Arakawa Tokyo 10 B
Formerly Tokyo 20-B

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History: Thanks to Wes Injerd
1 July 1944: Established as Tokyo 20-D
(NIPPON TSUUN) [Nippon Express]
Aug 1945: Renamed Tokyo 10-B
Sep 1945: Rescue Effected

Location Map: Location determined from Japanese records and sketch by "Miki". External Link
Overview: Thanks for research by Mark Hagen, author & writer.
This camp was established inside a railyard. "Tsuun" means essentially "Freight". Nippon Tsuun could be consided, at that time, a counterpart to modern day UPS

Camp Location Sketch: Drawn by Japanese Policeman "Miki"- information is not complete but map page is very useful- LARGE file- not optimized yet TEST