Samuel McMillan Jr

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Source: RG 331 Box 930

Sept 12, 1945

I, Samuel Mc Millan Jr., ASN O-815739, of 61 Keeney Ave, West Hartford Conn., serving in the grade of 2nd Lt with the 26th Fighter Sqdn, 51st Gp., 14th A.F., USA armed forces at the time of my capture on Jan 16, 1945 at North of Hankow, China, do hereby depose and say:

1. Japanese prisons, camps or hospitals in which I was confined are as follows:
Name or Location Date Japanese Commander
Jail- North of Hankow China 16 Jan 45 to 19 Jan 45
Jail- Hankow China 20 Jan 45 to 23 Jan 45
Jail- Nanking China 27 Jan 45 to 13 Feb 45
Jail- Hankow China 14 Feb 45 to 16 Mar 45
Nanking China 16 Mar 45 to 15 Apr 45
Shanghai POW Camp 15 Apr 45 to 9 May 45
Peking POW Camp 14 May 45 to 19 Jun 45
Sapporo Hokkaido 7 Jul 45 to 12 Sep 45 Major Miki

2. Conditions in each camp, hospital or prison with respect to food, medical care, clothing, sanitation and required work were as follows:

[I] lived on a starvation diet, no medical care, clothes or sanitation. Had body lice to such an extent that they were literally eating me alive. [I] was not allowed any water at all for three months. At times, no blankets were supplied for warmth in freezing weather.

3. I have personal knowledge of killings, torture, beatings, other cruelties (including starvation) or improper punishments as follows:
Name of victim Date Place *Japanese Perpetrator
1 Samuel McMillan Jr 16 Jan 1945 Airfield North of Hankow China Capt. In charge of Post
2 Samuel McMillan Jr 14 Feb 1945 Jail in center of city - Hankow Commander in charge of Hankow Airfield
3 Samuel McMillan Jr 16 Mar 1945 Jail outskirts of city - Nanking Commander in charge of Nanking area
4 Samuel McMillan Jr 7 Jul 1945 Sapporo Hokkaido Major Miki

*Mc Millan Note- Commander in charge of Hankow and Nanking did not do the actual beatings but they were given by the personnel under their command who were in charge of me at the time. Unfortunately, I couldn't swear to their names.

Brief description of each atrocity:

1. Received such severe beatings that I was unable to remember hardly anything for three days. Was stripped of all clothing except underwear in zero weather, was tied up in such a brutal fashion that I lost all movement of my hands.
2. Received more beatings and was only fed twice a day on [sic] dough and water. Had only two blankets in zero weather.
3. Was given very little to eat and no medical treatment.

I was in a very bad way with body lice until I reached Shanghai and was given no treatment for it until then. I received lacerations of the scalp and cuts about the face and mouth from the beatings. Also had huge bruises on my body from brutal kickings. Had large sores on hips from laying on jail floors.

/S/ Samuel McMillan Jr.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 12th day of Sept, 1945 at Sapporo, Hakkido
/S/ ? Sterling, Capt
O-1165454, Field Artillery, 1st Cav Div