Fukuoka #25 Omuta
Kohama-cho, Shinkai-machi

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General Map - located on bay east of Nagasaki
Satellite - precise location, now site of Denki Kagaku Dormitory

Timeline: (Source: Wilkie Diary)
31 Sep 1944: Established with 289 men; 11 of the Wilkes party were left at Moji Hospital
06 Jun 1945: Two Medical Officers (1-Yank; 1 Brit) arrive; also one American enlisted man
30 Jun 1944: 100 men arrive from Fukuoka-06D-Tanoura includes 2 officers
01 Nov 1944: Six men arrive ex Moji Hospital; camp now has 291 men.
16 Jan 1945: Five more men arrive from Moji Hosp; camp total now 296
03 Mar 1945: Four men badly burned in furnace "blowout" at factory: Johnson, A.; Laity, T; Lawrence, A.S.; Fenn, G.
27 Jul 1945: Major fire bombing raid- camp saved by POWs
17 Aug 1945: Informed war is over
21 Aug 1945: Announcement war has ended.
28 Aug 1945: first food drops
04 Sep 1945: British & American Flags raised
16 Sep 1945: POWs depart by train for Omuta
All of the original 289 men at camp opening were survivors of the Kachidoki and Rakuyo hellship sinkings. The secound large group (approx) 100 were from Fukuoka #5 Tanoura.

Slave laborers at a carbide mfg plant.

British (Original roster)
Americans: One officer (Dr) Capt William R. Brenner and one enlisted man, Gilbert Cotner. (Original roster)

Deaths: (4) All British

9 Oct 44: Lae, Ronald Percy, Gnr, 1115278, 88th Field Regt; died of injuries received at sea, exposure and malnutrition.
16 Oct 44: Taylor, Thomas Charles, Dvr, 246241, RASC; died of exposure effects (twin brother Walter in camp)
16 Oct 44: Elder, Henry, Pte, 2876671, Gordon Highlanders, exposure.
29 Oct 1944: Ewin, John Arthur, Gnr, 900327, 118th Field Regt Arty; bronchitis & malnutrition

Diary of British Captain Wilkie is now transcribed and on the British Imperial War Museum web site. A MUST read to understand this camp.

Memoir of Cpl Alastair K Uruquart, Gordon Highlanders. Excellent description of battles in Malay, survival from sinking of Kachidoki Maru and camp life. Newspaper coverage of his visit to San Francisco to see the USS Pampanito, the sub that sank the hellship.