Os-01-Main (Honjo)
A.K.A. - Hoincho/Chikko
Osaka Main POW Camp
Destroyed in B-29 raid, June 1, 1945

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Chikko POW Camp
Final Location:

Osaka Camp #1-B
Location Map:
Area Map -
shows general location of camps
Exact Map- detail of local area today

Timeline: (read official report for War Crime Trials)
21 Sep 1942: Osaka Camp #1 was originally Established and designated as Osaka Main camp when 150 men arrived here from the Zentsuji POW Camp
19 Oct 1942: 80 men moved from Osaka #1 to Hirohata #1 in Himeji and 70 PWs transferred from Itchioka (Stadium POW Camp later converted to the Ichioka Hospital)
New camp designated as OSAKA POW MAIN CAMP-01B [Chikko]
11 Oct 1942:
500 POWs arrive from Hong Kong on the Lisbon Maru. Approximate 230 more Americans arrive on Tottori Maru.
?? Sep 1944: Pvt Everett Reamer sentenced to Sakia Prison.
1 Jun 1945: Destroyed by air raid; moved temporarily to TSUMORI on 2 June 1945
10 Jul 1945: Moved to 7 Nishino Sho-machi, known as Kita-Fukuzaki
Aug 1945: Renamed Osaka Camp 1-B
Sep 1945: Terminated

History of Camp:
Often referred to as "Hoincho" by ex-pows. Opened on or about 19 Oct 1942 with POWS from Guam transferred from the Ichioka stadium. Stadium then used as hospital for area. Sub camps were established and a partial list includes: Itchioka (Stadium) Hospital, Umeda, Yodogawa steel mill, Sakurajima (Hitachi shipyard), Hitachi shipyard, Taisho and the Fujinagata shipyard.

When initially opened, Senior ranking enlisted man was CBM Earl Sanders from Piti Yard, YP-16, Guam. [Official records frequently misspell his name as "Saunders"] and camp included the approximately 70 men (no officers) from Guam, sent earlier to the stadium. 80 other Guam men were earlier sent to Hirohata from Itchioka.
Primary Slave Labor Use:
Stevedore and dock workers

Hell Ships:
Lisbon Maru & Tottori Maru

SCAP Investigation Report: Details environment of camp and movement of POWs

Summary of British POW's interview Relates Japanese censorship and theft of Red Cross packages and money orders.
Affidavit of Everett Reamer- discusses the cowardly action of camp leader CBM Sanders (ex Guam) who turned over Reamer and Bradsher for punishment by Japanese.

Camp Rosters at Liberation:
This camp was destroyed in incendiary raid- no surviving rosters found--yet.

List of deceased at Chikko House

Arthur Ernest Andrews, Isle of Tiree
Link to
Japan POW Network indicates men who died at the Stadium Hospital [Minato-ku]

Japanese Camp Staff:

Chikko Photographs & Sketches

Books Describing Life at Chikko House