Corregidor #7 POW Camp

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Roster Pending: 22 survived

From Duane Heisinger (ADBC)
The following was passed to me from a member on the listserv. I have taken the liberty of pasting in some info which will I believe answer the long term question some have had on the Corregidor POW Camp designation. I have removed names in this extract.

"There were 21 POWS held on Corregidor, & my Father was one of them, & he was in charge of the group. He was sent from Corregidor, sometime in Aug. or Sept. of 1944. While attending the Convention for the American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor, in San Antonio, in May of 2002, I was put in touch with Mr. Retterrath, who lives in Lidgerwood, N.D. He was on Corregidor for 18 months, after it fell, & was then transported to Bilibid, due to a medical emergency. I believe Corregidor was Camp #7, because we, my mother & family,received about 5 cards, from my Father... & we know he was on Corregidor until the time mentioned above, & they were marked Camp #7, except for the last one we received,which was from Camp #1."