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Burridge, John Richard,unk,523516, RAF,Java [22 Mar 1942], Seletar
Hattrick, Charles S.,unk,550909, RAF, Java [26 Mar 1942], 605th
Turney, H., Apprentice,  Navigator on British ship sunk in Pacific by German sub or raider

American Officers:

Burch, D.J.,Capt,O&667034,USAAC,China,,ex Kiangwan
Chambliss, Samuel E. Jr.,2nd Lt,O&827385,USAAC,China,,ex Kiangwan
Ferris, Walter A.,1st Lt,O&702524,USAAC,China,,ex Kiangwan
Howard, Laurin A. Sr.,1st Lt,O&800542,USAAC,China,,ex Kiangwan
Klota, Harold J,1st Lt,O&756616,USAAC,China,,ex Kiangwan
Mathews, Freeland K.,1st Lt,O&795603,USAAC,China,,ex Kiangwan
Mehelich, Clifford Stanley,Ens,403149,USN, shot down on/near Hokkaido; USS Bennington (CV-20) VT-1
Mc Millan, Samuel Jr.,2nd Lt,O&815739,USAAC,China,,ex Kiangwan
Quigley, Donald L.,Lt Col,O&432207,USAAC,China,,ex Kiangwan
Rouse, Richard B.,1st Lt,O&735669,USAAC,China,,ex Kiangwan
Schaefer, Vernon Douglas,1st Lt,O&750858,USAAC,China,,ex Kiangwan ex Hankow (467 BG (VH) 770 BS)
Taylor, James M. Jr.,2nd Lt,O&817130,USAAC,China,,ex Kiangwan
Thomas, James E.,2nd Lt,O&812174,USAAC,China,,ex Kiangwan
Wall, James E.,1st Lt,O&422740,USAAC,China,,ex Kiangwan-ex SapporoJail
Wood, Henry I.,1st Lt,O&789035,USAAC,Indo-China,,ex Kiangwan-ex SapporoJail
Zack, Milton E., 2nd Lt,O&707368 ,USAAC,Kuriles,11th AF 77th BS
Special: Zack mission and crew pictures

Enlisted - Kept in separate Military Prison
Bailey, Walter,Cpl,14133548,USAAC,Kuriles [Zack Crew]
Davis, Ernest Jr.,AOM3c,2855447,USN,
USS Bennington (CV-20) VT-1 [crew of Mehelich plane]
Ludwick, Kirby Jr.,BM2c,3109966,USN,Wake,Sapporo ex-China,Wake NAS
Wolfe, Clarence Eugene,S1c,3822127,USN,Wake,Sapporo ex-China,Wake NAS
Trant, Robert L., Cpl,38459245,USAAC,Kuriles,11th AF 77th BS (with Zack crew)

Note: Zack crew shot down May 19, 1945 in
Kuriles Islands. Special pages describing mission, crew and crash pictures.
Mathis, V.E. [unknown]

More from Local jails - many noted on Hiroshima #6 rescue roster
1. Busby, Walter Robert - Major (MC-OBE) [British] Hir-06B-Omine
2. McDavitt - Captain
3. Bowers, Angus S - Captain Hir-06B-Omine
4. Imerman (Sp?) - Captain
5. Tinegate, Eric - Lt Hir-06B-Omine
6. Guyton - Capt
7. Alexander, William Ernest - Lt (RAF) Hir-06B-Omine
8. Ford, Charles Osborne - Lt Hir-06B-Omine
9. Liddell, Leslie George - Capt Hir-06B-Omine
10. Le Mare, Deryck Watts Capt Hir-06B-Omine
11. Kidds - W.O. (George Herbert?)
12. Holland, Edward (W.O) Hir-06B-Omine
13. Bates, Hubert, (W.O.) Hir-06B-Omine
14. Frost, Frank Richard (W.O.) Hir-06B-Omine