Fukuoka-06D Tanoura
Dispatch Camp

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Fukuoka 6-D TANOURA
[Tokai Carbon] see company site
(Near Higo Tanoura train station)
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13 Oct 1942:
12 Oct 1943: Aussie group arrives from Batavia
departed Batavia approx 10 Sep 1943, (unknown ship) arrived Singapore 14 Sep 1943.
Reloaded in Singapore on 21 Sep 1943
22 Sep 1943: departed on Seishin Maru
29 Sep 1943: arrive Manila bay
8 Oct 1943: arrive Takao Formosa
12 Oct 1943: Arrive Moji- transferred to Tanoura
30 Jun 1945: Camp closed- 100 remaining POWs transferred to Fuk-25B (shows roster)
Brit: 4 officers, 383 other ranks

Japanese Staff
Source: diary & affidavit of New Zealand pilot William James Nesbit "Jim" MacIntosh. He described the camp as "Tanoura in the Fukuoka District- our camp being No. 6 Hakenjo.
Lt. Yanaru- first commandant- gave other guards a free hand to beat POWs at any time and for no reason
Kibabau Kihu- Also known as "Bullhead"- extremely brutal- carried a pick axe handle and relentlessly beat the men on detail #3. Directly responsible for death of Sgt William Heard. First Officer Jones of the ship Empire Dawn mentally collapsed under Kihu. Kihu was transferred to an ack-ack unit and disappeared.
Sarudai Hoshima- Also known as "Freckles" - well built, about 5 ft 8 in- beat every man at least twice, favoring ju jitsu throws, fists and stomping with boots.
Lt Fulsho- replaced Yanaru in summer of 1944- considered good compared to other guards
POWs used as slave laborers in a carbon plant. Approximately 100 men in 5 labor groups. W/O Jim MacIntosh was in group 3 filling and emptying the kilns.
Company still at same location 2008

Hell Ship
Seishin Maru
- departed Singapore 22 Sep 1943 with some 1500 men on board

British roster (survivors) posted on Fukuoka #25B-Omuta (Kohama)

Three (3) British Dead:
Thomas, Wilson David; #1119334 died 15 Mar 1944- cardiac beri beri; 137th Field Artillery
Burrows, William Leonard; #1721779, died 30 Apr 1944 of "right wet pleurisy"; 71st AA (L) 240 Btry
Herd, William John, Sgt; #1073490; died 11 Mar 1944 of "right wet pleurisy" per Japanese. Affidavits claim he was beaten to death; 6th AA (H) 12 Btry

Note: we have an extensive diary and some photographs regarding this camp. When time permits, we shall post further information