Rogge Affidavit

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Summary of Affidavit:
RG 389, Box 2124
Regarding Camp #18, #1 and #9
Affidavit: Warren O. Rogge, civilian, Watsonville CA
Captured on Wake working for the PNAB- remained on Wake with 360 others until 30 Sep 1942- 260 then sent to Yokohama in a tanker thence by train to Nagoya, Kobe-Shimonoseki- ferry to Moji thence to Nagasaki to town of Unuki, [Unoki] Camp #18. [Also known as Fukuoka 18-Sasebo] Under Navy command of Igawa Haeso as CO- worked in rock quarry- 13 months later, Army took command under Ikegami, Showi- one man starved to death in brig- 52 men died of malnutrition, pneumonia, etc. Dutch Dr (#18) Dr Ensing and corpsman James McIntosh, Redlands CA- called CO Sakamoto

April 1943: taken by train to Fukuoka #1- building air strip, etc- moved to outskirts of Fukuoka approx April 1944- still called camp #1.

June of 1945: Rogge taken to Fukuoka #9, Miyata with 9 other cripples- again under Sakamoto- brutal Korean guards, daily beatings. Camp # 9 camp located about 2 miles south of Miyata, about half way between Fukuoka and Moji