Funatsu POW Camp
Nagoya #3 Full American Roster

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Source: Oatman's Book "Bataan, Only The Beginning" Pg 317; cross checked with NARA Rosters for accuracy. Many names modified & corrected {RG 407 Box 187 & box 103]

Last Name, First Name, Rank, ASN, Service, Date of Death

Liles, Wayne C.,Capt,O&354450,USA (INF),na [12th Inf Regt (Phil Army)]
Keeley, James Kenneth, Maj (MC),O&357844,USAAC [5th ABG],na- [sent to Toyama in July 1945 to become their camp doctor & commander per son]

Men who perished at Funatsu - died of Cardiac Beri beri unless otherwise noted; all severe malnutrition
Alschuler, Milton,Sgt,12021901,USA (SC),12 Feb 1945,,NY
Grosvenor, Reginald C.,S1c,3160907,USN,25 Nov 1944,,NB
Hanna, John M.,Pvt,18048917,USA (CAC),3 Feb 1945,,PA
Kekseo, John,PFC,6896863,USAAC,5 April 1945,,PA
Light, Vincent A.,Pvt,11010827,USA (Inf),1 Feb 1945,,CT
Mann, James S.,Pvt,18048996,USA (CAC),6 Aug 1945,
Tortured & beaten to death [see affidavits on Funatsu main page],CA
Martin, Leslie D.,Pvt,20941366,USA (CAC),5 May 1945,,WA
Mc Daniel, Robert L.,Pvt,18050040,USA (CAC),21 Jan 1945,,OK
Rutberg, Morris A.,Pvt,11024336,USAAC,25 Jan 1945,,MA
Sterner, Owen A.,Pvt,6785887,USA (Inf),4 Jan 1945,,PA
Wolf, Louis,Pvt,33028309,USA (Ord),17 Mar 1945,,PA

Other Enlisted previously present but not at rescue
Transferred within a few weeks after arrival
Bishop, Paul,PFC,276284,USMC,na
Burns, Frank J.,PFC,20918025,Army,na
Cook, Thomas Jefferson Jr.,GM3c,3561012,USN,na
De Munbrun, Elmo G.,PFC,287760,USMC,na
Di Serio, John D.,PFC,285377,USMC,na
Foster, Wade T.,Cpl,7081083,USA (Inf),na
Graves, Raymond W. Jr.,PFC,6583606,USA (Inf),na
Guilbeau, Albert,PFC,14042370,USA (CAC),na
Heard, James M.,Cpl,290550,USMC,na
Ingalls, Lundy L.,Cpl,7001238,USAAC,na
Langer, Robert Irving,RM2c,2999306,USN,na
Lloyd, James W.,PFC,6964815,USAAC,na
Lucero, Joe T.,PFC,20843175,USA (CAC),na
Mc Cormack, William N.,Cpl,278612,USMC,na
Miller, Kenneth R.,PFC,17015970,USAAC,na
Nabers, William Lewis,TSgt,6456573,USAAC,na
Peek, Jack G.S.,Pvt,18038604,USA (CAC),na
Ray, James Edward,MM3c,2873416,USN,na
Reed, David Singelton,PFC,18042184,USA (CAC),na
Stephenson, Sam,Pvt,18033907,USA (CAC),na
Stotts, Taylor F.,Pvt,17010420,USA (CAC),na
Strawn, Garnett B.,SSgt,6287072,USAAC,na
Thomas, Harold L,PFC,7000415,USAAC,na
Thurman, Earl G.,Cpl,17016364,Army,na
Vargo, Steve,Pvt,16003899,USA (CAC),na
Webb, Donald C.,Cpl,18049050,USA (QMC),na

Rescued Enlisted (114 Americans)
Last Name, First Name, Rank, ASN, Service, Date of Death

Anderson, Jimmie B.,Sgt,279914,USMC,na
Aschenbrenner, Herbert J,Cpl,6914492,USAAC,na
Bartholf, Arthur J.,PFC,6577840,USAAC,na
Bishop, Jack Lupton,Y3c,2874230,USN,na
Brennan, Raymond,Pvt,18046280,USA (Ord),na
Brown, Gale,PFC,18002392,USA (QMC),na
Byrnside, Fred Lincoln,Cox,2657270,USN,na
Camp, Horace M.,SSgt,6249721,USAAC,na
Cartee, Robert V.,SSgt,6383466,USAAC,na [affidavit]
Chaney, William M.,Pvt,14049270,USA (Ord),na
Christensen, Arthur,ML1c,2280917,USN,na
Christian, Jesse E.,PFC,296316,USMC,na
Conerly, Albert M., PFC, 280404, USMC, na [affidavit]
Cope, James S., Pvt, 18036677, USAAC, na [affidavit]
Cunningham, Earl, PFC, 6842108, USAAC, na
De Hart, William R., PFC, 19016694, USA (CAC), na
Deuitch, Richard Henry, Brk3c, 3001313, USN, na
Dimeo, Arthur J., PFC, 11011327, USAAC, na
Dinneen, Lloyd R., Pvt, 19048364, USA (CAC), na
Dorand, Henry Edward F.,MM2c,4071528,USN,na
Faust, Woodrow J.,Pvt,6925069,USAAC,na
Ford, Leslie A.,Sgt,6552123,USAAC,na
Freeman, Clarence A.,S2c,2954429,USN,na
Gilliland, Hubert F.,SSgt,38011865,USA (CAC),na
Gilpin, Virgil O.,Cpl,12027890,USA (QMC),na
Godfrey, Edward A.,Sgt,19048766,USA (CAC),na
Goodman, James H.,PFC,6291901,USA (QMC),na
Green, Thomas J.,Sgt,7001085,USAAC,na
Griffin, Dale F.,Cpl,38021716,USA (MD),na
Griffin, Mark James,Cox,2433162,USN,na
Grill, Bernard A.,SSgt,16000327,USA (MD),na
Gutierrez, Jesus B. "Jimmy",TSgt,20842477,200th C Btry,na
Hanger, Aldo W.,PFC,6895956,USA (CE),na
Hank, Russell M.,Sgt,13028070,USAAC,na
Hansen, Richard C.,SF2c,3820982,USN,na
Harris, Joseph W.,Cpl,13009747,USA (CWS),na
Hiers, Fairey J.,PFC,14040567,USA (Ord),na
Hinkle, Lawrence W.,Cpl,6267647,USA (Inf),na
Hoefling, Delbert Leon,CM3c,3600821,USN,na
Holm, Holger L.,PFC,17027393,USA (CAC),na
Hopkins, Carson C.,Pvt,39231897,USA (Inf),na
Hosey, Arley,PFC,15016415,USA (Ord),na
Hough, William V.,Pvt,13004907,USA (Inf),na
Houston, Charles C.,Cpl,6970817,USAAC,na
Hunter, William H.,Cpl,17002868,USA (Inf),na
Huntley, Ted Douglas,AOM2c,2623282,USN,na
Hutchinson, AC,WT1c,2912748,USN,na
Jarrell, Jimmie L,Pvt,6966516,USA (CAC),na
Johnson, Evan D.,Sgt,6971542,USAAC,na
Johnson, George C.,,,Army,Unk
Jones, Albert A. Jr,Pvt,17003898,USA (Inf),na
Jones, Kenneth C.,Pvt,19038679,USA (Inf),na
Jordan, Julian,Sgt,275025,USMC,na
Jordan, Lawrence J.,Sgt,20600447,USA (192nd Tank),na; Read of Jordan's connection to German spies!
Kalich, Martin Michael,Sgt,6890482,USAAC,na
Kaminsky, Steve P.,Pvt,16003829,USA (CAC),na
Kinney, Clyde H.,Pvt,19011446,USA (QMC),na
Knight, Ivie B.,Sgt,14029853,USAAC,na
Kozlowski, Chester P.,MSgt,6712110,USA (FIN),na
Lake, Donald E.,Cpl,271842,USMC,na
Litchko, Michael,Sgt,6884635,USAAC,na
MacAdoff, John,Sgt,6944387,USA (CAC),na
Madden, James E.,Sgt,6981219,USAAC,na
Mahala, Joseph F.,PFC,6581771,USA (Inf),na
Marlow, Linus B.,PFC,16005499,USAAC,na
Martin, Albert Winston,Cpl,18019153,USA (SC),na
Mason, William J.,TSgt,6932001,USAAC,na
McGowan, Frank M.,TSgt,6578366,USAAC,na
McMahan, William G.,Pvt,19056810,USA (QMC),na
Mitchell, Paul,PFC,37077925,USA (Inf),na
Morrow, Melvin L.,Cpl,17010526,USA (CAC),na
Mullins, Roy C.,PFC,6571848,USAAC,na
Norcross, Roger M.,Cpl,267087,USMC,na
Oatman, Earl R.,Pvt,20825813,USAAC,na [wrote book "Bataan, Only the Beginning"]
Ortego, Nicholas R.,Pvt,19038527,USA (Inf),na
Oyler, Hoyt M.,MSgt,6372183,USA (DML),na
Palmer, Vernon,SSgt,6383605,USAAC,na
Peterson, Lewis Martin,AMM2c,3858231,USN,na
Peterson, Magnor A.,Cpl,19050521,USAAC,na
Phaneuf, Joseph E.,PFC,11020526,USAAC,na
Phillips, Festus,Pvt,6270265,USAAC,na
Plymale, Fred M.,PFC,14028004,USAAC,na
Portie, John,Cpl,7002645,USAAC,na
Powers, Claude D.,PFC,290405,USMC,na
Powers, Theodore Howard,FM1c,3821479,USN,na
Priest, Leroy,PFC,14047193,USA (CAC),na
Reyes, Donald B.,PFC,277255,USMC,na
Reynolds, Robert V.,Cpl,17021384,USAAC,na
Roland, Lee R.,PFC,19016700,USA (CAC),na
Roulett, Donald G.,PFC,32115077,USA (Ord),na
Sais, Frank,Pvt,18016087,USAAC,na
Salter, George C.,PFC,19054795,USA (SC),na
Salter, James D.,Cpl,6267765,USAAC,na
Schaeffer, John F.,Pvt,6954259,USA (CAC),na
Schwartz, Sidney D.,Sgt,19056573,USA (Ord),na [affidavit]
Scott, Ernest J.,PFC,16013593,USA (CAC),na
Sealy, Jerome B.,Cpl,18036251,USA (CAC),na
Slump, Gerald G.,Sgt,6933648,USAAC,na
Smith, Warren H.(M?)
Solomon, Morris,BM1c,2230920,USN,na
St Cloud, Ralph E.,Pvt,19052766,USA (QMC),na
Strader, John C.,PFC,6274285,USA (Inf),na
Taylor, Vanton,Pvt,18059965,USA (CAC),na
Thomas, Elroy,PFC,18036221,USA (CAC),na
Thomas, Stilvel Emory,S1c,3810377,USN,na
Thomson, Harold Ray,CEM,USN,USS Triton-Wake Island
Van Winkle, Frank F.,Sgt,6716855,USA (Inf),na [Sent to Sen-03B-Hosokura]
Waldron, Bennie D.,Cpl,18018183,USA (CAC),na
Walker, Truman Everett,EM2c,2582023,USN,na
Ward, Rolland A.,Pvt,19017272,USA (Inf),na
Warfield, Edwin W.,PFC,33081945,USA (CE),na
Welch, Charles L. Jr.,PFC,6860317,USA (QMC),na
Wozniak, Larry W.,SSgt,6578876,USA (QMC),na
Zidar, Joseph F.,Pvt,277977,USMC,na