Fukuoka #17

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Fukuoka #17 Branch POW Camp
NARA: RG 389, Box 2124, 2127 & others

Map, and Layout:
Gibbs Report:
Overview of camp history
Maps: General area - Detailed location

Camp Medical Report and History:
Medical and historical report by Dr Hewlitt. Narrative of the medical difficulties faced by the POW doctors despite the deliberate withholding of medical supplies.

Camp Photographs & Sketches

4 pages, total of 20 photographs.
One large file (103K)

FUK-17_Photos.pdf - Camp view, Benjo latrine, Inside room, Koreans stoking the furnaces, Camp kitchen which fed 1735 men, Koreans working in the mines, Koreans placing roof supports, Dutch Barracks 7 men squad, Overall view of camp, Barracks with pool, Guard shack

Time Line: Special thanks to Jim Erickson
7 Aug 1943: Camp opens with 500 Americans arriving on Clyde Maru. (Mati Mati Maru) Pows # 1 to 500
24 March 44: Seven Americans arrive- POWs # 501 to 507 POW Kenwa Maru
19 June 1944: group of Aussies, British & Dutch arrived on Teia Maru. Had been on the Burma-Thailand railroad.Australians #s 507-655; British #s 657-664 and Dutch 668-928.
June or July 1944 200 British arive on Hioki Maru (not sure of dates)
2 Sept 1944: 200 Americans arrive from Philippines aboard Canadian Inventor.
16 Jan 1945: Approximately 191 Australians arrive aboard Awa Maru.
Jan/Feb 1945: 95 Americans arrive ex Brazil Maru (Oryoku/Enoura/Brazil Maru survivors); and 95 British, Dutch, Czech, Norwegian, and American arrive aboard either Melbourne Maru or Enoshima Maru. The later included survivors of Hofuku Maru.
June 1945: a group of X Aussies arrive (#s >1893). They had been brought to Japan in Sept 1944 aboard Rashin Maru and were initially held at Fukuoka 13-D Oita before being transferred to #17
Sept 1945: Rescue effected
Primary Slave Labor Use:
Coal mining, Mitsui mines. Approximately 1,735 POWs of mixed nationalities.

Major Hell Ships:
See major discussion of camp arrivals by Jim Erickson
Known ships: Clyde Maru

Camp Rosters:
See Lewiston School link below
Americans (External Link- includes Dutch)
Civilian Roster (USA) 
British Roster
Rescued Australians Roster
Dutch Roster: (mixed with Americans- External link)
Roster prepared with the cooperation of POW Research Network - Japan. Based upon Japanese records

Books Describing Life at Fukuoka #17
"The Forgotten Gordon Highlander" by Alistair Urquhart
"A Gordon Highlander if ever I saw one" by William Ross Young and John Duff


Special pages originally developed by a school in Lewiston, Idaho specifically for Fukuoka #17, an OUTSTANDING web site originally developed by students in the Lewiston Idaho school by Linda Dahl (picture of Ms. Dahl and her students). The school has discontinued the project and Linda Dahl, now with the Lewiston Library, continues the project at her own expense. It is THE website to go to for information on the men and the camp.

Special- Affidavit of SSgt Frank Stecklein- descibes fierce beating by Jap Guards
Link to Ex-POW site  [external link] This is a very extensive and complete site developed by Wes Injerd
Harold G.Kurvers "Snuff" - survived the Oryoku Maru -  Interview transcript
Frank Lovato - Survivor video (book)

Interview with Jim Bashleben of the 192nd Tank Bn- live interview
Interview with C.M. Graham, [external link] former POW and author.
Japanese Camp Staff: