Sendai #6, Hanawa POW Camp

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Timeline from Camp log:
Adrian R. Martin, author of "Brothers From Bataan"
No citation to NARA file indicated; page 318. Used with permission

9 Sep 1944: Maj. Calvin G. Jackson, MC; Capt Elmer P. Fleming, Jr., FA; 1st Lt. Richard T. Pullen & BAC (?), 1st Lt Hohn E. Lamy, MC and 496 American Army, Navy, Marine enlisted men arrived from Philippine Islands (Strength 500)
24 Oct 1944: Pvt Paul H. Miller died (Strength 499)
12 Nov 1944: Following men transferred to hospital at Tokyo. #1,80,184,185,273,313,343,385 (Strength 491)
10 Nov 1944: Pvt Robert V. Ring, USA, died (Strength 490)
20 Nov 1944: Capt Dan Golenternek, MC, USA, arrived to replace Maj Jackson as Senior MO in this camp
9 Dec 1944: Pvt Gilmore W. Smith, USA, died (Strength 490)
16 Feb 1945:
Pvt Ray C. Underwood, USA, died (Strength 489)
3 Mar 1945: Lt Col Arthur H. Thompson, RAAF; Capt Irvin Spotte, CE, USA; Flt Lt Robert H. Thompson, RAAF transferred from Tokyo HQ Camp. This date: Following named men returned from Tokyo hospital- #184, 273, 313, 343, 385 (Strength 498)
10 Mar 1945: PFC Joseph F. Webner (sic-Werner), USMC, killed in mine accident (Strength 497)
13 May 1945: Capt Robert C.H. Eagle; Lt Wesley F. Willoughby, RE and 48 British enlisted men transferred from Yokohama ship building camp. All of these British men were previously at Yokohama. Before arriving in Japan, they had been sent from Singapore to Taiwan on the Dainichi Maru (Strength 547)
31 May 1945: Pvt William J. Havilland died (Strength 546)
8 Jun 1945: 1st Sgt Adrian R. Martin died (Strength 545)
8 July 1945: Pvt Jasper R. Knowles died (Strength 544)
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