Roster on day of rescue, 04 September 1945

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Includes One British and one Australian POW (Total of 304 POWs including 57 men from Guam) - List as of date of rescue, 04 Sept 1945.
Roster below does not include the 182 men transferred or deceased.
Deceased on separate roster.
Note: Ranks in RED indicate men promoted while a POW by W/O Ercanbrack.
Source: NARA, RG 24, Records relating to POWs in Japanese Camps, Box 6.
30 Sep 2003- numerous spelling corrections and additions
Cross check pending with NARA, RG 407, Boxes 109 and 143 -270/49/27/1 Folder #9

Service Codes: A-Army, N-Navy, M-Marines
Place of Capture:
[G]-Guam, [B]-Bataan, [C]-Corregidor



HASTINGS, Wallace George Melton, C/MX53017, RN Sick Berth Petty Officer 5121 [ex Itchioka (commentary) ex Hong Kong - Lisbon Maru]

BLACKMAN, William Harry RAAF AC 1/C 8893 [At sea off New Ireland]

BEYER, Daniel Jordan A., 2nd Lieut., 192nd Tank B Co [arrived 15 Aug 1945 from Tsuruga-ex Ikuno]
FLINIAU, Franklin Morris A Lt. Col. [transferred into camp from Ikuno thence to Kobe House, approximately 18 Aug 1945]
RILEY, John Clifford A Capt., 194th Tank Hq
*SEID, Sidney Elias A Capt (MC) [From the 93rd Bomb Sqn, 19th Bomb Group, Bataan]
WOODSIDE, Milton Henry A 2nd Lieut., 24th Pursuit Gp, 20th Pursuit Sqn
* Only Captain Seid in camp during war. Other officers arrived after 15 August 1945.

ERCANBRACK, Earl Benson M. Marine Gunner 1070 [G]

ADAMS, John Thomas A Corp. 14
AGNES, Francis Winifred A Sgt. 155
AGOSTINELLI, Charles Louis A PFC. 157
ALDRICH, John A Pvt. 166
ALLEN, Kenneth Alonzo A PFC 176
ALLEN, William Robert A PFC 182
ANDERSON, Jack Shawver A Corp. 195
ANKROM, Merlin Winfield M PFC 211 [G]
ARCHIBALD, Wendell T. A Corp. 215
ARNOLD, Joseph Stephens N PhM 1/C 219 [G]
ASHTON, Henry Jay N BM 2/C 224 [G]
AUBREY, Alfred Roland A Pvt. 230
BARRERA, Gregorio A Pvt. 298
BATEMAN, James Kendell A Corp. 313
BAY, William Russell M PFC 317
BEAL, "D" Darrel A Pvt. 320
BECK, Edgar Riley A Corp. 330
BECK, Raymond George A PFC 332
BIGELOW, Elwin Earl M Sgt. 372
BOGLER, Leo James M Sgt. 409
BOLLEN, George Henry A Corp. 414
BOWEN, Charles Augustus N PhM 2/C 432 [G] [promoted to CPhM per Eercanbrack's orders]
BOWMAN, LeRoy Wilson N PhM 3/C 440 [G]
BOWMAN, Rupert Orrin M PFC 441 [G]
BOYLES, John Thomas A PFC 447
BOYSTER, Lacy Woodrow A Pvt. 448
BRADLEY, Jack Daniel A Sgt. 453
BRADLEY, June Victor A Sgt. 454
BRENNAN, James Edward A PFC 460
BRESSI, Arthur Anthony A Corp. 464
BRILL, John Chesley A Sgt. 474
BROOKS, Jack William A Pvt. 483
BROSKOSKI, Conrad Edward A Pvt. 487
BRYK, Chester John M Pvt. 519 [G]
BUDZYNSKI, John Joseph M PFC 527 [G]
BURDUE, John Monroe A PFC 542
BUTLER, Gilbert Clark Jr. A Pvt. 566
CABRAL, Frank Tony Jr. A Pvt. 578
CAHILL, John Patrick,20600435,192nd Tank B Co, Corp. 579 [Agoo, La Union, Philippines]
CAMPBELL, Charles Edward A Pvt. 592
CAMPBELL, Ethan Hubbard A Corp. 594
CAMPBELL, Joseph Nolen A Corp. 595
CARNES, Melvin Newton A Corp. 611
CARSCALLEN, Edwin William N PhM 1/C 621 [G]
CASAUS, Max Martinez A Pvt. 630
CASE, Alvin Llynn M Pln. Sgt. 631
CASTOR, John Gerhard A Pvt. 637
CATER, Jack Allen A Pvt. 640
CHUCK, Harris M PFC 692 [G]
CLARK, Alton Bernard A Corp. 698
CLARK, Robert Carl A PFC 710
CLARK, William Herman A PFC 715
CLOUSE, Elra Dean A Stf. Sgt. 728
COATS, Roscoe Francis A Corp. 730
COCKRELL, Clyde Bernice A PFC 755
COKER, Toxie Layfayette A Corp. 741
COLE, James Allen A Pvt. 743 [Fort Drum]
COLLS, William Kenneth A Stf. Sgt. 751
CONROY, William Allen A Pvt. 762
COCK, Thalis Ray A Corp. 768
COREY, Leo John A PFC 786
COSGROVE, Everett Lynn A Corp. 790
COURTNEY, Dannie J. A PFC [192nd Tank A] 799
CRAYTON, Harry Lee A Sgt. 821
CRICHTON, Clint Millard M PFC 824 [G]
CUMMINS, Joel A Corp 843
CURRY, William Carrol A PFC 852
DAFFRON, Walter Leo Jr. A Sgt 856
DAVIDSON, Harry Willard N WT 2/C 878 [G]
DAVIS, Roy LaFloyd A Sgt 894
DAYTON, Eugene Edward A Pvt. 901
DEAN, John Robert N SC 3/C 904 [G]
DE GRAW, Jack C. A Corp 913
DEIDERICH, Aloyious Michael N PhM 2/C 916 [G] [Spelling confirmed]
DIAMOND, Irvin James A PFC 942
DIAZ, Porfirio Jr. A Corp. 943
DUDEN, Elmer Arthur A PFC 1004
DUNAGAN, Damon Walter A Sgt. 1010 [Spelling confirmed]
DUNN, Garth Grafton Jr. M PFC 1017 [G]
DURAN, Fred A Sgt. 1020
DURAN, Robert A Pvt. 1022
DUTRO, Harold William N F 2/C 1025 [G]
EDWARDS, William David A PFC 1036
ELLIOTT, Daniel Webster A Pvt. 1048 [Fort Mills]
ELLIS, Leon Malaby M Tech Sgt. 1051
ENEBRAD, Eddie Fuller A PFC 1063
EPPERSON, Bob N RM 2/C 1068 [G]
ERDMAN, James M Corp. 1071 [G]
FAULKNER, Stuart Thomas N RM 2/C 1099 [G]
FELDMAN, Nathan A PFC 1103
FORD, Cecil Cassells M Stf. Sgt. 1139 [G]
FORTH, Ralph A Corp. 1145
FRASER, Emmett Leroy A Pvt. 1156 [Fort Mills]
FREDERICK, Revice Noble M FM 1/C 1162 [G] [Spelling confirmed]
FRIAS, Lorenzo Serna A Pvt. 1171 [Fort Mills]
FULGINITI, John Joseph A Pvt. 1181
GAGE, Thomas Edward Jr. A SSgt. 1189
GARDNER, Herschel Randolph A Pvt. 1210
GARDUNO, Espiridion Artureo A Corp. 1214
GARNER, Lee Steve A SSgt. 1218 [promoted from PFC]
GARRISON, John Breckenridge M PFC 1221 [G]
GARZA, Willilam Lara A PFC 1228
GAZAY, Alfred Ray A Pvt. 1229
GIBSON, Jesse Moore A PFC 1244 [Cuyo, Palawan]
GILL, Russell Alver A Pvt. 1249
GLASENAPP, Erwin A. 192nd Tank B Co, Corp. 1261 [name verified by son]
GOFORTH, Joseph Kimbal A PFC 1275
GOLDSMITH, Leonard Howard A Sgt. 1277
GONZALES, Pedro Amor A Pvt. 1285

GONZALES, William Jr. A PFC 1286
GRADY, Jerome Peter A PFC 1300
GRAHAM, Eddie A PFC 1301
GRAY, Clarence Aldon A PFC 1310
GREEN, Smith Lowory A [External Link] MSgt. 1318 [Link to his camp promotion by Ercanbrack]
GEIER, Raymond C. A Pvt 1229 [B]
GHIZ, Edward Harvey A Corp. 1339
GUERRA, Carman Jr. A PFC. 1348
GUTIERREZ, Pable Ponce A Pvt. 1357
HAGEDORN, William Joseph A PFC 1362
HALE, Edward Everett N EM 2/C 1368 [G]
HALL, Audrey Bon A Pvt. 1372
HALL, William Frederick A PFC 1380
HAMMEL, Thomas Melvin A Corp. 1387
HANNEMAN, Herbert Henry A S/Sgt. 1397
Ralph A Sgt. 1412 [From I.D. Card, day of rescue]
HARTLEY, Curran Albert A Corp. 1441
HERD, Leo M Asst. Ck. 1493 [G]
HERN, Edward Milt A PFC 1495
HERNANDEZ, Jose G. A Pvt. 1497
HIGGIN, William Debney M PFC 1513 [G]
HIGGINS, Patrick Joseph A Corp. 1514 [B]
HINKLE, Robert Moore M PFC 1533 [G]
HOLT, Lace Lawrence A PFC 1564 [B]
HONEA, Lenord Wilber Lee A PFC 1567
HORTON, Lonnie A Pvt. 1584
HOWARD, Edward Neal N WT 2/C 1598 [G]
HUBER, James Tile A Pvt. 1610
HUGHES, Woodrow Robert A Pvt. 1617
HURLBUT, James Warren A Pvt. 1632 [Fort Mills]
HURWITZ, Max A Sgt. 1635
IANNARELLI, Anthony Nicholas N PhM 2/C 1643 [G]
JAMES, Luther A PFC 1667
JENKINS, Lyle A PFC 1678
JENN, Henry M Pln Sgt. 1680
JOHNSON, James William A lst Sgt. 1700
JOHNSON, Lewis A Pvt. 1704
JOHNSON, Walter Craig M Sgt. 1711
JONES, Richard Hollis A Sgt. 1731
JORDAN, Howard Carrol M Pln Sgt. 1737
JOSCELYN, Robert Paul A PFC 1740
KALLGREN, Harry Marshall M Pvt. 1746 [G]
Kathman, Clemens A., CPL [departed 45.6.9- rescued at Fusiki]
KATOOL, Albert A Pvt. 1755
KILFOILE, Joseph A Pvt. 1791
KITCHEN, Dana Clare A Sgt. 1808
KONICKY, Walter Lewis A Sgt. 1830
KORCZAK, Henry A Corp. 1833
KRAMERICH, Stephen Nicholas A Sgt. 1841
KRUEGER, Darius Cartiar N RM 3/C 1846 [Wake Island]
LANDAVAZO, Ephrem Jaramillo A PFC 1877
LANGE, Carl Leon M M.Gy.Sgt. 1883
LANGE, Paul Richard A Pvt. 1884
LANE, Thomas Blackman A PFC 1891
LARCH, Adam A Stf. Sgt. 1896
LARIMER, William Frederick A PFC 1898
LEAKE, Richard Thomas A Sgt. 1915
LEE, Robert James M Corp. 1930 [G]
LEE, William Jackson A PFC 1931
LEININGER, Jack N WT 1/C 1941 [G]
LEMOINE, Rudolph Joseph A Pvt 1943
LEVER, Max Richard Hyma A Pvt 1948
LIGHTFOOT, Jefferson Owen A PFC 1963
MAASS, Edward M PFC 2033
McDONALD, Lee Donald A Sgt 2037
MAGELSSEN, Walter N Sea 1/C 2049
MALOY, Joseph Rosser A Pvt 2059
MAROZAS, William Bruno A Tech Sgt 2080
MARSTON, Wallace Raymond A Pvt 2089, 192nd Tank B Co
MARTINEZ, Joe Fulgincio A Pvt 2098 (Picture)
MATZ, Rocco Henry A PFC 2114
MCALISTER, Earl Gene A Pvt 2127 [Fort Hughes]
MCDAVITT, Paul "S" A Pvt 2157
MCILVAIN, Edgar John A PFC 2160
MCKUSICK, Joseph Clarnee A PFC 2181
MCMILIAN, Paul Jeane A Pvt 2189
MEEKER, Walter Chandler A Sgt 2205
MELODY, Thomas Harlan A Tech Sgt 2209
MERCHANT, Robert A. A PFC 2213
MERINO, Henry Robert A Corp 2217
MILES, Herman Elroy A PFC 2234
MILLER, Clifford Lockert N RM 1/C 2238 [G]
MILLER, John William A SSgt 2246
MILNE, William Henry A Pvt 2260
MOLNAR, Ernest N S1c 2280 [G]
MONDAY, Clifford A Pvt 2281
MOORE, Howard Carson M Pln Sgt. 2296 [G]
MOORE, Robert James A Corp. 2300
MOORE, William Joseph A Pvt 2301
MORENO, Alfonso Joseph M FM 1/C 2304 [G]
MORGAN, Robert Patrick A Corp. 2312
MOSHER, Ernest Larne A Corp 2328 [59th F Btry Fort Mills]
MOSHER, Francis Russel A Corp. 2329 [59th F Btry Fort Mills]
MOTOSKO, Thomas Peter A Pvt 2334, 192nd Tank Hq Co
MULHOLLAND, Orrie T. 192nd Tank B Co PFC 1917
MUTHER, Frank I.A Corp. 2360 [B] [POW Number from Camp I.D Card- may be in error] 194th Rank Company
MUNN, Frank Irvin A Corp 2360 [B]
NEILSEN, Oscar Henry A Corp 2382 [Fort Frank]
NESTEBY, Melvin Henry A PFC 2387
NICHOLS, Frank Jr. M PFC 2400 [G]
NIDAY, Floyd Taylor A Tech Sgt. 2404
O'BRIEN, Walter Crissie A PFC 2427
ODOM, David A Pvt 2431
O'LEAL, Frank A Corp 2437
ORENDAIN, Frank Joel A Pvt 2447
ORR, Luther Davis Jr. M Pvt 2454 [G]
OTERO, Ernest Zemora A Pvt 2457
PARKER, Ralph Lee A Sgt 2479
PARMENTER, Alan Weldon N RM 1/C 2483 [G]
PEREHINCZUK, Chester Joseph A PFC 2523
PERFETT, Michael Joseph A Corp 2524
PICCARRETA, Carl Anthony A Corp 2565
PICK, Frank Edward M lst Sgt 2566
PICKMAN, Simme A PFC 2569
PLUMMER, Nathan Smith M PFC 2586 [G]
PODRIES, Anthony Joseph N MM 1/C 2589 [G]
POLAKOWSKI, Marion John A Pvt 2590
PONCIO, John Henry A SSgt 2596
PORRAS, Emilio Torres A Corp 2601
PRATT, Earl Leo A Pvt 2610, 192nd Tank Hq
PRITCHARD, Robert Lawrence A Pvt 2623 [Fort Mills]
PURSSELLEY, Glen Franklin A Sgt 2633
RAGSDALE, Luther Ernest A Sgt 2645
RAND, James Lawrence A PFC 2650
READ, John Henry A Pvt 2667, 192nd Tank Hq
REED, Arthur Harry A Pvt 2677
REED, Reginald Walter N SM 1/C 2682 [G]
REGAN, Donald Charles A SSgt 2686
REUTER, Paul Warren USAAC Corp. 2695
RICHARDS, Leslie Fred A Pvt 2710
RICOTTA, Joseph A Pvt 2718
RIDDICK, Wilbur Eugene A Sgt 2719
RIVERA, Philip Fidiel A PFC 2738
ROBERTS, John Lewis A Corp 2748
ROBINSON, Lloyd Lee A Corp 2757
ROLSTAD, Herbert Joseph A Corp 2776
ROMERO, Joe Florellio A Mstr Sgt 2779
ROMERO, Joe Louis A Pvt 2780 [Fort Drum]
ROSSETTO, Otto M Pln Sgt 2785 [G]
ROTHARMEL, Lawrence Henry A PFC 2786
RUCKER, William Perry A Corp 2799
RUSHING, James Carl PFC [Ft Mills -added- confirmed by daughter]
SABOTTA, Quentin Reynolds A PFC 2822
SANDOVAL, Filadelifo A Pvt 2837
SAUNDERS, William Tandy A PFC 2849
SCHRAMM, David James A Corp 2871
SERPELL, Edward Patrick A Corp 2906, 192nd Tank D Company
SETTLES, Edward Wayne N Seal/C 2911 [G]
SEYMOUR, Charles R. PFC 66 [G] [added- presence confirmed by Nate Plummer]
SHAFER, Port Loy A PFC 2916
SHANE, George Joseph M Sgt. 2919 [G]
SHAUL, Emmitt Wane M Corp 2923 [G]
SHEPPARD, David James A PFC 2937
SHERR, Norman Lawrence A Pvt 2940
SHOCKLEY, Charles E. A Corp 2946
SLATER, Ellis Wayne A PFC 2977
SMELSER, Elliott Jr. A PFC 2985
SMITH, Darby A PFC 2991
SOBIESKI, Stanley A SSgt 3028
SPELLMAN, Edward James Jr. M Pvt 3049 [G]
STANKO, John Michael A MSgt. 3063
STARKEY, Walter Arnett Jr. A PFC 3066
STRAHL, Joseph Donald N AOM 3/C 3103 [Marshall Islands, USS Yorktown, Torpedo Sqn 5]
STROZIER, Alex "L" A SSgt 3111
SUAREZ, Jose Certez A PFC 3115
THIEL, Robert Anthony M Corp 3165 [G]
TRAMMEL, Ellis Isaac A Pvt 3217
TRASCHER, Floyd Lanca M PFC 3220 [G]
TRULY, George Frederick Jr. A PFC 3236
UNDERWOOD, Robert Wayne A SSgt 3252
URLING, Richard Henry A PFC 3255
VAN ORDEN, William Nicholas A PFC 3270
VOYZEY, Stephen, Winter Jr. A Pvt 3294
WALLER, Clyde Roy M Corp 3319 [G]
WALLER, Gladstone A. A Pvt 3320
WARD, James Sample M Corp 3330 [G]
WASHINGTON, Cordis Ladell A PFC 3343
WHITING, Clinton Mitchell A PFC 3391
WILDMAN, Paul Thomas A Pvt 3399
WILLIAMS, Gene Elvin A Pvt 3409
WILLIAMS, Henry Belmonte N PhM 2/C 3411 [G]
WILSON, Elmer Wallace N PhM 3/C 3425 [G]
WINDHAM, Marshall Eugene N ARM 3/C 3432 [Marshall Islands, USS Yorktown, Torpedo Sqn 5]
WINGATE, Robert Andrew A PFC 3434
WLODARCZYK, Stanley Peter A Pvt 3441
WOLF, Arthur A Sgt 3446
WONNEMAN, George Joseph A PFC 3451
WOOD, Jack Norton A Sgt 3455
WOOD, Jeff Calfin M Pvt 3457 [G]
ZENDER, Richard Louis A PFC 3506
ZUBAY, John Martin A PFC 3513