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Photographs of Yahata after the rescue:

NARA Photo

#2 - Hilley Collection

#3 - Hilley Collection
Additional Hilley photos:
From email:
Amongst his other pictures taken before his capture in Java are pictures of some of his RAF comrades who I assume were also captured their names are Leslie William Ernest (J.?) Truelove,902964, [rescued at Fukuoka #3 with your father], Henry William (Bill?),1277698, B. Hitchcock [rescued at Innoshima] and Sgt Pilot Walter David Gollop, 1317118, {Died in the Sandakan Death March 30 Jun 1945]. I have found a suitable picture for his bio and it is attached, he was born in 1920 and the picture was taken in 1940. I have one other picture of him (attached) and other freed prisoners aboard HMS SPEAKER on his way home. --Pat Hilley