Tokyo POW Camp #23-D
Kawasaki (Daishi-hon)

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Tok-23D-Kawasaki (Daishi-hon)
Satellite map
Aerial photo (July 1947; courtesy of Japan Map Archives)

20 Sep 1944:
4 April 1945: First bombs fall in area - no injuries but some camp damage (see Dorsey diary)
11 April 1945: Cpl Herbeck dies from starvation
30 Jun 1945: Terminated; POWs known to have been transferred to Tokyo-01B-Kawasaki (majority of men), Tokyo Main at Omori, Tokyo-15B-Niigata (Tekkojo) or Tok-03B-OMI

Limited information at NARA Record Group 389, Box2133
Slave Labor:
Longshoreman and ship builders for the Kawasaki shipyard

The Diary of Dorsey Walker covers a good deal of his time in this camp- from November 1944 to the surrender- click on diary (new) on left side of page.

Americans, British, Aussies and others
Roster found in Record Group 407. Many of these men arrived from Taiwan on the Enoshima Maru.Most of these American men had arrived in Taiwan on the Hokusan Maru
Deceased: (1)
Herbeck, Robert M., CPL, 16028670, 45.04.11 at 0920 hours; from cardiac beri beri & starvation.

Roster (RG 407 Box 115) - Australian, British (Commonwealth), Estonian, Eira?, Chinese, American; per name of ship (Nankin, Willesden, Wellpark, Kirkpool, Aust, Herborg); Spreadsheet

Myers Collection (timeline, book details compiled by Roger Mansell) - Hugh H. Myers was stationed in Guam at Radio Agaņa, captured and taken to Zentsuji then to Kawasaki POW camps. Wrote book, Prisoner of War, (1965), seven photo excerpts in above collection.