Tsuruga Camp
Includes Yokkaichi roster (mixed)

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Map: Information & pictures Courtesy of Wes Injerd
FUKUI-ken, TSURUGA-shi, JINMU 9721 KOJO [Area Map- courtesy of Wes Injerd]

Time Line:
23 Apr 1945:
Established as Osaka-20-B; first located at TSURUGA-shi, SAKURA 165.
25 Apr 1945: 180 Americans and 20 Dutch arrive from Tanagawa.
Date of transfer to Minami TSUNAI unknown. (both camps within city limits of Tsuruga.
20 May 1945: 200 Americans arrive from Umeda, some from NArumi ex Tanagawa. Later, one American transferred to Sendai. Date unknown
Aug 1945: Renamed 5-B
Sept 1945: rescue effected (399 men rescued)

Morita Report: Details the history of camp and movement of the POWs.

Aerial Photos-1  2   Courtesy of Wes Injerd
Slave labor as stevedore services and farming service. TSURUGA Transportation Company. POWs worked docks carrying bags of beans and grain from warehouse to freight cars; operated cranes and unloaded iron from freight cars.
Mr HASHIMOTO in charge of companu- his asst was Mr. IMURA.
Hell Ship
Numerous sources for prisoners from other burned out camps- no specific ship.

Total men in camp on 2 Sept 1945: 399 per Morita report
Partial roster of Americans and listing those who perished
Japanese Camp Staff- includes rank, dates of service and position on staff

Affidavit of USMC TSgt
Jesse L. Stewart from Wake Island. Discussing brutal treatment and action of specific guards; Second affidavit regarding Lt Namba at Umeda and at Tsuruga.
Affidavit of
S/Sgt Robert T. Rohmer regarding the severe beatings of Cobb, MacCurdy and Dorsey.

Affidavit of Alexander L. Benishake 60th CAC (Pending)