Part of Tokyo #1 and Shinagawa Hospital

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This is NOT a complete list. This is only those men specifically noted on the NARA records as having been here. It is NOT the rescue roster per se. See Ford Letter for what is believed to be the history of its prior use as a camp for slave labor as stevedores. Leonard Birchill, RCAF, Sqdn 413, DFC, "the Savior of Ceylon," was POW at this camp before being moved north.

Shinagawa Hospital (RG 407 Box 148) - medical report, includes building diagrams.
See also Kawasaki #1-B Rosters (RG 407 Box 115) for asst. nationalities; note this roster has not been transcribed nor cross-checked yet.

Name, Rank, ASN, Service, State
Arceneaux, Frank S,Sgt38054453,CAC,TX
Beierstedt, Harold G,SSgt,6875526,CAC,NY
Benson, Victor C,Pvt,11011296,USAAC,RI
Bickford, Harlan C,Cpl,38011859,CAC,NM
Boushley, Willard L,Pvt,37026045,AMD,MN
Bowne, Frank G,Cpl,282138,USMC,CA
Brady, Jack E,SGT,19049927,SC,CA
Bramen, James W,Pvt,6895516,CAC,NJ
Brown, David Joseph,QM3c,3856929,USN,WA
Bruton, Harold Glenn,MM1c,2615453,USN,CA
Bryant, Curtis R,Cpl,17007410,CAC,IN
Caruthers, Arvon Ewing,GM2c,3600366,USN,TXGM
Chavez, David,Pvt,38012240,CAC,NM
Davis, Hillman A,PFC,279921,USMC,TX
De Laney, William B,Cpl,271016,USMC,CO
Epperson, Ben P,Pvt,287847,USMC,NE
Ford, James D Jr,PFC,281261,USMC,IL
Frasier, James H Jr,Pvt,312368,USMC,TX
Gaylor, Robert G,Pvt,19013459,CAC,NV
Godek, Stanley J,SSgt,6576853,INF,OH
Gordon, Raymond D,SGT,6263465,CAC,IA
Grewcox, Charles E,F1c,2503669,USN
Hill, Donald E,SSgt,38012046,CAC,NM
Hudson, Henry R,PFC,18016872,CAC,TX
Jaros, Robert E,Cpl,16003840,CAC,IL
Jenkins, Allen T,PFC,19002187,CAC,CA
Johnson, Dick M,Cpl,275825,USMC,OK
Koiser, George J,Pvt,12028303,CAC,NY
Mc Anaugh, John William,WT2c,2013432,USN,MA
Mcginnis, Albert Hazard,Cox,2797362,USN,OH
Mocabee, Cecil J,WO,199096,USN,MY
Oliver, Mckinley,CTM,3359603,USN,MO
Pasquale, Joseph L,MSgt,38011896,CAC
Perry, Ralph J,SGT,255191,USMC
Poulin, Lawrence Everett,F1c,3113926,USN,MI
Powell, John T,SGT,16010909,CWS,MI
Reynolds, Weldon Farrist,GM3c,3468174,USN,AR
Sanchez, William R,SGT,19048449,CAC,CA
Searcy, Ralph Norfleet,CTM,3802072,USN,NC
Sherdon, Michael Curtis,1 Lt,O&2060600,USAAC
Sherrett, Gerald L,SGT,19014511,USAAC,OR
Shields, Hugh J,CIV,,Byd
Spilak, Alexander John,BM2c,2832319,USN,OH
Stanford, Orville R,1lt,O&2031870,QMC,CA
Sturgeon, Richard Donald,GM2c,2914790,USN,IN
Thomas, William Dwayne,SK3c,3722628,USN
Trask, Richard A,SGT,20843001,CAC,NM
Warren, Charles,1st Sgt,6047426,ORD
Wynne, Waldo T,PFC,19056779,CAC,AR
Zealor, Clarence G,SGT,6133390,CAC,NH