Frank Nichols USMC 1921 - 2002

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Frank was born 16 June 1921, the son of a cabinet maker with the Quincy Railroad. Frank enlisted in the Marines in the first week of May, 1941. After boot camp in San Diego, he was transfered to Guam via Honolulu, arriving in Guam in September of 1941. He was assigned to the Sumay Marine Detachment.
See Interview by Roger Mansell
nichols Feb 2001
Frank Nichols, Jr.
February 22, 2001

May 1942
Zentsuji POW Camp
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1942-POW notice

Above article notes that fellow townsman, Charlie Schwenke, a civilian contractor, was also captured on Wake Island.


The Japanese allowed some men to make shortwave broadcasts, assuming such events would convince the world that the reported atrocities were false. Amateurs "hams" across America noted the broadcast and sent letters to the families. This is typical of some three notes the Nichols family received: (Click pic)