"KOBE HOUSE" Osaka #2
American Liberation Roster

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Source: This list was compiled by Roger Mansell from the original identity cards completed by each prisoner at time of rescue. A number of men, e.g., Marine Robert Newton, were rescued from nearby Japanese civilian prisons by the Kobe House prisoners. The ID cards contain additional information not shown herein such as home towns and other comments. Other men "drifted" into this camp from various areas after the surrender but, although not an official "resident" of this camp, may be listed on the roster.

Kobe #2 [aka Kobe House] - AMERICANS ONLY

Name, Rank, Service, Ser No, Place of Capture, Unit, Notes

Bohannon, Walter E.,PFC,USA,18050462,Corregidor,59th CA H Btry
Bradsher, Louis J.,Pvt,USA,18050087,Corregidor,59th CA I Btry
Burnette, Ernest Michael Jr.,S1c,USN,2955380,Corregidor,USS Canopus
Busta, Delbert Frank,Pvt,USA,17026415,Bataan,31st Inf L Co
Dolan, James A.,Civilian,na,na,Wake,not stated
Friedrich, Fred C.,Civilian,na,na,Iloilo,61st Div (PA)
Gentry, Mark N.,PFC,USMC,279743,Peking,NCM
Granger, David A.,Pvt,USA,6582011,Corregidor,Mine Planter "Harrison",amputated leg
Griffin, James S.,RM3c,USN,3372281,Iloilo,USS Canopus
Hayden, Otis Clay,Corp,USMC,287932,Corregidor,4th Marines
Hoblett, Frederick M.,Corp,USMC,282724,Corregidor Ft Mills,4th Marines,sent to Omori 1944 - rescued
Janiec, William R.,PFC,USA,12027957,Corregidor,60th CA Btry M
Johnston, William K.,Sgt,USAAC,39919042,,,sent to Omori 1944 - rescued, possible false name
Joslin, Francis L.,Pvt,USA,19054433,Corregidor,59th CA I Btry, ex Sakia Prison
Locke, Arthur James,1st Sgt,USAAC,6137296,Bataan,FEASC Hq
Loughner, Earl E.,Pvt,USA,33081200,Bataan,803rd Eng
Lucas, Leroy Harry,TSgt,USA,6539307,Corregidor,48th Matl Sqdn
Lucero, Santiago,Pvt,USA,38012258,Bataan,200th CA
Magdon, Ben,Pvt,USA,6932365,Bataan,31st Inf Serv Co
Marshall, Arnold,PFC,USA,14002079,Corregidor,48th Matl Sqdn
Morris, Everett M.,PFC,USA,20843781,Bataan,515th F Btry
Newton, Robert A.,Corp,USMC,273450,Guam,Sumay,ex- Zentsuji-rescued Sakai Prison
Omps, George E.,Sgt,USA,6999037,Corregidor,59th CA
Reamer, Everett D.,Pvt,USA,15065691,Corregidor Ft Mills,60th CA F Btry
Richardson, Obie Cloyce,Pvt,USA,38054695,Bataan,192nd Tank A Co
Rigdon, Alvin,Corp,USAAC,6971059,Bataan,17th Bomb Sqdn,Died in plane crash Okinawa 10 Sep 45
Shaputnik, Walter Adam,CWO,USN,11776,Cebu,16th Naval Dist Hq
Shrelnes, Anthony J.,Pvt,USA,35020798,Bataan,192nd Tank A Co
Smigal, William,Civilian,na,na,Manila,Adj Gen
Sutherland, William E.,PFC,USA,7020260,Bataan,803rd Eng Co C
Taylor, Milliam R.,PFC,USA,38012346,Cebu,200th CA
Wall, Lester L.,Pvt,USA,38012395,Bataan,200th CA
Willerup, Charles E.,PFC,USA,6953609,Bataan,19th Air Sqdn