Roster of 40 Dutch POW's
who died at Fukuoka Miyata Camp #9

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NOTE: Translated and compiled by Henk Schuppers, the Netherlands
This Dutch roster is a compilation of the Dutch files and rosters that Wes Injerd send me to translate: the additional columns ‘age' and ‘cause of death' ** (Japanese version) and family-names marked with * (known at the Mizumaki memorial) to the original roster, were found on the Yokohama Cemetery (see Japan POW Network website for death rosters). Some causes of death are quite different from the conclusions of dr. M.M. Hilfmanns, written in his book "Fukuoka 9; arts in krijgsgevangenschap".

* Van Raalten has no he was Reservist and presumably civilian at the time of taking POW (source: Nationaal Archief, The Hague / Holland). I also tested at random some POW-cards to check the's and date of death as mentioned in this roster: no remarks. So this roster is complete and correct now!

Familyname,Given names,Rank,K.N.I.L.,Age,Date of Death,Cause / **
Achternaam,Voornamen,Rang,,Leeftijd,Datum overlijden,Oorzaak

Biewanus *,Jacobus Henricus Wilhelmus,Sgt Maj M A ,87909,35,1945.06.05,catarrh pneumonia
Boelen,Karel Frederik,Mil Sld Art ,15018,26,1944.09.05,acute nephritis
Borst,Klaas,Ldst Sgt 1kl,75698,45,1944.02.19,catarrh pneumonia
Broersma,Berend Hendrik,Sgt Inf ,94110,30,1944.10.19,catarrh pneumonia
Brugman,Willem Frederik,Ldst Sld Inf ,77796,45,1945.02.09,catarrh pneumonia
Bruijn de *,Jan Pieter Dirk,Ldst Sld ,89406,38,1944.01.22,right wet pleurisy
Bulckaen,Camil Achiel,Ldst Sgt Inf ,223202,43,1945.01.21,catarrh pneumonia
Croese,Johannes Bernardus,Sgt 1st Kl Inf ,2824/R,55,1945.02.07,catarrh pneumonia
Doornbos,Lucas,Marinier 1st Kl ,3661/M,37,1945.02.05,acute enteritis malnutrition
Doppert,Augustinus,Ldst Sld Inf ,60701,44,1945.04.15,catarrh pneumonia acute enteritis
Dormolen *,Johan Pieter Jan,Ldst Sld Inf ,236209,38,1945.02.15,catarrh pneumonia right wet pleurisy
Dura van *,Pieter Karel Jacob Eduard,Ldst Sgt 1kl,52798,46,1944.01.29,acute gastroenteritis
Florentinus *,John Marinus,Ldst Sld ,82904,40,1944.04.28,catarrh pneumonia
Flower,Gustaaf Adolf,Mil Sld Inf ,87717,27,1944.04.30,croup pneumonia
Görlitz,Willem Adriaan,Fusulier Inf ,90947,29,1944.12.17,croup pneumonia
Groenevelt,Pieter Hendrik Ir.,Mil Sld MMD,210107,37,1944.01.21,catarrh pneumonia
Hoven van *,Alexander Lodewijk,Ldst Sld Inf ,5195,49,1944.01.23,catarrh pneumonia
Huppen,Johan Albert,Mil Sld Art ,53021,24,1945.06.22,catarrh pneumonia
Impal,Alexander Petrus,Ldst Sld Tkl ,59199,45,1944.12.21,fracture of cranium contusion whole body
Kops,Pieter Alexander,Mil Sld Tkl Art ,5315,30,1945.06.11,catarrh pneumonia
Langhout,Nicolaas,Sld 1st kl ,78158,50,1945.07.29,pleurisy
Ligten van *,Louis Henry Jan,Mil Sld Art ,33710,35,1945.03.20,catarrh pneumonia
Marcks,Willy Christiaan,Ldst Sgt ,6302,42,1944.05.17,croup pneumonia
Mauwer,Maximiliaan,Ldst Sgt 1kl,204296,48,1944.12.06,malnutrition
Meuwese,Jean Leon Marie,Sld Tkl Genie,96136,28,1944.02.19,catarrh pneumonia
Middendorp,Robert,Mil Sld Art ,185816,28,1944.05.44,croup pneumonia
Mutzer de,Adriaan,Ldst Sld ,5401,43,1944.04.16,catarrh pneumonia
Noordhoorn,Johan Cornelis,Ldst Sld ,17397,47,1944.12.26,acute gastroenteritis
Olive,Roben,Ldst Sld ,97405,39,1944.12.24,catarrh pneumonia
Raalten van *,Jacques Cornelis Pierre,Res Mil Vdg M L ,none *,32,1944.01.10,catarrh pneumonia
Raible,Gasper,Inf 1st kl ,97081,32,1945.02.04,cold catarrh pneumonia
Rant,Hendrik,Ldst Sld MMD ,25802,45,1945.02.11,catarrh pneumonia
Riemsdijk van *,Ellis,Ldst Sld ,193312,32,1944.05.06,croup pneumonia
Schuit van der *,Jan,Sgt 1st kl,91553,33,1945.02.15,catarrh pneumonia furuncle right thigh
Siau,Leonardus Miciel James,Ldst Sld ,207498,45,1943.12.11,acute gastroenteritis
Smits,Johannes Pieter,Ldst Sgt 1kl,88704,24,1945.02.06,cold catarrh pneumonia
Vliegendhard,Gerardus Adolf Cornelis,Sgt 1st Kl Art ,84205,41,1945.03.21,catarrh pneumonia
Vrijhoef van den *,Cornelis Willem,Brig M L ,97536,31,1944.12.24,catarrh pneumonia & acute bronchitis
Weerd van der *,Frits,Mil Sld Art ,195913,31,1944.02.25,acute gastroenteritis
Wilde de *,Gustaaf,Ldst Sld ,91001,42,1943.12.13,acute gastroenteritis