Nagoya #4 Branch POW Camp
British Rescue Roster

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Source: NARA Record Group 407, Box 102; RNF= Royal Northumberland Fusilliers

Name, Rank, ASN, Unit
Thornhill, John,CAPT,121522,9th Btry RNF
Wadsworth, Jack,Lt,170970,Royal Sigs
Wilson, Robert John Spence,Flt LT,67546,RAF Med
Other Ranks:
Adams, Frederick Alexander,Fus,4276612,9th Btry RNF
Adams. Jesse Walter Ernest,Pte,6019079,1st Cambridgeshire
Agombar, George Francis,Pte,6020794,1st Cambridgeshire
Ainsworth, Harold,Sgman,2340577,Royal Sigs
Allen, Robert,RSM,4269027,9th Btry RNF
Allison, Thomas Metcalf,Fus,4278530,9th Btry RNF
Alton, William,Fus,4276603,9th Btry RNF
Appleby, Sidney,LCpl,4273963,9th Btry RNF
Armstrong, William Gillis,Fus,420489,9th Btry RNF
Atkinson, James Albert,Fus,4279293,9th Btry RNF
Bailey, George,Sgt,4270897,9th Btry RNF
Bailey, Horace,Pte,4978799,Sherwood Foresters 1/5th Bn
Baker, Hennessey Frank Clifford,Pte,5832452,1st Cambridgeshire
Banks, David,Dvr,2356646,11th Div Attached Recce Corps
Barca, Leonard,Pte,5960168,1st Cambridgeshire
Barker, Robert William,Fus,4275643,9th Btry RNF
Barnett, William Henry,Fus,4278363,9th Btry RNF
Barrett, Harold Rowland,Pte,5832456,1st Cambridgeshire (hospitalized with malaria)
Bates, Samuel Henry,Pte,5830865,1st Cambridgeshire
Bell, Kenneth Munroe,Sgman,2336768,11th Indian Div Sigs
Bellamy, Ronald,LCpl,4122726,9th Btry RNF
Bellchambers, Robert,Pte,6019087,1st Cambridgeshire
Bentley, James Sidney,Pte,5828897,1st Cambridgeshire
Biggins, James,Fus,6210459,9th Btry RNF
Bill, Henry Edward,Pte,6018678,1st Cambridgeshire
Birch, William George,Pte,5832473,1st Cambridgeshire
Black, William Francis,Cpl,4271468,9th Btry RNF
Blyth, James,Fus,4273901,9th Btry RNF
Blyth, Robert,LSgt,4273969,9th Btry RNF
Booth, Herbert,Sgman,2593986,Royal Sigs
Brewis, Thomas Sydney,Fus,4273805,9th Btry RNF
Brodie, John Reginald,Fus,4278536,9th Btry RNF
Brown, George Alfred,Fus,4268924,9th Btry RNF
Brown, Harry,Sgt,7260290,RAMC (hospitalized with acute appendicitis)
Brown, John,Fus,4272933,9th Btry RNF
Brown, Robert Alexander,Fus,4273902,9th Btry RNF
Brown, William,Fus,4272934,9th Btry RNF
Brumby, John Douglas,Sgman,2342290,Royal Sigs
Bryceland, William,Fus,2982501,9th Btry RNF
Burrows, Norman William,LCpl,2589933,Royal Sigs
Burt, Alfred Horace,Dvr,2356052,Royal Sigs
Bustle, Albert William,Pte,6028725,1st Cambridgeshire
Campbell, Cyril,Sgman,2340548,Royal Sigs
Capstaff, Robert,Fus,4267898,9th Btry RNF
Carvlin, Terence Patrick Christopher,LCpl,5830324,1st Cambridgeshire
Caves, Albert,Pte,5832517,1st Cambridgeshire
Chadwick, Stanley Schofield,Sgman,2335827,Royal Sigs
Challis, Frank Edward,LCpl,5933292,1st Cambridgeshire
Chapman, Frederick Alan,Cpl,2323941,Royal Sigs
Clarke, George Francis,CSMI,4267951,9th Btry RNF attached FMSVF
Commander, Donald Harry,Sgman,2328908,Royal Sigs
Conboy, John William,Cpl,2325355,Royal Sigs
Cotgrove, Thomas James,Pte,5834062,1st Cambridgeshire
Craig, John,Sgman,2597468,Royal Sigs
Craigie, John Thomas,LCpl,4275808,9th Btry RNF
Craven, James William,Fus,4275810,9th Btry RNF
Croft, George,Sgman,2348811,Royal Sigs
Crossley, Kenneth Leonard,LSgt,2350054,Royal Sigs
Cummings, Joseph William,Fus,4273812,9th Btry RNF
Cuttler, John Edward,Cpl,4269104,9th Btry RNF
Davidson, Neil McDarmid,Pte,3128670,18th Recce Bn
Dawson, Lloyd Garside,Sgman,2342308,Royal Sigs
Disspain, Raymond Norman Llewellyn,Sgman,2337220,Royal Sigs
Dix, Joseph William,Sgman,2329680,Royal Sigs
Doe, Leslie,Pte,6915290,18th Recce Bn
Douglas, Vernon,Fus,4273503,9th Btry RNF
Downing, Walter Benjamin,Pte,5830725,1st Cambridgeshire
Duckworth, Albert George,Dvr,2354652,Royal Sigs
Dunton, Douglas Eric,Pte,5828914,1st Cambridgeshire
Durrant, Leonard,Sgt,5825425,1st Cambridgeshire
Elliott, Winston Cecil,LCpl,2367209,Royal Sigs
Emsden, Frederick Stanley,LCpl,5828787,1st Cambridgeshire
Falcus, Septimus,Sgt,6396866,9th Btry RNF
Finnigan, Richard Dobson,Fus,4268555,9th Btry RNF
Fletcher, James,Fus,4273915,9th Btry RNF
Foster, Richard William,Fus,4274990,9th Btry RNF
Francis, Ernest,Fus,4275252,9th Btry RNF
Francis, James Herbert,Pte,6019103,1st Cambridgeshire
Frost, Kenneth William,LSgt,5932358,1st Cambridgeshire
Garizio, Anthony Alfred,Pte,6020171,1st Cambridgeshire
Garner, John,Dvr,2357317,Royal Sigs
Gibson, Robert,Fus,4278932,9th Btry RNF
Gladwell, Edgar Bruce,Pte,5832608,1st Cambridgeshire
Glasgow, William,Fus,4279326,9th Btry RNF
Gleason, George,LCpl,4443048,9th Btry RNF
Gordon, Thomas,Sgman,2776951?,Royal Sigs
Gore, Eric,Dvr,2350775,Royal Sigs
Graham, William,Fus,4278419,9th Btry RNF
Gray, James Diston,Fus,4275836,9th Btry RNF
Grice, James Galloway,Fus,4277747,9th Btry RNF
Gullidge, John Walter,Pte,4133339,18th Recce Bn
Hall, Edward,LCpl,4278913,9th Btry RNF
Hall, Edward Ernest,Sgman,2336953,Royal Sigs
Hammond, Arnold Arthur,Cpl,5933664,2nd Cambridgeshire
Hampton, Frederick Henry,Pte,6019109,1st Cambridgeshire
Hancock, Harry Frederick,Sgt,2591612,Royal Sigs
Hardy, Thomas Vincent,Pte,6145470,18th Recce Bn
Harris, Ernest,Fus,4126623,9th Btry RNF
Harris, William Edward,Cpl,5669006,Royal Sigs
Harrison, Alfred,Pte,4975309,Sherwood Foresters 1/5th Bn
Hartwell, Dudley Harold,Pte,6018772,1st Cambridgeshire
Hatfield, Blanchard,Cpl,4275015,9th Btry RNF
Hattle, Archibald,Fus,4272759,9th Btry RNF
Haylock, Arthur William,Cpl,5830950,2nd Cambridgeshire
Haylock, Harold,Pte,5831205,2nd Cambridgeshire
Heap, Eric,Cpl,2597747,Royal Sigs
Hedley, Joseph William,Fus,4272308,9th Btry RNF
Heywood, Samuel,Cpl,3859248,18th Recce Bn
Hill, William,Pte,3859127,18th Recce Bn
Holmes, Luther Edwin John,Sgman,2356178,Royal Sigs
Holt, Ronald Arthur,Pte,6019385,1st Cambridgeshire
Houghton, Joesph Richard,Pte,3857441,18th Recce Bn
Howitt, Donald James George,Sgman,2360981,Royal Sigs
Hudspeth, Cecil,Fus,4275334,9th Btry RNF
Huston, Norman,Fus,4276676,9th Btry RNF
Ingrey, William George,Pte,5933131,1st Cambridgeshire
Jameson, Frederick,Fus,4275853,9th Btry RNF
Jenkinson, John Ross,Sgman,2365400,Royal Sigs
Jobling, William John,Fus,4275447,9th Btry RNF
Johnston, Alex Oscar Bain,LCpl,2571624,Royal Sigs
Jones, Alfred William,Pte,5832673,1st Cambridgeshire
Jones, Simeon,Pte,3854127,18th Recce Bn
Keeton, Frederick William,Pte,3857376,18th Recce Bn (hospitalized with acute Rheumatism)
Kempster, Norman,Col Sgt,3857477,18th Recce Bn
Killick. Stanley R.J.,Sgman,2356327,Royal Sigs
Kirkby, Gerald Grunsell,Sgman,2825825,Royal Sigs
Kirton, Robert Bud,LCpl,4265361,9th Btry RNF
Lamb. Ernest Edward,Dvr,2356225,Royal Sigs
Lambert, Bert Edgar,Cpl,2336261,Royal Sigs
Lane, Charles,Pte,6019397,1st Cambridgeshire
Larner, Thomas Edward,Fus,4275176,9th Btry RNF
Lawrence, George Albert,Pte,5831219,2nd Cambridgeshire
Laycock, William,Fus,4276683,9th Btry RNF
Lea, Harry Norman,Fus,4274985,9th Btry RNF
Leicester, Wilfred,LCpl,4127594,9th Btry RNF
Little, Ronald,LCpl,2323281,Royal Sigs
Luke, Alexander Robson,Fus,4278973,9th Btry RNF
Lunn, Ernest,Dvr,2366697,Royal Sigs
Luton, Maurice George,Sgman,2327914,Royal Sigs
Lye, Adam Taylor,LCpl,4273834,9th Btry RNF
Lynch, Thomas,LCpl,2343932,Royal Sigs
MacKay, Cecil,Fus,4278529,9th Btry RNF
Mansfield, Kenneth,LCpl,5831288,2nd Cambridgeshire
Mason, Alfred Henry,Sgman,2582080,Royal Sigs
Mather, John Thomas,Fus,4275693,9th Btry RNF
Maughan, Kenneth Raymond,LSgt,4275541,9th Btry RNF
McFall, John,Fus,4272939,9th Btry RNF
McKenzie, Jacob Tweedie,Fus,4275560,9th Btry RNF
McNichol, Daniel,Cpl,2326476,Royal Sigs
McWhirter, Robert,LSgt,2326456,Royal Sigs
Metcalfe, Matthew,Fus,4271166,9th Btry RNF (hospitalized with acute appendicitis)
Miller, Reginald William,Cpl,6020955,1st Cambridgeshire
Milnes, Richard,Sgman,2351043,Royal Sigs
Minton, Oscar Vernon,Sgman,3962782,Royal Sigs
Mitchell, George James,Pte,6084363,18th Recce Bn
Mole, William Henry,Pte,5830756,1st Cambridgeshire
Monk, John Charles,Pte,6020957,1st Cambridgeshire
Moore, Clifford,Sgman,2336533,Royal Sigs
Moralee, John Firby Wheatley,Fus,4278626,9th Btry RNF
Morgan, Reginald,Cpl,2319052,Royal Sigs
Morris, James,LCpl,4772560,Sherwood Foresters 1/5th Bn
Moss, John James,Pte,3858028,18th Recce Bn
Mullen, Andrew,Fus,4278769,9th Btry RNF
Murphy, Thomas Christopher,Sgt,2317938,Royal Sigs
Napier, James Dean,Fus,4275506,9th Btry RNF
Newton, Robert Naitby,Sgt,4270127,9th Btry RNF
Nickerson, Clarence Ernest,Pte,4978581,Sherwood Foresters 1/5th Bn
Nixon, Thomas Leighton,Fus,4273938,9th Btry RNF
O'Connor, Austin,Sgt,3855892,18th Recce Bn
Oliver, John Trevor,LSgt,4274192,9th Btry RNF
Pacitti, Anthony Thomas,Dvr,2349189,Royal Sigs
Pain, George Leonard,Pte,5830880,1st Cambridgeshire
Parish, Charles Edward,Pte,6020976,1st Cambridgeshire
Parkinson, Alfred Charles,Pte,5932721,1st Cambridgeshire
Parkinson, Frederick Charles,Pte,6020977,1st Cambridgeshire
Parmenter, Albert,LCpl,6020978,1st Cambridgeshire
Pendleton, Frank Cowens,LCpl,4273781,9th Btry RNF
Philp, Francis Paton,LCpl,3183649,9th Btry RNF
Platts, Henry Firth,Sgman,2355693,Royal Sigs
Pollock, Alan,Sgman,2357482,Royal Sigs
Potter, Neil Jeffrey Haig,Sgman,2333592,Royal Sigs
Potts, William Henry,Cpl,4269995,9th Btry RNF
Prime, Ashley George,LCpl,2326677,Royal Sigs
Prime, Leslie Frederick,Pte,5932893,1st Cambridgeshire
Proudfoot, Robert,Sgman,2583773,Royal Sigs
Quinn, William,Fus,4274196,9th Btry RNF
Rainbow, Alan Wilson,LCpl,4276729,9th Btry RNF
Ramsey, Norman,Fus,4274868,9th Btry RNF
Rawlinson, Richard,Fus,4275118,9th Btry RNF
Ray, Dennis Richard James,Cpl,5933332,1st Cambridgeshire
Redfearn, Joseph,RQMS,4387082,9th Btry RNF
Redfearn, Ronald,Pte,4126859,18th Recce Bn (hospitalized with acute appendicitis)
Reed, George William,Fus,4274036,9th Btry RNF
Richardson, James William,Fus,2078993,9th Btry RNF
Robertson, Arnold Stevens,Sgman,2326671,Royal Sigs
Robinson, Charles Murray,Cpl,4268838,9th Btry RNF
Robinson, George,Dvr,2370046,Royal Sigs
Robinson, Jesse,Cpl,6021006,1st Cambridgeshire
Robinson, Sydney Wheatley,Fus,4278579,9th Btry RNF
Robinson, Wilfred James,LCpl,4268107,9th Btry RNF
Robson, Thomas,Fus,4278226,9th Btry RNF
Ruggles, Bert Leslie,Pte,6019472,1st Cambridgeshire
Rundle, James,Dvr,2350013,Royal Sigs
Rutter, George,Fus,4277328,9th Btry RNF
Scanlon, John Bertram,Cpl,4268958,9th Btry RNF
Scott, John Bertram,Fus,4275381,9th Btry RNF
Scragg, William John Gordon,Sgman,2344389,Royal Sigs
Sheppard, James,Fus,4273890,9th Btry RNF
Sherlock, Patrick,Sgman,2369932,Royal Sigs
Shotton, John (Shetton?),Fus,4278485,9th Btry RNF
Sinclair, David,Sgman,2327045,Royal Sigs
Slaughter, Albert,Sgt,4275408,9th Btry RNF
Smith, Frank,Pte,5831302,2nd Cambridgeshire
Smith, George Thomas,Fus,4270639,9th Btry RNF
Smith, Kenneth,Cpl,5830999,1st Cambridgeshire
Smith, Reginald,LCpl,2358662,Royal Sigs
Smith, Samuel,Fus,4272969,9th Btry RNF
Snowball, Jim,Fus,4278564,9th Btry RNF
Starkie, Frank Thomas,Pte,4133223,18th Recce Bn
Starling, James,Fus,4274230,9th Btry RNF
Stephenson, William,Fus,4278287,9th Btry RNF
Stewart, William Angus,Fus,4271490,9th Btry RNF
Stonham, Stanley Charles,Pte,5827687,2nd Cambridgeshire
Storey, Mark,Fus,4276733,9th Btry RNF
Straker, Thomas Ray,Fus,6210458,9th Btry RNF
Street, George Albert,LCpl,5933361,2nd Cambridgeshire
Strong, Thomas,Pte,5832817,1st Cambridgeshire
Sutton, Leonard Charlie Philip,Dvr,2342804,Royal Sigs
Swift, George William,Fus,4278567,9th Btry RNF
Swordy, James,Fus,4274200,9th Btry RNF
Tagg, Albert John,Pte,6019146,1st Cambridgeshire (right dry pleurisy)
Taylor, George Alfred,Fus,4275518,9th Btry RNF
Taylor, Laurence,Sgman,2570695,Royal Sigs
Taylor, Norman,Fus,4276141,9th Btry RNF
Thew, Frank Norman,LCpl,4276142,9th Btry RNF
Thompson, Thomas,Fus,4272695,9th Btry RNF
Tidmarsh, Donald,Pte,4978668,Sherwood Foresters 1/5th Bn
Tinkler, James Flint,LSgt,4448465,9th Btry RNF
Tipple, Thomas,Fus,4273954,9th Btry RNF
Tomlin, Stanley,Fus,4273263,9th Btry RNF
Trattles, Robert,Sgt,4270272,9th Btry RNF
Turner, Cecil George,Pte,4982892,Sherwood Foresters 1/5th Bn
Turner, Sydney James,Pte,5823773,1st Cambridgeshire
Turnley, William,Dvr,2350681,Royal Sigs
Tyler, John William,LCpl,4273859,9th Btry RNF
TYoudell, David Frederick,Sgman,2346237,Royal Sigs
Tyrrell, Walter Douglas,Pte,6028837,1st Cambridgeshire
Veasey, Sydney Charles,Dvr,2350684,Royal Sigs
Wagstaff, Stanley,Sgman,2347798,Royal Sigs
Walker, James,Fus,4275930,9th Btry RNF
Walker, William,Fus,4275304,9th Btry RNF
Wallace, Stanley,Fus,4276561,9th Btry RNF
Walton, George,CSgt,4277186,9th Btry RNF
Walton, Harry,Sgt,4275055,9th Btry RNF
Warburton, Harry,Sgman,2563068,Royal Sigs
Ward, Reginald Charles,Dvr,2350689,Royal Sigs (severe nervous vomiting- unable to sit or walk)
Warner, Philip Arthur,Sgt,2588200,Royal Sigs
Watson, Douglas,LCpl,4277921,9th Btry RNF
West Leonard,Dvr,2366586,Royal Sigs
Wheller, Edward,Cpl,763405,9th Btry RNF
Whitby, George William,CSM,5931665,1st Cambridgeshire
Whitby, Matthew Sydney,Cpl,2329093,Royal Sigs
White, James Henry,Fus,4271584,9th Btry RNF
White, Richard,Fus,4275257,9th Btry RNF
White, Walter,Cpl,4267729,9th Btry RNF
Whitehead, Henry Benjamin,Fus,4275749,9th Btry RNF
Whitehead, John Ernest,Pte,4750819,Sherwood Foresters 1/5th Bn
Whitfield, Ronald Herbert,Cpl,2592263,Royal Sigs
Whittaker, John,Pte,3857575,18th Recce Bn
Wilcox, Sydney,Sgman,2342794,Royal Sigs
Wilkins, Francis Albert William,Pte,5830851,1st Cambridgeshire
Wilkinson, James,Fus,4271927,9th Btry RNF
Williams, Benjamin Cyril,Sgt,2576631,Royal Sigs
Williams, John Henry,Sgman,2354941,Royal Sigs
Wilson, John Maurice,Cpl,2590769,Royal Sigs
Wilson, Sydney,Fus,4275180,9th Btry RNF
Wise, Charles Frederick,Dvr,2366419,Royal Sigs
Wlaker, George Crawford,Fus,4275492,9th Btry RNF
Wolfe, Leslie Ernest,Pte,5933240,1st Cambridgeshire
Wood, John Edwin,Fus,4274053,9th Btry RNF
Woodbine, Thomas W.,Pte,5830856,1st Cambridgeshire (hospitalized with acute bronchitis)