Nagoya 11B POW Camp
Nihon Soda - Iwase

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Nagoya #11-B IWASE POW Camp


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28 May 1945:
camp established
2 June 1945: POWs arrive en masse from Yokkaichi; US Navy Lt Floyd C. Henry assumes command of POWS
4 June 1945: Senior Dutch enlisted soldier (Vadrig) Leonard ter Braaake arrives separately
22 Aug 1945: Surrender announced, Lt Floyd C. Henry, USN, assumes command of camp from Japanese
5 Sep 1945: Rescue effected
The Slave labor
done by the prisoners at Nihon Soda was divided into three categories: handling raw material and charging furnaces in the ferro-silicon section; handling raw materials and charging furnaces in the carborundum section; and similar work in the ferro-chrome section.

Excellent Blog about Dutchman, Frank Samethini, that tells the story of these men. Based entirely on diaries, interviews, and official documents. Well worth reading

SCAP Report: Investigation by SCAP Legal Department of camp giving detailed information regarding the camp and men.

Deceased: 2 Americans: John T. Glotzbach and Leonard W. Williams. (see American roster)


Relatively small camp. 48 Americans, 25 British and 75 Dutch; 148 Total.
Americans (48): American Roster: Yank roster located in RG 331 Box 943; includes extra 2 deceased
British (25): Located in RG 407 Box 102
Dutch (75): includes old & new POW number