Maibara 10-B POW Camp

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Name, Rank, Service, Serial #, Unit, Actual Rank
Where no service number is indicated, the name may not appear on "The Master list of Returned Pacific POWS" or the name is too similar to an another's name. Roster stated 160 but only 158 names appeared.
Connell, Ronald B.,Pvt,US Army,19021107,CAC,Cpl
Hlavinka, Edward F.,PFC,US Army,6282977,Inf
Martinez, Domingo B.,Pvt,US Army,38012130,CAC,Cpl
Naslund, Charles E.,Cpl,USMC,280470,,PFC
Nealey, Leon,Cpl,US Army,14047343,CWS,Sgt
Negro, John Jr.,Cpl,USMC,278498,,PFC
Nelson, Harold Roy,PhM2c,USN,2125233
Nixon, David Jr.,S1c,USN,3602092
Norgilar, Charles H.,SSgt,US Army,6659086,AC
Norris, Charles D.,PFC,USMC,256485
O'Mally, James Marcellus,CM1c,USN,2915533
Oliver, Glenn Stuart,Cpl,US Army,20700250
Onufrowicz, William,PFC,US Army,11020114,,TSgt
Ortega, Abel F.,Pvt,US 192nd Tank A Co,38029189
Outwater, Henry M.,TSgt,US Army,18046391,,Capt
Owen, Roy E.,Pvt,US Army,38012567,,PFC
Padilla, Jake P.,PFC,US Army,20842395,MD
Paiz, Juan,Pvt,US Army,38012172,,Cpl
Parrish, Francis Marion,BM2c,USN,3820355
Parsons, Franklin R.,PFC,USMC,285245
Pasurka, Carl Alvin,Sgt,US Army,36008606,CAC
Patterson, William H.,Sgt,US Army,6267720
Paulsen, Frederick G.,Cpl,USMC,270085
Pearman, Charles George,GM1c,USN,2579702
Perkins, Clarence O.J.,Pvt,US Army,15061752,SC
Perri, Albert,Sgt,USMC,269791,,Cpl
Phelps, John E.,Pvt,US Army,15016371,ORD,PFC
Piccirillo, George,Pvt,US Army,11024471,AC
Pilkington, Glenn C.,Sgt,US Army,6938033,AC
Pirnat, Steve P.,Cpl,US Army,17001752,CAC
Pitts, Bernie Byron Jr.,Cpl,USMC,273542
Porath, Harrold L.,PFC,US Army,17025719,CAC
Pountain, James E.,PFC,USMC,279666,,Pv
Powers, Bill D.,Cpl,US Army,6263571,Inf,Sgt
Preslar, Lyndall Buford,PFC,USMC,266230 (link to newspaper story Dec 2008)
Pribbernow, Robert M.,PFC,US Army,16008585,CAC
Pulaski, Bernard L.,PFC,US Army,19013458,CAC,Cpl
Rameriz, Cipriano B.,PFC,US Army,20842336,CAC
Ramos, Lalo,Pvt,US Army,38011902,CAC
Rawles, James C.,PFC,USMC,271027
Ream, Glenn G.,PFC,US Army,20842995,CAC,SSgt
Reaves, Fred H.,PFC,US Army,14042434,CAC,Cpl
Rhee, Heinz Ludwig,PFC,US Army,38012382,CAC,Cpl
Richards, James P.,PFC,US Army,6996835,CAC,Pvt
Richards, Thomas F.,PFC,US Army,14047058,CAC,Pvt
Riley, Prentice G.,Sgt,US Army,20843562,CAC,SSgt
Riley, John R.,PFC,US Army,15061708,CAC,Pvt
Rinas, Bruno S.,Cpl,US Army,17018055,AC,Sgt
Robbins, Dale E.,Sgt,USMC,269442
Roberts, Ronald J.,PFC,US Army,15067889,Inf
Robertson, Frank W.,Pvt,US Army,19011069,Inf,SSgt
Rogers, John E. Jr.,Pvt,US Army,18042238,CAC
Rollie, Edward L.,Sgt,US Army,20843340,CAC,SSgt
Roseen, Everett C.,1stSgt,US Army,6144737,SC
Roszkowski, Joseph W.,SSgt,US Army,6844234,CE
Rowland, Albert,Sgt,US Army,38012090,CAC
Rutherford, Goldie C.,TSgt,US Army,6896928,CAC
Sagash, Charles D.,Cpl,US Army,36106470,CAC,Sgt
Sanchez, Teofilo,Pvt,US Army,38012397,CAC,Cpl
Santillanes, V.S.,Pvt,US Army,20843348,CAC,Sgt
Savedra, Teoro [Elias],Pvt,US Army,38012606,CAC,Cpl
Scalla, Renato R.,PFC,US Army,6910181,AC
Schiappucci, Cesidio,Pvt,US Army,11009532,CAC,PFC
Schiffner, James F.,SSgt,US Army,20842597,CAC
Schmidt, Emil Otto,Pvt,US Army,20645274,AMD,PFC, 192nd Tank
Schratz, Frank J.,WO1,US Army,6245429,Inf,SSgt
Schultz, Delbert L.,Pvt,US Army,19002778,CAC,PFC
Schwausch, Hermann K.,PFC,US Army,18056320,ORD,Cpl
Senna, Albert J.,Pvt,US Army,32074411,CE,Cpl
Sherman, Jeffie L.,Pvt,US Army,18038645,CAC,Cpl
Shirkey, Orville R.,Pvt,US Army,35032499,ORD,PFC
Shoaf, John A.,SSgt,US Army,6397667,CAC
Siegel, Samuel H.,Pvt,US Army,18042241,CAC,Cpl
Sigala, Charles R.,Pvt,US Army,20900747,Inf
Silva, Duane J.,Pvt,US Army,19019830,,Cpl
Sims, Hugh Hanceford,Cox,USN,2995792,,S1c
Sirois, Louis S.,SSgt,US Army,6576767,AC
Six, William P.,SSgt,US Army,6913687,AC,TSgt
Skripsy, Gerald L.J.,Cpl,USMC,280163
Sladewski, Bernard J.,PFC,US Army,16027794,AC,Cpl
Smith, Johnnie Alonzo "Johnnie",Pvt,US Army,18033726
Smith, Oscar A.,Pvt,US Army,13021315,SC,PFC
Smith, Anthony,Pvt,US Army,13030914,Inf
Smith, Timothy H.,TSgt,US Army,20842679,CAC
Smith, William H.,Pvt,US Army,18046329,Inf,Cpl
Snare, Vernon H.,Pvt,US Army,18001632,CAC,PFC
Snelson, Charles L.,Pvt,US Army,17001740,CAC,Cpl
Sora, Pragedis M.,Pvt,US Army,38029995,CAC,Cpl
Speranza, Eugene J.,Pvt,US Army,32107402,CE
Starr, Larry G.,Cpl,USMC,280036,,PFC
Stephenson, Mayo Gadish,Pvt,US Army,14017201,Inf 192nd Tank
Stevens, Curtis Richard,SC2c,USN,2623253
Stever, Archie D.,Pvt,US Army,36050851,CAC,Cpl
Stine, Leo Ralph [Ralph M.],Pvt,US Army,20523463,AMD,PFC, 192nd Tank
Strompolis, John T.,Pvt,192nd Tank B Co,20600466,Inf,Cpl
Stroope, Winfred L.,Pvt,US Army,6298758,AC,SSgt
Stumbo, Marion E.,Pvt,US Army,19017426,CAC,Cpl
Tainter, Harlow E.,Pvt,US Army,17014474,CAC,Cpl
Taylor, Claude H. Jr,PFC,USMC,277635
Taylor, Fred A.,Pvt,US Army,18050115,Inf,Sgt
Taylor, Harry Orlo,CEM,USN,3717033
Teague, Rufus D.,Sgt,US Army,38012372,CAC
Terrazas, Nick,Sgt,US Army,20843358,CAC,SSgt
Tervolis, Donald S.,Cpl,USMC,266874,,PFC
Thomas, James A.,Pvt,USMC,282435,,PFC
Thomas, Donald H.,PFC,USMC,284024,,Pvt
Tobar, Antonio J.,Pvt,US Army,38012278
Tome, Louis Joseph,Sgt,US Army,6937863,AC
Topping, David A.,Pvt,US Army, 13032324, AC
Tow, Norval E.,Sgt,US Army,20843947,,SSgt
Triplett, Preston E.,Sgt,US Army,20843002,CAC
Troy, Fred J.,Pvt,US Army,16003951,CAC
Tucker, Carl E.,Pvt,US Army,6392718,Inf,PFC
Turjillo, Juan A.,PFC,US Army,38012477,CAC,Cpl
Twa, Joseph A.,Pvt,192nd Tank Hq Co,35154493,AMD,PFC
Tytko, Zigmund J.,Pvt,US Army,15011818,CAC
Undewood, John B. Jr.,TM1c,USN,2618230
Urban, Elmer J.,Pvt,US Army,16008536,CAC,Cpl
Valdez, Armando,Pvt,US Army,18001613,Inf,PFC
Van Wie, George I.,MSgt,US Army,6242246,Finance
Vandenbroucke, Ray J.,Sgt,192nd Tank B Co,20600430,Inf
Vaughan, Churchill E.,SK1c,USN,3368186
Vest, Richard L.,Pvt,US Army,17012210,AC
Vigil, Abelino,Sgt,US Army,38011915,CAC
Villa, Freeman,Pvt,US Army
Vlahon, Samuel,Pvt,USMC,310183
Wakefield, Gerald L.,Sgt,US Army,17001780,CAC
Walden, Ralph W.,Pvt,US Army,17016268,CAC,Cpl
Walker, Raymond E.,Pvt,US Army,17014189,CAC,Cpl
Wall, John Henry,Pvt,US Army,38012405,CAV
Wallace, Talmage A.,PFC,US Army,14014691,AC
Wallace, Albert Victor,WT2c,USN,2955218,,MM3c
Walters, Kenneth E.,Pvt,US Army,6591322,CAV,SSgt
Wannebo, Peter E..,Pvt,US Army,19016451,CAC,Cpl
Wansack, John Jr.,Pvt,US Army,13037328,AC
Ward, Jessie W.,Pvt,US Army,14038399,Inf,Cpl
Ward, Robert Eugene,CM2c,USN,3928082
Ward, Jack C.,Cox,USN,3681667,,S1c
Wasson, Paul W.,Pvt,US Army,18043757,CAC,Cpl
Weingartner, Jerome E.,Cpl,US Army,6931947,CAC
Welch, Robert J.,SSgt,20843299,CAC
Wells, William,CGM,USN
West, Wallace R.,Pvt,USMC,308976
West, Lewis C.,Pvt,US Army,18050080,CAC,Cpl
Westcott, Paul Laverne,BM2c,USN,3213083,,Cox
Whelan, Charles P.,Sgt,USMC,269768,,Cox
Whisenant, Jackson C.,Sgt,US Army,14032411,AC
White, Allen J.,PFC,US Army,38012211,CAC,Cpl
Williams, George R.,CQM,USN,2146732
Williams, Vearl T.,Pvt,US Army,19003546,CAC
Williamson, George H.,Pvt,US Army,16008660,CAC
Woodall, Andrew O.,Pvt,US Army,14046230,CAC
Wright, Raymon,Sgt,USMC,269564,,Cpl
Wright, Guy G.,Pvt,US Army,18035301,Inf,Cpl
Youngblood, Vernon A.,Sgt,US Army,20843923,CAC
Ziegler, William A.,SSgt,USMC,309537,,PFC
Zimmerman, Willard F.,SSgt,US Army,38011615,CAC,TSgt
Zumwalt, Gilbert D.,Cpl,US Army,19028223,AC,SSgt