Fukuoka #3-B Yawata
Roster of British Civilians

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Fukuoka #3-b: British civilian (68) roster prepared by Roger Mansell; Source NARA RG 331, Box 921- Fukuoka #3 rosters & transfers. (Scans available); Deceased (4) in RED
Special thanks to "warsailors.com" for ship identification and rank; All of these men arrived at Yawata on 1 March 1943.

Name, Date of Death (yy.mm.dd), Cause, Ship or Company

Adams, Arthur Frederick,2nd Radio Officer,
Andrews, Francis G.,1st Radio Officer,
Archbold, William,4th Engineer,
Archer, Horace Frederick45.07.10 acute enteritis, SS Lylepark
Arnold, Charles H.,Asst Steward,
Baney, William,Chief Engineering Officer, SS Patella
Banfield, Benjamin,Sailor, SS Lylepark
Banks, Robert O.,2nd Engineer,
Bell, James Brown,3rd Engineer,
Bend, Dennis,Sailor,
Blair, Frederick
Bland, Kenneth,Radio Officer,
Bowdrey, Kenneth George,Galley Boy,
Boyes, Harry,2nd Officer,
Branson, Alfred James William,Able Seaman,
Burgess, William
Cain, Reginald
Clowes, George P.
Collcut, Roger F.,2nd Radio Officer,
Corradine, Frank,5th Eng Officer,45.01.06 pulmonary tuberculosis, SS Patella
Davies, David G.
Dempster, James,Asst Cook,
Dent, Fred
Dentandt, Nicholas John
Elliot, Ralph
Goodman, James Henry,Able Seaman,
Harris, William Kenneth
Haugh, Wilfred Harry (Haigh),Able Seaman,
Heron, Harry,Able Seaman,
Holden, Frank,3rd Radio Officer,
Hutton, Claude E.,Carpenter,
Jackson, Robert,Seaman,
Jenkins, Thomas R.,Chief Steward,
Jones, Robert,Mess Room Steward,
Killinger, Phillip E.,AB Gunner,
Kirby, William H.,2nd Engineer,
Knight, George,AB,
Lee, Denis
Litchfield, John Edgar,3rd Radio Officer,
Llewllyn, George Norman,Chief Steward,
Lowe, Stuart Owen44.03.22 acute pneumonia, SS Patella
Lyon, Thomas William,4th Engineer,
MacKinnon, Angus M.
Mander, John Copland
McLean, Hallon T.,Seaman,
McTavish, Duncan Keer (MacTavish),Cadet,
Nattras, Leslie
Osborne, Joseph
Parsons, William,AB,
Paterson, Fred
Price, Edward A.,3rd Officer,
Pringle, Robert,1st Radio Officer,
Reilly, William,2nd Engineer,
Robinson, Jospeh
Romoff, Leopold
Scott, Sidney,Engineer,
Smith, Charles B.,1st Radio Operator,
Smith, Keith F.H.,Cadet,
Thomson, David Martin,Chief Engineer,
Trappitt, William,Asst Cook,
Turner, John,Cook,
Vidler, Albert W.,Leading Seaman,
Waite, Richard Thomas
Weaver, Wilfred
Weston, Donald
White, Herbert G. Murray,Chief Officer,
Willey, Samuel
Young, Horrace,2nd Officer