam),Pte,WX4118,2/3MG
James, R.C.,Pte,SX7010,2/3 MG
Jetson, R.L.,Pte,TX4757,2/40th *
John, H.G.,Pte,SX8406,2/3 MG
Johnson, Gervase Clifford,Pte,WX5300,2/3 MG
Jones, L.R.J.,Pte,TX2333,2/3 MG
Keatch, S.,Pte,NX69565,2/3Mtr Amb *
Kebblewhite, A.J.,Pte,TX2437,2/3 MG
Knight, H.F.,Pte,17467,HMAS Perth *
Lamprill, J.M.,Pte,TX2584,2/3 MG
Linaker, C.A.,Pte,WX4087,2/3 MG
Lonsdale, W.J.,A.B.,WX4081,2/3 MG
Lyall, W.B.,Pte,TX3719,2/3 MG
Lyons, J.D.,Pte,SX9794,2/3 MG
Martin, H.W.,Pte,WX7769,2/3 MG
McBride, M.J.,Pte,WX12474,2/3 MG
McDanniell, A.A.,Pte,WX3179,2/3 MG
McDonald, D.,Pte,WX7044,2/3 MG
McDonald, G.S.J.,Pte,WX9911,2/3 MG
McGee, M.L.,Pte,SX4827,2/3 MG
McGowan, J.P.,Pte,TX4796,2/3 MG
McHale, R.M.,Pte,VX34485,2/3 MG
McKerrow, W.,Sgt,VX43881,2/3 MG
McNamara, J.M.,Pte,SX6585,2/3 MG
McWilliams, R.J.,Gnr,TX3652,2/3 MG
Meers, C.H.,Pte,WX4136,2/3 MG
Middleton, A.M.,Pte,WX4082,2/3 MG
Miles, R.V.,L/Cpl,TX3058,2/3 MG
Monks, R.J.,Pte,TX2041,2/3 MG
Monks, W.S.,Pte,WX2624,2/3 MG
Motteram, D.S.,Pte,SX7241,2/3 MG
Muir, R.L.,Pte,SX9047,2/3 MG
Mullins, C.J.V.,Pte,VX26121,2/3 MG
Newman, J.A.,Sgt,VX20873,2/3 MG
Newman, J.A.,Pte,VX38230,2/3 MG
Newton, R.W.J. (Reg),Capt,NX34734,2/19th *
Nilson, H.W.,Pte,SX8679,2/3 MG
Noble, D.W.,Pte,NX 29688,8 Div Sigs *
Paige, G.A.M.,Pte,SX10210,2/3 MG
Parkin, Charles Owen,Cpl,WX2844,2/3 MG
Parkin, Ray E.,P.O.,19127,HMAS Perth *
Peters, J.,Pte,SX4499,2/3 MG
Piesse, M.C.,Pte,WX4124,2/3 MG
Platt, A.H.,Pte,WX10753,2/3 MG
Poulton, B.P.,Sgt,WX9764,2/4 MG *
Priestly, C.W.,Sgt,TX2419,2/3 MG
Prosser, H.G.,WO11,SX5757,2/3 MG
Prosser, L.V.C.,Pte,SX5758,2/3 MG
Purss, E.F.,Pte,VX42349,2/3 MG
Radbone, H.D.,Pte,SX7991,2/3 MG
Radcliffe, A.G.,Cpl,VX43868,2/3 MG
Ranford, G.M.,Pte,SX6865,2/3 MG
Read, Evelyn Frederick,S/Sgt,NX69250,2/3 Mtr Amb *
Redman, E.F.,Pte,VX26356,2/3 MG
Reed, W.C.,Pte,VX45894,2/3 MG
Reeves, F.S.,Pte,SX6137,2/3 MG
Roberts, D.J.,Spr,WX6698,2/3 MG
Roberts, E.A.,Pte,WX4083,2/3 MG
Robins, I.W.,Cpl,VX26338,2/3 MG
Rockcliffe, A.G.,Sgt,TX3750,2/3 MG
Roediger, C.E.,Pte,WX15696,2/3 MG
Roediger, E.H.R.,Pte,WX10710,2/3 MG
Saleeba, E.W.,Pte,WX2620,2/3 MG
Sayer, B.E.,Pte,TX3992,2/3 MG
Schmelzkoph, P.V.,Pte,TX9299,2/3 MG
Shea, Charles.L.,Pte,SX5426,2/3 MG
Shepperd, J.G.,Pte,TX3008,2/3 MG
Shoobridge, R.M.,Pte,TX4281,2/3 Mtr Amb *
Simons, T.H.,Pte,SX6455,2/3 MG
Slattery, P.J.,Cpl,SX5851,2/3 MG
Smith, R.J.,Pte,SX6589,2/3 MG
Smith, L.R.W.,Pte,SX9300,2/3 MG
Smith, H.F.,Lieut,NX26427,2/3 Mtr Amb *
Smythe, P.J. Not on 54,Pte,VX25701,2/3 MG
Snow, H.A.,Pte,SX5627,2/3 MG
Stevens, H.,Pte,WX12088,2/3 MG
Stevens, N.W.,Pte,SX6697,2/3 MG
Stringer, P.E,Pte,SX9012,2/3 MG
Swinton, R.,Cpl,NX69229,2/3 MAC
Tarne, J.,Pte,SX12013,2/3 MG
Thatcher, E.R.,P.O.,SX9590,2/3 MG
Thomas, J.R.,Pte,SX6327,2/3 MG
Thompson, D.,Pte,WX10707,2/3 MG
Thorpe, W.A.,Pte,SX6959,2/3 MG
Threlfall, T.F.,Pte,SX5523,2/3 MG
Todd, C.S.,L/Sgt,SX5754,2/3 MG
Trigwell, C.W.,Sgt,WX4110,2/3 MG
Turner, M.R.,Capt,SX9467,2/3 MG
Twaddle, R.J.,Pte,VX47410,2/3 MG
Walker, A.L.,L/Cpl,WX16370,2/4 MG *
Walker, C.L.,Pte,WX8390,2/3 MG
Walter, R.C.,L/Cpl,SX4989,2/3 MG
Warne, R.G.,Pte,WX4099,2/3 MG
Watkins, R.C. (Cyril) Not 54,Pte,NX91838,2/3 MG
Webster, P.,Sgt,VX24434,2/3 MG
Wells, A.R.,WO11,TX3656,2/40th *
Weston, P.,Pte,WX10695,2/3 MG
Whelan, A.,Pte,TX2522,2/3 MG
Whittle, G.W.P.,L/Cpl,VX41128,2/3 MG
Wilson, S.O.,Pte,SX9902,2/3 MG
Withnell, K.J.,Pte,WX2797,2/3 MG
Worth, A.,Cp,WX7440,2/4 MG *