Osaka POW Camp #11-B

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Rokuroshi POW Camp
Osaka Command, Fukui Ken (Prefecture)
Approximately 20 miles northeast of Ono, plus 8 miles via dirt road into mountains. Elevation approximately 2000 meters.
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Osaka #11-B history & location
Time Line

Camp Photographs & Sketches

Japanese Camp Staff:
A complete list of Japanese staff including rank, dates of arrival and departure.
Primary Labor Use:
Subsistence farming for survival
Camp occupied by American Officers transferred from Zentsuji on 25 June 1945: Rokuroshi- American Officers and undetermined number of enlisted men arrive at 3:00 A.M., 335 men (4 later sent out to Osaka or Kobe hospital and 2 tried to escape [Travis Smith and Sam Dillard], caught and sent to Osaka - 339 at liberation)
Rescue teams arrived 07 September 1945. Camp renamed "Camp Mallette" in honor of the only man to perish there. Camp evacuated 08 September 1945

Camp Rosters
OSA-11 Roster (WO 361-1963) - American, British, Dutch

Books Describing Life at Rokuroshi:
Giles, Captive of the Rising Sun

Additional images:

Men from Quartermaster Corps, Philippines - From left to right:
2nd Lt. Clyde L. Teske, Antigo, Wis.
Lt. Col. Otto Harwood, Washington, D.C.
Capt. Eugene Rosemont, San Francisco, Cal.
1st Lt. Fred W. Koenig, Belleville, Ill.
1st Lt. Stanley J. Gladys, Inglewood, Cal.
Capt. L. L. Leazzarini, Philadelphia, Pa.
(Photo courtesy of Jon Teske)