Tokyo POW Camp #15
Niigata (Tekkojo=Steel Mill)
Yamanoshita Akibadori

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Additonal Research by Netherlands researcher, John Slootmaekers regarding Red Cross records.
Intl Red Cross Committee: states on 8 Aug 1945 address as:
2 Momoyama-dori
Yamanoshita, Niigata-shi
Camp Commandant: per IRCC was Takeo Nomoto.

1 Apr 1944 Established as 15D
Aug 1945: Renamed 15-B
Sep 1945: Rescue effected

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All of the above: Courtesy of Wes Injerd
Labor: Steel Mill

Hellships: not determined if applicable

Camp Rosters:
rosters located at NARA RG 407 Box 188; Mansell Nara 7 (Pending transcription and cross check) Source of POWS currently unknown.

No affidvaits or investigation reports secured yet at NARA

Bio of Angus F. Wilbur, Royal Rifles of Canada, C Force (see also chart of Grenadiers C Force POW Movements 1941-45. Files courtesy of Vincent Lopata.)

NARA Records for this camp will be found in RG 389 Box 2133; RG 407 Box 188.