Max Burki

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E-Mail fron son of Max Burki:
Sent: Saturday, April 30, 2005 1:45 PM
Subject: Fukuoka 9B at Miyata

Dear mr Roger Mansell
I take the opportunity to send you some updates regarding the page on your site of POW camp Fukuoka 9B at Miyata.
My dad Max Burki was in the first group of Dutch POW's arriving on the 4th Dec 1943.

At present he is 87 years of age and still very clear of mind. In his opinion the history timeline displayed on the Fukuoka 9B page is correct. He told me they left from Tandjung Priok on board the Nichi Maru in a convoy consisting of appx.18 ships and 2 escort ships.

The route went via Singapore, Saigon and Taiwan and because of poor weather conditions they had a quiet trip until Taiwan. Then there were several allied air attacks after which one of the escort ships was damaged and one transport ship was sinking. Nishi Maru had to take in a number of survivors from the transport ship before it sunk completely. The route went on from Taiwan to Shanghai and to Moji where they set foot on Japanese soil.

They went to Miyata by train and marched the last 7 km to Fukuoka 9B which was empty when the detachment arrived. His group was located in barracks # 9 with Ensign or WarrantOfficer van Raalte as teamcommander.
He said the picture at the bottom of the page was made exactly at the gate where they left the camp and returned after their shift in the mine or in the mining factory. The actual camp was located on higher grounds just over the ridge you are looking at on the picture. Furthermore you will find a scanned in picture of Fukuoka 9B made just after their liberation (notice the PW sign to draw the attention of allied planes) and a drawing of Fukuoka 9B.

Please keep on going on with your work. I know it is very important for all the next generations to learn about the struggle these POW's had to cope with during WW2.

Edward Burki, Warrant Officer RNLAF